Zach Plesac injuring himself taking off his shirt joins list of most bizarre recent sports injuries

On Saturday, Zach Plesac was at a Braves game with his family when he began to do a stunt in front of thousands of fans. The youngster ran to first base and sat down next to home plate, taking off his shirt and revealing a Hawks jersey underneath. After sitting on the bench for about a half-minute, he began to take off his shirt again, this time revealing his Falcons jersey underneath. He sat on the bench for an additional 15 seconds before also revealing his Titans jersey underneath.

We’ve all seen it before: a football player manages to injure himself taking off his shirt. Of course, a lot of us were shocked when that happened with Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Zach Plesac on Sunday. The injury, which occurred after the Falcons’ 18-15 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1, came during a postgame interview when Plesac revealed he had dislocated his shoulder during the game. As he continued to talk, the pain from the injury grew and he had to extend his arm to take off his shirt.

If you’ve ever watched a Super Bowl, you’ve probably seen Zach Plesac, the NFL wide receiver for the Falcons. He’s a pretty good athlete in his own right, but he also has another talent: he has a penchant for taking off his shirt without much provocation. We don’t know why he’s so eager to do this, but we do know it’s gotten him into trouble.. Read more about zach plesac and let us know what you think.6:50 PM ET.

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Cleveland Indians pitcher Zach Plesac is on the injury list with a non-displaced fracture in his right thumb, a relatively normal occurrence for a pitcher in his line of work. The thing is, according to Terry Francona, Plesac wasn’t injured by being attacked or thrown too hard – he broke his thumb by rather aggressively ripping off his shirt. Seriously, though.

Now Plesak has joined a strange club: Athletes who have been injured in unconventional ways. From off-field accidents to missed celebrations, here’s a list of the strangest ways players have missed playing time in the past 20 years.


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When he played for the Cardinals in 2001, Gramatica made a routine field goal to give his team a 3-0 lead in the first quarter against the Giants in mid-December. He jumped up to celebrate, landed awkwardly and tore his ACL. I can’t tell you right now what I’m going to do, Gramatica said of her celebration a few months later, but I know it won’t be about hopping.


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To encourage his team, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio brought an axe and an oak stump to the locker room to remind the team to keep chopping wood. Jaguars punter Chris Hanson accidentally injured himself with an axe, forcing him to miss the rest of the 2003 season.


Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Sammy Sosa hit 35 home runs in 2004, but most people remember when he sprained his back because he sneezed too hard.


Hunter Martin/Getty Images

In 2005, Barmes was hitting .329 at the Rockies when the unthinkable happened: He fell and broke his collarbone while carrying a bag of venison Todd Helton had given him. Barms will be out for three months and will finish the season with a .289 batting average.


Marvin Naamani/Getty Images

At the 2008 Masters tournament in Miami, Youzhny hit the net on his return against Nicolas Almagro. He responded by hitting him three times in the forehead with his bat, causing him to bleed. What’s really weird? In the end, Yuzhny won the race.


Jerry Lai/US Presswire

In 2008, Tigers catcher Brandon Inge was adjusting a pillow over his three-year-old son’s head when he strained his oblique muscle and was placed on the 15-day injury list.


Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Photo

Morales hit a grand slam in the May 2010 game against the Mariners. When he reached home plate, he jumped into the middle of his teammates to celebrate, breaking his lower left leg in the catch. Morales will miss the rest of the season.


Jerome Miron/US Presswire

Kings forward Dustin Penner’s wife’s pancakes must be delicious, because in 2012 he got back spasms from eating them. Fortunately, he only missed one game.


AP Photo/Eric Risberg

Then Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown used the wrong foot protection at a French cryotherapy clinic in 2019 – and suffered severe frostbite. July. Freezing in the summer is not an unprecedented cause of a player’s absence – it once happened to Ricky Henderson after he fell asleep on an ice floe – but it’s certainly not what was expected.

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