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The 13th. NFL week is on the agenda with big games. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the end result.

In addition, ESPN provides Stats & Information statistics for each match and the Football Power Index (FPI) is expressed in figures with match ratings (on a scale from 1 to 100) and match forecasts. ESPN Fantasy Kyle Soppe and ESPN Chalk Dave Bearman also provide useful nuggets. It’s all designed to prepare you for a busy weekend of NFL football games.

Let’s take a look at the full list of 13. Week, including the big NFC West match between two playoff candidates. (Season is Sunday, unless stated otherwise).

Play the game:

Goodbye: VG, VTD.

1:00 ET | Fox
Corresponding assessment : 73.1 | Distribution : NO -2.5 (45)

What you should see: Hidden in the camouflage of the Broncos, who played against the Saints last Sunday without a quarterback, Denver used various types of coverage and pressure to limit the Saints’ quarterback to 78 yards and fire him three times. If the falcons can hold the saints in the third and long row or even in the third and middle row, they can put it in Hill’s hands and try some of the same things. — Jeff Legold.

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A bold prophecy: Hill will score the first two touchdowns of his career and away receiver Michael Thomas will score the first two touchdowns this season. Both have been a long time ago, and there will be a breakthrough in Atlanta, although the Falcon defense has improved considerably recently and the Raiders were only destroyed last weekend. — Mike Triplet

Find out now: The quarterback of the Falcons, Matt Ryan, has played six games this season with a total QBR of at least 80, the third highest in the NFL. And he only needs three passes for all 12 touchdowns. A season in a row of at least 20 games means a draw for the fourth longest series in NFL history.

Injuries: The holy falcons

What a fantasy to know: The two worst games of Alvin Kamara’s career against the Falcons in the underdog Saints have benefited him in his last two games with division rivals. The average of 0.81 points per touchdown, which he scored out of 11, was the eleventh worst score of his professional career. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: New Orleans played four games in a row, including their 11th of the season. Week with Atlanta. Details.

Triplet’s choice: Holy 27, Falcons 22, Legend: Holy 23, Falcons 16
FPI prediction: NO, 62.6% (average 4.3 points)

The equation should be read: In Jordan, the defense of the saints took first place: We’re, uh… As the Falcons improve, Morris shows that he is a serious contender for the head coach position. The Hawks defense put it all together and grew under Morris’ leadership.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 50.4 | Distribution : TEN -6 (53.5)

What you should see: This match is a match of the two rushed attacks of the competition. When he approaches the fourth team, he depends on which team can fill in the capacity of the other team. With both defenders promising to stop running, you shouldn’t be surprised if there is also an explosive offside trap. — Thurron Davenport

A bold prophecy: In the back game, Derrick Henry (The Titans), Nick Chubb (The Brownes) and Karim Hunt (The Brownes) will score all six touchdowns and run over 400 yards. — Jake Trotter

Find out now: Henry and Chubb have each taken one or two NFL spots since the beginning of last season, which is measured by the number of games rushed and 100 yards. The Brownes hold it first. Place in the NFL based on the rush rate – 50%, while Titans – 3. Space – by 47%.

Injuries: Brownes | Titans

What a fantasy to know: Since 2018, Henry has averaged 37.1% more points per fantasy game than in his first nine games of the season. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: When quarterback Ryan Tannehill started Tennessee’s regular season, overtime was 18-3, 9-1 in the last 10 games of the Titan. Details.

Trotter’s choice: Titan 38, Brownes 30Davenport: Titaniums 35, Brown 28
REIT Prognosis : RTE, 67.0% (average 5.9 points)

The equation should be read: The Brownes want to prove they’re not only good at beating bad teams… Brown’s Chubb, the hunt is the biggest problem protecting the Titans… The Titans are well established at the wheel of the AFC South Race with a favourable calendar.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 49,3 | distribution : IND -3.5 (50)

What you should see: Could the Colts Wide Receiver T.I. Hilton keep the Texans on fire? In 16 career games against Houston, Hilton set 85 fall for 1,537 yards and 10 touchdowns, mostly against AFC South. And despite a slow start, Hilton comes his best outing of the season and can look back on a history of big matches in the NRG stadium. — Sarah Barshop

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A bold prophecy: Houston defender J.J. Watt will play his second full game of the season. Yes, the quarterback of Phillip Rivers’ Ring has only been fired ten times this season, but there’s a chance Anthony Castonzo could injure his knee in a left tackle. It’s hard enough to stop Watt with the starter lever. It’s very difficult to control them with reinforcements. — Mike Wells

Find out now: The average Texan per game this season is 83.9 meters in speed, ranked 31st in the NFL.

