3 ideal landing spots for guard in NBA free agency


Utah-based jazz wrestler Jordan Clarkson was still fresh in his first campaign with the team in the second half of the 2019-2020 NBA season. The former Missouri Tiger scored 15,6 points, 2,8 rebounds and 1,6 assists in his career. 46.2% of the 42 assists have since been played for the team, representing the best score of Cleveland Cavaliers, including Dante Exum and two future second round draft pickings in 2019.

He eventually found his place in the team, becoming the third goalkeeper of the team after the deal, a position that was further strengthened in the absence of Mike Conley. After a productive campaign, the jazz organization made it clear that they appreciate keeping the people of Florida at the forefront of the future. Despite his enormous contribution, he has indeed been hired for jazz for a year and for the first time in his career as an unrestricted free agent he will put the market to the test.

The experience of playing with two of the biggest players in Kobe Bryant’s last match against the Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James’ last match against the Cleveland Cavaliers has undoubtedly helped Clarkson cope with high pressure situations. With his productive skills and charity, any team will win if a player like Clarkson is on the roster.

These are Jordan Clarkson’s three best landing sites:

3. Pent direction

Everyone knew the clock was ticking for the low Phoenix Sun, who has a starting star in Devin Booker’s All-Star Guard. Their continued failure may lead the former Kentucky man to look for other options when he becomes a free agent in 2024.

Despite their recent struggles, they fought an unexpected battle for eighth place in the 2019-2020 season, but in the end they failed, even after a series of unbeaten matches in the Orlando bubble. With a record score of 34:39 they just missed the last place in the qualifying games, their last campaign was a big step for the organization.

With a glimmer of hope, the team will continue to be built around a few starshooters, Devin Booker and the great man DeAndre Ayton. Get Jordan Clarkson in here. In fact, it could be a third piece to complete the duo’s burgeoning chemistry. His ability to shoot for himself is similar to Booker’s playing style and can also serve as a rebellious mix in the liberation of old Kentucky.

2. Piston Detroit

Motor City recently broke up with its reliable partner Reggie Jackson in the Los Angeles Clippers in the middle of last season after signing a sales contract with the company. His score of 14.9 points and 5.1 assists per match was clearly missed by the team after they let him go.

After all, the Detroit pistons on the 13th row of the grid were the most important. The Eastern Conference set a sad record at 20-46. As the team restructures its operations in the coming years, a handful of candidates are expected to make the playoffs in the upcoming off-season to serve top defensive back Derrick Rose.

Jordan Clarkson has a big role to play, as the Pistons need a reliable striker for the six-time All-Star striker Blake Griffin. In case the team wants to go to a fire sale and sell Griffin, Clarkson may even try to become the team’s new main player. He gets the green light to take as many photos as he wants in a team full of young people.

1. Minnesota Forest wolves

Despite the significant talent on the roster, the team hasn’t had much success in recent seasons, changing direction without Andrew Wiggins. In February 2020, the Golden State Warriors were presented to Rookie 2014 in exchange for Jacob Evans, D’Angelo Russell and Omarie Spellman with two design stones.

The trade reunited the great man Carl Anthony Towns with his old friend Russell. In the second half of the 2019-2020 season, the former Ohio State Backyard failed in the playoffs and finished in 14th place in the Western Conference with a disappointing score of 19-45.

In addition, the team obviously needs a handful of reliable complementary guys to fit into their system. Jordan Clarkson’s ability to score can provide the thrust that will allow the Timberwolves to launch a higher octane attack. With his potential arrival and a few star players at the top, Timberwolves can finally hope to become relevant again for the first time since the days of Kevin Love.

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