2 best trades the Clippers must make before the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline


The Los Angeles Clippers are aiming for an NBA championship in the second half of the season. Although the team finished before the All-Star break with a 24-14 record, Ty Lue and his team know they can play at a higher level. The Clippers always have high expectations because they are led by two stars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. With the Lakers and Jazz surrounding them as the best in the West, the Clippers have a lot of work to do before they make the playoffs.

The Clippers have something to prove for several reasons. It’s bad enough they have to share a stadium with one of the biggest franchises in NBA history. Even last season, when the franchise had the best chance to win the championship, the team killed a 3-1 series against the Denver Nuggets. Coach Liu’s team continues to keep all the setbacks in mind. And so far, they continue to show teams that they are one of the big favorites to win the championship.

There are many scenarios the Clippers can do to make the team stronger in the playoffs. As a great Jerry West, he understands that the ceiling is high for his team. There are many enduring stars and vastly improved players who need a change of scenery. The Clippers’ championship mentality would welcome the new player with open arms. Let’s delve into two potential trades for clients before the trade deadline.

Playing for a bodyguard/officer.

The Clippers need someone who can start an offense with his disinterest and high IQ. At times Leonard and George had to emerge as playmakers to get the attack going. The lack of a point guard who can run the floor could hurt the Clippers in the future. It’s always important to have a player-coach who makes sure the team runs the offense.

The two guards are currently Patrick Beverley and Reggie Jackson. Both contribute to the Clippers’ roster to some extent, but their lack of positional play and production makes them a block in this regard. It’s possible one of them could be traded as the team searches for their future playmaker.

Point guards like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Lowry and others are on the trade market. The best thing about these two aspects is that they can provide efficiency on both ends of the floor. Their ability to play solid perimeter defense is another factor that will help the Clippers take their team to the next level. With Ball and Lowry still on the market, it will be interesting to see what the Clippers have to offer.

Exchange for another center in Zubac

That was one of the Clippers’ biggest problems last season. The team needs size up front if they want to win a championship. Nikola Jokic’s dominance in the playoffs last year showed that there are no big men left to defend the rim. While Ivica Zubac has been phenomenal for the Clippers, the backup center will help when he’s not around.

The Clippers rank 13th in total rebounds and also concede 12 points per game to second-chance teams. While the numbers aren’t devastating, the team knows they can better protect the Paint with an actual rescue center. The team expected Serge Ibaka to do the dirty work when needed. Except that the team actually needs size and strength to help as a team.

A player like Marvin Bagley III was surrounded by trade rumors. He is a young athlete on the wing who can bring toughness under the ring. Bagley’s decline in trading is said to be due to his health. Now that Bagley is injured in the NBA, can he stay healthy and play regularly for the Clippers? His time in Sacramento was disastrous, so a trade to the Clippers could revitalize Bagley’s career.

frequently asked questions

Can you trade after the NBA trading deadline?

A free agent signing a standard NBA player contract (or a player signing or transferring to a standard NBA player contract as part of a two-way contract) may not sign a player contract for three months from the date of signing or until the 15th day from the date of signing. December of the year the contract was signed will not be traded, …

What is the NBA trading deadline?

What is the NBA trade deadline in 2021? Thursday 25. March at 15:00 IT.

What was the biggest trade in NBA history?

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