Injuries: Foals | Texas

What a fantasy to know: Houston quarterback Deshawn Watson earned an average of 58.1% in fantasy points on more shots than any other player this season in Texas. Fuller was suspended for six games on Monday. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Houston – 1-5 ATS against the teams with the most wins this season and 3-2 ATS against all the others. Details.

Welles’ choice: Colt 27, Texas 23
Barshop’s Pick: Colts 24, Texas 21
FPI Forecast : HOW, 55.2% (1.8 average points)

The equation should be read: Not anymore. 1. Protecting the Colts is complicated by the sluggishness of the launches… WR Fuller, CB Roby has suspended six games under NFL PED policy. Sanchez says the tumor removal surgery went well… What Fuller’s explanation means for his future in Texas… The foals activate the leader of the Autry bag from the reserve list/COVID-19 … Watson: It’s very important that the man from Texas resigns Fuller.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 36.7 | Distribution : MIN. -10,5 (50,5)

What you should see: With 82 received yards against Jacksonville, Viking wide receiver Justin Jefferson would be the fifth newcomer to reach 1,000 received yards in the first 12 games of his Super Bowl career. Jefferson is the leader among all newcomers with 918 nursing homes and second place in nursing homes (52) and touchdowns (six). — Courtney Cronin

A bold prophecy: The Vikings have two touchdowns at the narrow end of Kyle Rudolph. Jaguars, jets and chargers have given up nine TD Top League traps with narrow ends. Rudolph only has one this season, and against Carolina he has no more seasonal peaks in catches (seven) and yards (68). — Mike DiRocco

Find out now: This season the Jaguars can score more than 24 points in 10 consecutive races, their longest franchise streak ever. In eight of the 11 games this season, the Vikings have scored more than 24 points, but in those games they only went 4-4.

Injuries: Jaguars | Vikings

What a fantasy to know: Jefferson has scored more than 17.5 fantasy points in two consecutive games (26 last weekend against the Panthers). See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: All six of Minnesota’s home games have been played this season. Details.

DiRocco’s choice: Viking 30, Jaguar 21
choice Cronin : Viking 31, Jaguar 20
FPI Forecast : MIN, 83.1% (average 12.8 points)

The equation should be read: Jaguars belong in Glennon’s Buy More, not Minshaw’s. Jefferson of the Vikings proves he’s ready for the lead… Marron was still focused on the team’s record after GM… The Vikings activate WR Thielen from the COVID-19 list … Why Jaguars has the most interesting GM find in the NFL.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment : 31.1 | Distribution : BILLION -11.5 (42.5)

What you should see: Xavien Dolphins’ cornerback Howard leads the NFL with seven interceptions in the last nine games. The NFL’s top hawk may have a chance to expand his options this weekend when he meets Brandon Allen, Joe Burrow’s replacement as quarterback who scored two shots against the Giants last weekend. — Cameron Wolf

Here is what the low season looks like now and what the future scenarios are.
– reading image (ESPN+)
– reader: See scenarios
– Scoreboard | Football Performance Index

A bold prophecy: The Bengal will be less than a quarter of a mile from the crime scene. Between a strong passing defense and a Bengali team that doesn’t have a starting quarterback (Burrow) and a running back (Joe Mixon), winning yards will be a challenge. — Ben baby.

Find out now: This season, the Dolphins have averaged 0.06 points on the field with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and 0.08 points with Tua Tagovayloa. This corresponds to the difference between the 18th and 31st grade of the infringement.

