10 Furniture You Would like to Make Your Home Aesthetic

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For those looking for something to add to the aesthetic of their home, finding the right piece of furniture is part of the search. Fortunately, it is not that hard to find something that makes your home look that much better. Here are ten ideas that can easily improve your home.

  1. A Spanish-style circular table adds just the right degree of style to a room. The circular top is on a Churresque base, allowing for solid construction. The patinated oak gives it just the right sort of color for almost any home.
  2. Room dividers are always in style, and an early 20th Century red Chinoiserie lacquer screen is a brilliant way to do so. It has the typical scenes involving a pagoda, trees, and England, but is beautifully done well enough that you are likely to ignore what is behind the screen in favor of the screen itself.
  3. For those looking for something to provide some light on the subject, there is a grand plaster shell plafoniere. This plafoniere has been done as Jean Charles Moreux would have attempted, creating a beautiful ceiling lamp. For those looking to spruce up a boring ceiling, this will definitely add a splash of style, and possibly even elevate the room as a whole.
  4. For those looking for something with understated style, the Georgian upholstered ottoman is well worth adding to your room or hallway. This mahogany ottoman has been increased in size somewhat, allowing it to be used as a beautiful coffee table or an oversized ottoman. With attention paid to the carved crests on the legs and hairy paw foot, this is sure to add some class to any situation.
  5. Sometimes an accessory can add so much to the environment. An antique Puglian Passata bowl adds a nice touch to any room, with its glazed green body. Its handles allow it to be moved with minimal problem, and while you can fill it with any number of smaller items, that is not necessary for this piece.
  6. Some people like somewhere to sit that exudes style. A pair of Louis XVI walnut fauteuils can add that special touch. Decorated in the standard manner, the back and seat of the chair are en cabriole, with each corner having its finial. The chairs are upholstered in black glazed linen, making them perfect for almost every decorating scheme.
  7. For those looking for a great way to display their smaller pieces, an 18th Century Italian chinoiserie vitrine is the perfect display case. This double-domed top opening chinoiserie, possibly from around 1750, rests on a base with plenty of shelves, pigeonholes, cabriole legs, and a single drawer.
  8. For those looking for a reason to take their time getting ready, this 19th Century white-painted console with its gilded swans is perfect. This Charles X dressing table with its harp arms, single drawer, and carved and gilded swan legs will make getting ready well worth the effort.
  9. Some items require a little more love to reach their full potential. This 19th Century French gothic faux grained bookcase is perfect for your library, albeit missing two panes. However, its dentilled cornice above glazed gothic arched cabinet doors will win anyone over.
  10. For those looking for a way to display some pieces, this near pair of 20th Century Italian neoclassical display cabinets will make it easy. The cabinet doors on each open to yellow moire upholstered interiors with applied geometric detailing. While they are a gorgeous pair, one is oak, the other is pine, and there is a small height difference. If you need help in moving get from Furniture Movers.

These pieces are easy enough to find at The Vault Sydney. If you are looking for something specific make sure that you ask for the piece specifically, but there are plenty of options for whatever your needs may be.


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