Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 Crystal Palace: Teenager Rayan Ait-Nouri scores on debut

Ryan Ait-Nouri Ryan Ait-Nouri is the youngest Frenchman to score a goal in his Premier League debut.

Teen Ryan Ayt-Nuri made his Wolves debut when Nuno Espirito Santo reached the joint top of the Premier League with a well-deserved victory over Molinho’s Crystal Palace.

The under-21 French left back, who arrived this month on a seasonal loan – with an option to buy – from Ligue 1 outfit Angers, announced his arrival in just 18 minutes and struck the first blow to the head of Sheikh Quyote.

Portugal winger Daniel Podens doubled the lead nine minutes later when he picked up Pedro Neto’s cross in the second stage.

For Rayan Ait Nouri I’m very happy, because it’s the first race and what’s the best start he can make? He is 19 years old and he has something to improve. He needs so many things on board, and it’s work.

On his way to the top three, he added: It’s about the performance, the table is not important. Work is important. The game without fans requires a lot of attention, we do not have the advantage of Molineux.

The wolves came close to the greatest joy of the first half when Nelson Semedo and Leander almost missed Dendon with efforts from outside the penalty area, while the video assistant referee denied the Palast the lifeline of the penalty area when Patrick van Aanholt was found in an offside position before being hit by Willie Pain.

The palate improved considerably after the break, but disappointed Wilfried Zaha refused to appeal and the night, disappointing for Roy Hodgson, was even worse when Luca Milivojevic got a red card for the capture of Joao Mutiño in the closing stages.

Judge Martin Atkinson observed the incident on the field monitor, but Hodgson said I didn’t think it was a spectacle, and I told Martin Atkinson that.

The fourth victory in seven races puts the wolves in third place in the standings with 13 points, with Everton and Liverpool holding the two races.

Ait-Nouri embodies the confident representation of wolves

If his last match in the Angers T-shirt was a 6-1 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain, it was a night that the impressive Ait Nouri will remember for a long time.

Manager Nuno urged his team to adopt a more clinical approach after last weekend’s 1-1 draw with Newcastle. Failure to finish the game was punished with an 89 minute penalty by Jacob Murphy.

Only the last three teams scored fewer Premier League goals than the Wolves before the game, while another well-documented problem was the slow start.

However, the goal from debutant Ait Nuri – the first in the first half since the Wolves opened the scoring – was a good start for the Portuguese coach.

Podens, whose two goals were fired at the Premier League palace, led an early attack by Volkoff when his curling shot forced Vicente Guaita to turn back after Dendonker had previously approached the post from the flank.

Dendonk hit the bar before releasing Scott Dunn on the corner on the other side, as the wolves were actually keeping the palace at bay – and although they had to work much harder after the break, they never saw the risk of denying their lead.

With Podence hoping to avoid another nervous end, Nuno will see his team develop with a quick start at the front in Molineux.

Half of the answer is insufficient for Palace

Crystal Palace arrived in Molinho to get 13 points out of their first seven games of the Premier League season for the first time in history, with added incentive to go to the top four.

Although Hodgson’s team returned to winning manners against Fulham last weekend, they were second in the first half and were lucky to be 2-0 at halftime.

It was a night in which, as with the Eagles, everything went wrong, with Mitchie Batshuai falling on an offside in the 17th minute and Zaha showing no sympathy after the loss after the restart of Ait Nuri.

Hodgson’s consolation on a disappointing evening was the tangible reaction of the players in the second half, despite the great lack of breakthroughs.

Zahah, who has scored five goals so far in the Paleisliga and is one of the eight assistants in the Paleisliga, has hit an increasingly disappointing figure in the attack, especially as he was awarded a yellow card for his goal against Ai-T-Nuri.

The dismissal of Milivojevic, which was retroactively awarded to the VAR for his challenge to the competition, weakened the result, which Hodgson will want to bury soon after a promising start to the campaign.

At the red card, Hodgson said: I’m very disappointed about that. This is kind of the worst part of the night. You can have a positive attitude, but to lose a player for three games because of a challenge that I didn’t even consider a foul would be very difficult.

If I have a choice, I’d like to appeal.