Injuries: Bengali | Dolphins

What a fantasy to know: DeVante Parker’s Miami wide receiver scored 14 goals and 119 yards when Fitzpatrick returned to the starting line-up. In four starts, Tagovayloa Parker averages 6.3 goals and 39.8 yards per game. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Miami has played six of the last seven games and since the fifth round last season, Miami finished 17-6 in the ATS ranking, the best score in the league. Details.

A child’s decision: Dolphins 24, Bengali 10
Wolf picture: Dolphins 27, Bengali 13
FPI Prognosis : AMI, 67.9% (average 6.2 points).

The equation should be read: Allen: From a COVID-safe QB emergency to a Bengali starter… Why is the Dolphin Playoff Push priceless for Tagovayloa’s growth… Regardless of the Buy More, the protection of the Dolphins shows that it is the key to the playoffs.

1:00 ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 20.0 | distribution : CHI -3 (44.5)

What you should see: Chicago bear quarterback Mitchell Trumpet is a late career player, but he usually lets the poor Lions shine. In six career-appearances against Detroit Trubiska, 1,601 yards, 14 touchdowns and four steals (quarterback ranking 106.0), including four consecutive games with at least three touchdowns and a passing rating of over 100.0. Trubisky threw the three-quarters to lead Chicago to this incredible first week of Ford’s victory on the field. — Jeff Dickerson.

A bold prophecy: Darrell Beavall made his debut as a replacement coach for Detroit Lyon when the team was hit by a new custom voice. In the win, Matthew Stafford will look like the quarterback he was in 2019, with over 300 yards and several touchdowns in the team’s most complete attack of the season. — Michael Rothstein

Find out now: The Lions are one of the four teams that have not won a league game this season (Chargers, Jets and Bengals). In fact, they have lost nine straight games in this division, which is currently the length of the most active losing streak of the NFL (Chargers).

Injuries: Lions | Bear

What a fantasy to know: Are you looking for a fantastic Buy More? The Bears have won each of the last four games against the Lions, and the Trumpets have scored three touchdowns in each of those games (26.0 fantasy points for playing in those games). See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Detroit is 1-11 and 3-9 ATS in the last 12 divisions. Details.

Rothstein’s choice: Lions 35, Bear 21 Dickerson’s Choice: Bears 23, Lions 21
FPI Forecast : CHI, 61.1% (3.8 average points)

The equation should be read: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: How does the search for GM Lions and the trainer proceed? Which one of them is Stafford? … Bear Smith is one of the top linebackers in the league… The Patriots of Lions in the Midwest experimenting with Patricia, Quinn is a costly failure.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 18,4 | distribution : GW -9 (47)

What you should see: The Raiders have been eliminated twice in a row and are risking their chances to make the playoffs, but now they face the perfect opponent. Jets are everybody’s favorite game. They met five teams that had a series of bad luck, two to four, and the jets all lost. So, yes, the Raiders could gain some strength after the terrible defeat of the Falcons last weekend, but don’t worry… The jets are here to make up for it. — Rich Chimini

– McShane early 2021. Level
Assessment: Kiper | McShay – Questions for a Potential Ten – Project with Predictable Mission | NFL Rankings | Full -Ratings

A bold prophecy: For the first time since September 2019, when the airless planes fly upside down, Frank Gore makes a storm of 100 meters. He comes out of the best season with 74 yards and loses to the Dolphins, while the Raiders defense is more than suspicious, with an average ground pass of 113.4 yards to 13th in the NFL. The mountain that sets the clock back and prevents Las Vegas from leaving the field will do interesting things in Meadowlands …for a while. — Paul Gutierrez.

Find out now: Jets quarterback Sam Darnold failed the TD in one of his last four starts, the longest active track in the NFL. A fifth straight game without touchdown would have equaled the longest QB run of the Jets in 40 seasons (Geno Smith was the last game in a row in 2013).

Injuries: Hunters.

What a fantasy to know: Carriers Mountain’s number has risen for the third consecutive year, and in all three races he has several stitches. This weekend he finished fourth in the defense this season in terms of fancy back protection. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: The winner of this season’s Las Vegas games has been determined 8-3, making him the second largest in the NFL this season. Details.

