What is CFA Exam in India? Eligibility, Syllabus, Age Limit, Fees, Registration

CFA is a highly regarded exam across the world and every year this exam attracts a huge amount of applicants from all over the world. If you are thinking of applying for this exam then you would be looking for the best study material and online coaching. The best way to prepare for CFA exam is with the help of a CFA study material. CFA Study Material is the best way to prepare for CFA exam. It is a combination of online and offline material to prepare for CFA exam.

To answer the question that pops in your head, “What is CFA Exam in India?”, we have decided to write about it here. Also, if you are interested in learning about CFA Exam, you can checkout our article on CFA Exam in India, Eligibility, Syllabus, Age Limit, Fees, Registration.

Commerce is one of those popular professions that offer great career opportunities after graduation. National and international companies have offered jobs to these candidates with a business background. In addition to the regular degree programs, vocational programs such as CA, CS and CFA are also a good choice for students who want to pursue a career as a chartered accountant, company secretary, financial analyst or investment analyst. This kind of job not only offers a prestigious position but also lucrative compensation and benefits. Are you interested in banking, investments and business services? If so, you can take a CFA course. In this article, we have given all the important details about the DWI exam. Without wasting time, let’s move on to our first part – what is the CFA exam?

What is the CFA exam?

The full form of CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst, a globally recognized professional certification offered by CFA institutions. After the professional training CA and CS, the CFA is known as an authorized and highly respected designation in the field of finance and investment management. To work as a Chartered Financial Analyst, you must be CFA certified. However, there is some confusion among students as to why they should not do an MBA because of the financial aspects? So the answer is that the MBA covers the general aspects of business and management. The CFA course, on the other hand, focuses on the financial aspect. Individuals with a business degree or students taking their final exams may take the CFA exam. In addition, candidates with an MBA/M.Com or current MBA and M.Com candidates can also sit for the CFA exam. The best thing about this program is that the CFA training agency has given a chance to candidates who are CAs or ITs. To participate in this course, professionals must have at least 4 years of relevant work experience. word-image-10472 The main objective of the CFA is to train professionals for the global market. The program covers the fundamental aspects of investing, such as investment principles, financial planning and many others. Under this programme, individuals who wish to specialise can do so in a wide range of investment areas. In recent years, many Indian companies have started hiring DWI recruiters. After obtaining the CFA certificate, a candidate can choose one of the following positions: private banker, financial advisor, account manager, financial strategist, portfolio manager, fund manager.

What are the main selection criteria in the CFA?

To participate in this course, candidates must meet the CFA requirements, which are listed below: Academic qualifications/traineeships/work experience/nationality

  • Candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent may take the CFA exam.
  • A bachelor’s degree must be earned at an accredited university or institution.
  • Candidates who take the final exam of the undergraduate program may also take the CFA exam.
  • Candidates must take a foundation course before enrolling in CFA Level 2.
  • The minimum work experience for the CFA is 4,000 hours, which applicants must have or
  • Candidates must have completed at least three consecutive years of higher education before entering Level 1.
  • Candidates who are doing internships or running their own businesses can also enroll in the CFA course. The entire period of employment and traineeship will be counted as professional experience. To qualify for this condition, you must prove that you are being paid for it.
  • Candidates must have the necessary skills such as leadership qualities, teamwork skills, analytical skills, adaptability, professional judgment, time management skills, business communication skills, critical thinking skills and many others.
  • Candidates must be citizens of India and hold a passport.
  • The student should be able to manage critical situations.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English.
  • The applicant must also submit a professional obedience report.

– blueprint for the examination and CFA– syllabus for the examination

The CFA is one of the most demanding specialization courses that aims to provide standard education and training in financial analysis and investing. The CFA 1 and CFA 2 levels are similar to the MBA Finance course. But CFA Level 3 is the final and important level that offers more in-depth expertise. Level 1 – Examination format and structure The CFA Level 1 is an online (computer-based) exam consisting of 180 multiple-choice questions. These questions are spread over 2 sessions with a total duration of 135 minutes. There is a short pause between the two. Session 1

  • Duration – 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Number of questions – 90 MCQs
  • Topics – Quantitative Methods, Ethics and Professional Standards, and Financial Reporting and Analysis.

Session 2

  • Duration – 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Number of questions – 90 MCQs
  • Topics – derivatives, equities, fixed income, corporate finance, portfolio management and alternative investments.

