Zara Holland boyfriend avoids jail after breaking Covid rules

Mega, Instagram Zara Holland in court for violating COWID restrictions in Barbados

Elliot was fined £3,000 (Photo: Mega/Instagram)

Zara Holland’s boyfriend escaped from prison after he tried to flee Barbados when he tested positive for Covid-19.

A court in Barbados fined Elliott Love £3,000 after he was sentenced to a fine of £18,000 or a year in prison for violating the strict rules of Covid Island 19.

After the 25-year-old star returned from Love Island to the UK while her boyfriend was still in custody, the love was brought to justice after being interrogated at Hastings police station.

The 30-year-old tested negative for the coronavirus after initially being tested positive in December and is now being cited for violating the Covid laws.

Love escaped imprisonment and was fined £1,500 less than his girlfriend, despite a positive test for Covid-19 before he tried to leave the country.

Defense attorney Harry Husbands asked the court to treat Love differently because he was a simple man who owned a small demolition company and worked for £450 a week.

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Elliott tested positive on arrival in Barbados (Photo: MEGA).

The judge said the love was reckless because he tested positive and endangered the taxi driver who took him to the airport with the Netherlands, as well as the life of his family.

Love, which has maintained relations with the Netherlands since 2016, may now leave Barbados after a week’s stay at the Paragon Isolation Centre, a converted military base.

He tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in Barbados last Sunday. Love and Holland were instructed to stay in a hotel room in Sugar Cove until they could be taken to a quarantine centre.

However, the couple left the hotel on their return flight to the UK and was intercepted by the police at the airport.

In Barbados, where only 780 cases of Covid-19 have been reported since the start of the pandemic, very strict rules apply. Visitors from high- and medium-risk countries coming to Barbados should be screened prior to arrival and their freedom of movement should be restricted until results are available.

Photo ITV/REX/Shutterstock (5768806m) Zara Holland Love Island, season 2, episode 17, Mallorca, Spain - 2016.

Zara has already gone home (Photo: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

If the result is positive, the person is tested in a public facility for at least 24 hours, after which he or she is given the opportunity to isolate himself at his or her own expense or, for example, to go to a public isolation facility. B. Paragon Military Base.

It is forbidden to go home or take leave for recovery.

The Netherlands was accused of violating the quarantine regulations, but she managed to avoid imprisonment and was fined £4,417 because her lawyer had stated that the former Miss Britain took full responsibility for her actions.

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Her lawyer, Mr Pilgrim, said that the Netherlands made a stupid mistake and claimed that the Netherlands and her boyfriend were worried about their status in the country, which was the reason they tried to leave.

Mr Pilgrim told the court that the real Dutch star had been involved in many charitable activities in the UK, including helping children with cancer, and added that she had great respect for the people of Barbados and had spent two holidays a year on the island for the past six years.

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