Gutierrez’s election: Fighter planes 28, jets 20
Cimini’s of choice : Combat Aircraft 31, Aircraft 21
FPI Forecast : LV, 70.2% (7.1 mean points)

The equation should be read: With the help of Agholor, carpets develop as a deep threat from scavengers. The Jets’ Gases admit he didn’t help Darnold develop as an NFL QB… The season’s coming? How do scavengers react to the Atlanta Garbage Show? … Why does Gaze (7-20) keep forming the jets? … The Jets Geys say it’s a team effort now.

16:05 ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 79,4 | distribution : LAR -3 (48)

What you should see: Early in the game we know how much the right shoulder of the quarterback of the Kayler Murray Cardinals has improved. If he starts running early, it’s better. If he doesn’t, it’ll always be a problem. Coach Cliff Kingsbury will not let Murray participate in the scheduled talks if there is a chance that he will be hit and hurt even more. But will Murray’s run have a significant impact, and could it make the difference between a victory in Arizona – or a fourth loss in five games? — Josh Weinfuss.

A bold prophecy: Rookie Ramsey, Running Back, Cam Akers will count his first game at 100 yards. The Rams haven’t been able to play their current game since week 10, but against the Cardinal’s defense, which allows an average of 123 yards per game, you have to make sure coach Sean McVeigh is committed. In week 12 Akers broadcasts at 84 meters. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Find out now: The cardinals lead the NFL in yards per game (5.0), are fourth in yards per game (155.9) and second in winning blocks in the race (73%). But this season the Rams have allowed places 4 and 5 in the same race (93,5).

Injuries: Aries | Cardinals

What a fantasy to know: Something to worry about? The Rams have been the best defense against the fantastic receivers this season, and three of the four worst games of DeAndre Hopkins this season were in the 8th round. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Arizona 12-6-1 ATS as a loser at Kingsbury. And as a stranger among Kingsbury, there are 5-3 PBX, and the five covers go by amount. Details.

Tiri’s choice: Rams 28, Cardinals 20 wine infusions : Cardinals 24, Rams 21
FPI Forecast : LAR, 53.7% (average 1.3 points)

The equation should be read: Ram’s Goffe’s vow that it’s better to be defeated, criticized… Did the teams break Cardinal Murray’s code? … Coach Rams McVeigh says Goff needs to take better care of football… The cardinals of the first round choose Simmons.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Mike Clay explains why he’s happy with Robert Woods against the Cardinal’s defense.

16:05 ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 46,8 | distribution : SEA -10 (47.5)

What you should see: See Seattle’s receiver DK Metcalf against New York cornerback James Bradberry. The NFL WR champion attracts the attention of opponents in the top corner of this season, usually with good results. Monday evening Metcalfe set the bar very high in his career – 177 meters, with Darius Slay the most damaged. He decided to see a lot of Bradberry on Sunday. — Brady Henderson

A bold prophecy: The Seahawks’ large receiver, Tyler Lokette, will be equipped with double-digit technology. The Giants’ defensive weaknesses include their CB2 and final cornerback. It is ideal for Lockett, who ranks 10th in the NFL with 33 traps in a 352-metre trench. — Jordan Ranan

Find out now: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is fifth in QBR (78.1) in this season’s coverage with nine touchdowns, followed by only 11 touchdowns by Patrick Mahomez. The Giants benefit from the 66.1% coverage of rival declines, which is the second most important indicator this season (Panthers – 69.7%).

Injuries: Giants | Seaports

What a fantasy to know: Racing giants Wayne Gallman rushed to a touchdown for five games in a row, but more importantly for the stability of his status in the top 20 of fantasy fullback races, he coincided with the high season with five goals in week 12. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: The giants have played eight of their last nine street games. Details.

Raanan’s choice: Seahawks 27, Giants 16Henderson selected: Sea Hawks 27, Giants 14
FPI Forecast : ESE, 86.2% (average 14.5 points)

The equation should be read: McCoy, immersed in a playoff race, brings grief to the attack of the Giants… From anemia to surprise: Seahawk’s pass was 180… Barkley Giants ACL rehabilitation, meniscus injuries… BP Gordon Seahawks has been reinstated in the last two weeks.

