Which Members of ‘Star Trek: TOS’ Are Still Alive?

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an original model of the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek television series, on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

The first series of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Original series (TOS), which was published on 8. Not until September 1966. Although the series was not very popular during the three seasons, it won a cult audience. These fans kept Star Trek alive even after it was aired. The protagonists in the play were icons from the world of science fiction. Those who are still alive are considered legends by Trek fans and pop culture addicts.

Only these four members of the original cast are still alive.

William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk.

Seth MacFarlane chats with actor William Shatner on the video screen during the Oscars.

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Of all the members of the original cast, William Shatner is the one whose acting career has remained the most stable. He was already a fairly well-known actor on television before the series began, and this success continued after his short stint in Star Trek.

The IMDB page contains over 240 active credits, 25 production credits, 18 screenwriter credits and 13 director credits. He has become a leading figure in the television and film industry and an icon of pop culture. Before the pandemic he often appeared in science fiction and comic book conferences.

He is still active today and makes several television appearances every year. He also has a new series and a new film in post-production. He’s always very active at the convention. Several performances are planned for this summer and autumn, assuming the pandemic will be under control by then.

Nichelle Nichols, Lieutenant Uhura

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The role of Nichelle Nichols as the protagonist, portrayed as someone with power on the deck of a ship, was revolutionary at the time of the broadcast of TOS. Nichols was one of the first black women to play a character like Lieutenant Uhura. She also went down in history with William Shatner when they closed their lips in 1968. Their kiss was the first interracial kiss to appear on a serial television show, reported NBC News.

Nichols had a moderately successful acting career after TOS and made striking appearances on various television shows. She also did a lot of voice recordings. Much of his success in post-production, however, remains strongly linked to his iconic role as Uhura. Like Shatner, she’s become a congressman.

Unfortunately, Nichols isn’t doing so well these days. She is currently involved in a lawsuit against a man named Gilbert Bells, who, according to her, abused elderly people by forcing them to sign a power of attorney. His family created a GoFundMe to help him pay his legal fees.

George Takei, mate Sulu

Actor George Takei at the 18th Annual Webby Awards.

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Star Trek: The original series was incredibly diverse for its time. Next to the black woman on deck there was a Japanese helmsman, played by George Takei. Just like Shatner, Takei was a pretty famous TV actor for TOS. He had several small recurring roles before ending up in the role of Ensign Sulu.

After the original series he continued to work in television. He has done numerous appearances in television shows, as well as some voice-over appearances. The IMBD page contains more than 225 active credits.

Takei made more headlines about his personal life and personality than about his acting career. According to Today, he came out in 2005 and revealed that he had had a serious relationship for almost two decades. This announcement was made in response to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto on same-sex marriage when he was Governor of California.

Takei became a strong advocate of gay rights and eventually, for a number of reasons, a committed activist. Today, he is known for his presence on social media and his outspoken opposition to President Trump.

Walter Koenig, Chekhov Ensign

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Walter Koenig has joined the cast of TOS for the second season. Before that he had a modest list of television appearances, but he didn’t really do much. His career never exploded after the TOS.

He continued to perform here and there and one-liners, but most of his career has been linked to Star Trek. Koenig resumed his role in all subsequent films, using the iconic Russian accent he developed for Chekhov to play the character in various video games.

His only remaining living role is in Babylon 5, another cult science-fiction series. As a solo artist he had a recurring role in the series Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters.

According to his Twitter feed, Koenig is currently working on a new edition of his autobiography.

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