Key CFA Level 1 Topics Level 1 covers a total of 10 areas, mainly focused on the study of investment instruments and asset classes. Let’s see:

  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Quantitative methods
  • Economy
  • Financial Information
  • Corporate finance
  • Portfolio manager
  • Equity investments
  • Fixed income
  • Derived products
  • Alternative investments

Level -2 Examination schedule and syllabus After Level -1, candidates move on to Level 2, where each session consists of 45 questions covering a range of topics. This game has a mixed group of 4 to 6 MCQs per vignette. This exam lasts 4.5 hours, and there is an optional 30-minute break between the two sessions that you must take during the exam. Compared to phase 1, the duration of phase 2 is shorter. You can find the details below:

  • Examination method – online (computer based test)
  • Language of instruction – English
  • Number of questions – 45 questions from all subjects.
  • Number of sessions – 2 sessions
  • The duration of each exam is 2.25 hours.
  • Type of questions – vignette-based MCQs (multiple-choice)

Key CFA Level 2 topics CFA Level 1 and CFA Level 2 contain the same topics, the only difference between the two is the weighting of the topics. Otherwise, the total number of subjects – 10 – remained the same as for CFA Level 1. Level -3 Examination schedule and syllabus Level 3 of the CFA consists of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. It consists of two types of questions. In 2021, the length of the exam and the way the exam is administered (by computer) will be changed. The pattern of questions remains the same. Below is a template for each question:

  • Question set format – The question set format contains 4-6 MCQs (multiple choice questions). Each MCQ is specified in each mini-case. It’s simple: There are different types of mini suitcases.
  • Essay Format – This format requires two types of answers: calculation-based or word-based. This is not an MCQ-based format. The answer must be given in writing.

The following information will help you to understand the Level 3 Examination Regulations

  • Examination format – online (computer based test)
  • Language of instruction – English
  • Number of questions – 10 to 15 questions from all subjects.
  • Number of sessions – 2
  • The duration of each exam is 2.25 hours.
  • Types of questions – questions with elements + open questions
  • The total duration of the two sessions is 4.5 hours.

Key CFA Level 3 topics Candidates should be clear about the weighting of the subject and time before taking the Level 3 examination. Level 3 includes 7 main topics and a total of 30 lectures. The main topics at this level are listed below:

  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Economy
  • Equity investments
  • Fixed income
  • Derived products
  • Alternative investments
  • Portfolio management and asset planning

CFA programme costs

To obtain the CFA certificate, candidates must take a CFA course and pass three exams: Level 1, level 2 and level 3. For the Level 1 CFA Exam – A one-time application fee of $450 is required when the application is completed. Candidates pay an additional fee for each level. The cost for each level of the CFA exam is listed below:

  1. Early Registration Fee – $700 USD
  2. Fess for standard registration – $1000 USD

Fees may vary from institution to institution. But the minimum CFA rate for all three levels ranges from $2,100 to $4,350, depending on when you enroll. The cost can range from $2,540 to $5,040.

How do I register for the CFA exam?

Here are some steps for the three levels you can take when enrolling in the CFA. Enrollment for Level 1 :

  • Open a web browser on your computer
  • Search the official website of the CFA Institute
  • Then create an account on this site
  • If you are eligible for a Women’s Scholarship or Access Scholarship, apply for these scholarships as well.
  • Pay if you don’t qualify for a scholarship.
  • For now, a one-time additional registration fee of USD is required.

Enrollment for level 2 :

  • You already have an account with your CFA Institute account.
  • Log in and apply before the deadline and fill in all the details.
  • There is no participation fee for level 2, payment is made according to demand.

Enrollment for Level 3 :

  • Log in with your registered passport to the official CFA Institute website.
  • Please fill in all necessary data and documents.
  • Make the payment for this level.
  • The application is for CFA level 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limit for CFA?

The CFA Program is a globally recognized professional qualification in finance, which is designed to develop International financial management professionals, who are dedicated to serve the needs of the financial services industry. This program is also known as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in short. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a post-secondary degree for people interested in investment management, and is the equivalent of a Masters degree in finance. The CFA curriculum requires you to take courses in investment analysis, securities valuation, and corporate finance.

What is the fees for CFA course in India?

The CFA program is a 2-year course for aspiring financial analysts. The CFA Institute, a non-profit organization, sets the standards for the exam and facilitates the education. CFA exams are conducted in two levels – the Level I exam, which is for candidates who have no significant financial or accounting experience, and the Level II exam, which is for candidates who have 2-5 years of experience in financial management. If you have a background in finance, insurance, accounting, or economics, then you can be eligible to apply for the Level II exam. Examining the CFA exams in India and CFA curriculum covers various aspects including education, career, financial planning, and investment. CFA is an acronym for Chartered Financial Analyst and is a prestigious professional certification that serves as the standard of excellence for investment professionals worldwide.

Who is eligible for CFA?

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is one of the most sought after professional certifications for the financial services industry. Apart from offering a lot of benefits to the candidates, the CFA certification is regarded as one of the best and recognized certification available in the world. The certification is awarded to the certified financial analysts who have passed the CFA examination after passing the CFA program exam. Calcutta Future Accountancy Exam is a national level exam conducted by CFA Institute.  You can apply for the exam only if you are a citizen of India and have passed 8th or 10th standard examinations.  Those who have qualified examination of UPSC will not be eligible for CFA.  Those who have qualified IAS exam will be eligible for CA.  The minimum age limit for the candidates is 25 years and above.  CFA institute will provide registration form for the candidates.  The fee for the exam is Rs. 50,000 and the 1st round exam will be held in the month of June / July in the year 2017.

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