16:25 ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 60.9 | Distribution : GB -9 (47.5)

What you should see: From Aaron Rogers’ file, it’s clear he never forgets: In the fourth round of last season, the Eagles beat the Packers by beating Rogers off the goal line with 20 seconds to go. Since then, Packer’s quarterback has scored 53 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 23 regular season games. He needs three touchdowns to reach 400 in his career. Drew Brees currently has the touchdown speed record with up to 400 (205 games); Rodgers has played 192. — Rob Demovsky

– What does the future hold for the Buy More Patriots?
– When Des was the receiver for the Cowboys
– The makers of steel hope that Dupree’s replacement the
– Brownes the Titans
– Can Gaskin help the anemic Miami start the game?

A bold prophecy: Of the runaways, Aaron Jones will find the end zone twice. He didn’t have a game with few touchdowns on day 2 against the Lions, but with the Eagles focused on Rogers and Fletcher Cox on defense with a neck injury, Jones will lead the way for the Packers. — Tim McManus.

Find out now: This season’s quarterback, Eagles Carson Wenz, is the last in the NFL at 23.3 percent. Last season the Eagles quarterback finished in 11th place. Posted at 32 KB in the 16.6% category.

Injuries: Eagle | Packer

What a fantasy to know: Jones is not the superstar fantasy player we’ve been hoping for the past two months, but last weekend he scored an average of 5.3 meters because of the Bears’ solid defense, and in the last four games he scored 15 of the 17 goals. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: In Philadelphia this season on route 1-4 PBX. Details.

McManus’ choice: Packers 27, Eagles 17 voted by Demovsky: Packers 30, Eagles 21
FPI Prognosis : GB, 72.8% (average 8.1 points)

The equation should be read: The Eagles activate the Ertz, add Johnson to the IR. Rogers for (his third) MVP? The Buy More packers are currently competing… Coach Orlov Pederson gave no guarantee he would finish the season… Gary, Savage Begins Design Enhancements for 2019 Packers NFL Players Predict Future of Wienz : Why his contract is such a burden on the Eagles… Congratulations on the 37th birthday. Birthday, Rogers, here’s the first round of WR for a change.

16:25 ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 38,7 | Distribution : RIGHT (47.5)

What you should see: Can Justin Herbert Cam Newton survive? He has six 300-yard passes, most of which were made by a newcomer in NFL history (Andrew Luck in 2012). And with four more touchdowns, he brings Baker Mayfield’s newcomer record to 27. — Shelly Smith

A bold prophecy: After patriotic shooter Olshevsky saw the penalty shooter’s TD cancelled last weekend, he is going to take a home against the special team of the Chargers, who fought in 2020. — Mike Travel

Find out now: Newton has four touchdown passes and nine interceptions this season. This 0.44 TD-INT is the second worst for the quarterback – 250 passes in a 344 QB-qualifying season (in 2010 Jimmy Clausen was 0.33).

Injuries: Patriots | Chargers

What a fantasy to know: Over the past four weeks, the Hunter Henry chargers have climbed into the top five in terms of number of targets, shots and fancy shots and into the top five in terms of number of shots, shots and fancy shots. In this period, his 1.3 goals in the end zone per game earned him seventh place in the championship, all positions added up. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Chargers couldn’t cover five races in a row. Details.

The choice of rice: Patriots 27, 23Smith Chargers Selection : Patriots 24, Chargers 23
FPI Forecast : NE, 51.4% (0.5 average point)

The equation should be read: How did Belichik Patriotov get in touch with the innovative coach of the Arkansas High School … For the sender’s boss, winning is more important than setting records… Belishik clings to Newton like a spark in the insulting eyes of the patriots… According to a source, Taylor won’t press charges against the Churgers.

8:20. ET | NBC
Conformity assessment: 55,8 | Distribution : KC-14(51)

What you should see: Can the Broncos arouse enough resentment to follow the leaders? In the last three games, the bosses defeated Bronkos 96-25, scoring 24, 20 and 27 points between the two teams. So Denver has to figure out how to move the ball and get points. The bosses haven’t been playing well in defense lately, but the Broncos’ prospects still look bleak. Even with a discount on the QB match against the Saints last weekend, they have an average of less than 21 points per match. – Adam Thacher

Through discussions with former players, coaches and key players, Peyton Manning sheds light on the history of football and its cultural significance. Clock on ESPN+

A bold prophecy: Bronco quarterback Drew Lock, a native of Lee Summit, Missouri, throws his first touchdown pass of his career against the team he grew up watching. In two careers he started against the Chiefs, he did at least 40 temping attempts, none of which were successful on TD. Locke needs his best work in this case, as he has to endure numerous penalties for a missed match last weekend after failing to complete the COVID-19 protocols and he is still in a seasonal hearing for the future. Oh, and the Chiefs are gonna have 11 in this long rivalry. Victory in a row. — Jeff Legold.

Find out now: Quarterback Chief Patrick Mahomez won seven consecutive prime time games, and his 36 touchdown passes for 14 prime time starts were already the most productive for the Super Bowl player in the first 15 prime time starts.

Injuries: Broncos | Heads

What a fantasy to know: Don’t sleep on K.J. Gamler’s receiver in Denver. In three games before the 12th. He scored 26 goals on day 26 and almost 72 percent of the NFL’s rear meters were won in the air this season. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: This is the second street game where Denver is a double-digit underdog. There hasn’t been a double-digit loser in the same season since 1975. Details.

Legold’s choice: Chefs 28, Broncos 20Taichers: Chiefs 30, Broncos 17
FPI Prognosis : COP, 88.6% (average 16.0 points)

The equation should be read: The students of the Reed Chiefs’ formation are having trouble repeating their success… Success, trust and burnt ends: Why everyone loves Head Coach Reid Four KB Broncos are fined by the team for not wearing masks … What did Chief Hill think of Mahomez in the first place? Refusing… How standing up to his wife helped the Broncos make a lot of money.

Monday, 5:00 p.m. ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 61.5 | Distribution : PIT -8.5 (42)

What you should see: After an unpleasant victory over the Ravens, the Steelworkers faced a team from Washington D.C. for a short week, with extra time to prepare for a single unbeaten NFL team. The Stallers will probably be without the support of James Conner and Morkis Punchy’s center (reserve line-up/COVID-19), which means they won’t have enough hands against the average defensive team that has proven its reliability in the fight against passing and running. — Brooke Pryor

A bold prophecy: Stalker attacks this season are not expected to hit the bottom of the field, with receivers averaging less than 10.23 NFL yards per catch. But on Monday, there will be a touchdown in Pittsburgh with over 50 yards against the defense, which consisted of six yards against the NFL with over 50 yards. — John Kame

Find out now: Washington-based quarterback Alex Smith averages 4.91 yards per pass attempt, the lowest rate among 33 qualified passers-by. This is the lowest score of all breeders who have carried out at least 150 tests in one season since the first survey in 2006. But 58.2 percent of Washington’s yards came after the catch, the highest in the NFL this season, and Terry McLaureen leads all the wide receivers with 445 yards after the catch.

Injuries: Washington DC | Steel producers

What a fantasy to know: Washington, who runs backwards, moves or hits Antonio Gibson in a hasty attempt (20) of the season’s best moments, caught (five) and scored (seven) goals on Thanksgiving Day to beat the cowboys. However, it should be noted that Gibson scored an average of 27.7 fantastic points for playing against the Cowboys this season and 14 – against the rest of the NFL players. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Steelers – 8-3 ATS, for the best ATS record in the league, they are associated with the Dolphins Details.

Kam’s choice: Steal 24, Washington 17
Pryor’s Choice: Steel Mills 17, Washington 14
FPI Forecast : PIT, 74.0% (average 8.6 points).

The equation should be read: Gibson’s still in development, but he’s a big influence in Washington… ACL fracture is confirmed for Dupree Steelers, according to a source… The bell rings to replace Dupree, and the Steelers hope he’ll answer.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Adam Schaefter reports that Bud Dupree’s injury could affect the Steelers’ chances of winning the season.

Monday, 8:15. ET | ESPN/ABC
Appropriate rating: 70.7 | Distribution : SELFT (47)

What you should see: It was another wild week at the most unusual time of year for the 49 athletes who emotionally beat the Rams and now have to regroup and move to Arizona for at least three weeks. The mobility of Josh Allen’s quarterback is a big challenge for the San Francisco defense, but it is also questionable whether a late move to the desert and its consequences for the Niners in a game where they will have to stay in the NFC playoffs will have a negative effect. — Nick Wagoner

A bold prophecy: With Buffalo playing the second of at least three games without John Brown, Gabriel Davis will record the first 100-yard game of his career and finish as first receiver in Bill’s game for the second year in a row. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

Find out now: Dibo Samuel’s nine-and-a-half meter receiver at 1293 meters from the scrimmage is the sixth in two seasons for the 49ers WR, behind Jerry Rice (2595), Dave Parks (2047), Jean Washington (1807), Terrell Owens (1456) and Michael Crabtree (1366). And Samuel missed time with an injury and has five more games to play this season.

Injuries: Invoices | 49er

What a fantasy to know: Bill’s winger Stephon Diggs is in third place in the league, both in terms of catches and goals per game. This is an elite resumption, and the elite receivers who have met 49 players this season have enlightened them. Davante Adams, D.C. Metcalfe and DeAndre Hopkins surpassed a fantastic 29 points here with an average of 34.2. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Overtime in Buffalo ended this season 8-3, securing second place in the league. Details.

The election of Louis-Jacques: Accounts 31, 49ers 18
Choice of car : Accounts 23, 49 and 20
FPI Forecast : SF, 55.4% (average 1.8 points)

The equation should be read: Keeping Fromm isolated as an emergency QB has not been easy for the invoices. The 49-year-olds play at home in Arizona for 13-14 weeks… Debauchery does the trick in the creative attack by 49-year-old Bill Shanahan, who says the best scenario for us in Arizona.

Tuesday, 8:05 p.m. ET | Fox/NFL Network
Appropriate assessment : 42.2 | Distribution : K.A.

What you should see: On Saturday, Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson will undergo a 10-day quarantine after a positive KOVID-19 test, but it is not yet known how effective the current NFL MVP will be with expected practices. Jackson gets a lucrative game with the Cowboys, the only team in the NFL that allows more than 30 points per game. — Jamison Hensley.

Tell us about the biggest games of the NFL, original series and much more. Clock on ESPN+

A bold prophecy: Big receiver Ravens Des Bryant will score a touchdown against his old team. He set the Cowboys franchise record with 73 touchdowns from 2010 to 2017, but his final touchdown was on the 10th hole. December 2017. There’s nothing better for Bryant than throwing the X against the cowboys. — Todd Archer

Find out now: The Cowboys have only 50% (17 out of 34) of their practice sessions in the red zone, the fourth place in the championship this season. And they scored only three touchdowns in the 12 red zones from round 7 (this 25% mark is the worst in that period), and all three defeated the Vikings.

Injuries: Cowboys.

What a fantasy to know: Earlier in the season, with Duck Prescott in the Dallas Buy More, Ezekiel Elliott caught at least six assists in three straight matches as a replacement. Elliott did six takes in November. See week 13 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Dallas – 2-9 TTY’s this season, the worst coverage rate in the NFL. Details.

Archer’s choice: Raven 30, cowboys 17, Hensley: Raven 30, Cowboys 10
FPI Prognosis : BAL, 81.6% (average 12.0 points)

The equation should be read: The cowboys keep working through the pain of Paul’s death… In the flash: The last saga of the crows COWID-19… The Cowboys to see the next opponent live at the Ravens game on Wednesday… From Griffin to Des: This is the replacement for the Ravens Blitz… Given the problems of the cowboys themselves, Jones does not understand the problems of the QB Broncos.

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