Highest position of the wolf in 41 years – Statistics

  • Third place in the Premier League is ultimately the highest of the best season so far since October 1979, when they finished in sixth place and won the league cup.
  • Rayan Ait-Nouri is the 15th. The Frenchman makes his debut in the Premier League and with 19 years and 146 days he is also the youngest Frenchman.
  • Volkov striker Raul Jimenez spent more minutes without scoring in the Premier League than any other team (421) against Crystal Palace.
  • Only the now retired Norwich (14) has lost more Premier League matches in 2020 than Crystal Palace (13).
  • The Eagles have not scored in 39 Premier League games since Roy Hodgson’s first big game in September 2017. Only Brighton’s rivals made over 40.
  • Palace midfielder Luka Milivojevic got his first red card in the Olympiacos competition since February 2016, of which he finished 145th.

What happens then?

Leeds United Crystal Palace hosts on Saturday (15:00 GMT), before the wolves travel to Leicester on Sunday (14:00).

The actors of the game

Ait Nuri Ryan

Woolverhampton Wanderer

  1. Team number 3 Player nameAit-Nuri
  2. Team number 10 Players at Danielle Podens
  3. Team number 7 Name of the playerPedro Neto
  4. Team number22Player nameNelson Semedo
  5. Team number16 Player nameShore
  6. Team number32 Name of playerDendoncker
  7. Team number49 Player nameKillman
  8. Team number8Player nameRuben Nevis
  9. Team number9 Player nameJimenez
  10. Team number 11 The name of the players is Rui Patricio.
  11. Team number15 Player namesBalls
  12. Team number 28 The name of this player is Joan Mutinho.
  13. Team number37 Player name Traore
  14. Team number17 Player nameFabio Silva

Crystal Palace

  1. Team number25 Player nameEze
  2. Unit 3 Researcher Namevan Anholt
  3. Team number10 Player nameTownsend
  4. Team number44 Player nameRiedewald
  5. Team number 6 Players named at the moment
  6. Team number31 Name of the player suite
  7. Team number9The name of the player
  8. Team number8 Name of the playerKuyati
  9. Team number17 Name of playerKline
  10. Team number15 Name of the player
  11. Team number23 Player nameeBatshuai
  12. Team number20Player nameBenteke
  13. Team number11 Player nameSachah
  14. Name of the player on team number 4 : Milivojevic.



  • 11Rui Patricio
  • 15Boly
  • 16Cool
  • 49Kilman
  • 22 Nelson Semedo
  • 32Dark
  • 8 rounds
  • 3Ait-Nuri
  • 7Not used forJoão Moutinhoat 76’minutes
  • 10Castelo PodenceSubstitution of Traoreat 76’minutes
  • 9JiménezExchange by Silvaat 90+1’minutes


  • 2Howling
  • 17Soares Silva
  • 21Ruddy
  • 27 Saisse
  • 28 Joan Mutinho
  • 37Tracks
  • 54Atasovye

Crystal Palace

  • 31 width
  • 17Clean
  • 8Kuya
  • 6 Next
  • 3 Of Aangholt stockpiling in 45 mines
  • 10TownsendSubstituted by J Ayewat 72’minutes
  • 44Redewald
  • 4Milivoevich-Bocking 86 miles
  • 15Replace byEzeat 65’minutes
  • 23BatshuaiReplace teBentekeat 84’minutes
  • 11ZahaReserved for 62mins


  • 9Yayev
  • 12Sahoe
  • 18McArthur
  • 19Henderson
  • 20Benteke
  • 25EZ
  • 34Kelly

Real-time text

  1. Game Finale, Wolverhampton Wanderers 2, Crystal Palace 0.
  2. The second half’s over, Wolverines 2, Crystal Palace 0.
  3. Deputy, Wolverhampton Wanderers. Fabio Silva replaces Raúl Jiménez.
  4. Eberechi Eze (Crystal Palace) wins a penalty in the defensive half.
  5. Leander Dendon (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is punished after committing an offence.
  6. The red card is that of Luca Milivoevich (Crystal Palace).
  7. VAR solution: The map of Luka Milivojevic (Crystal Palace) has been modernized.
  8. Relief, Crystal Palace. Christian Bentecke replaces Michie Batshuaia.
  9. Sheikhu Quyate (Crystal Palace) wins a penalty shootout in the defensive half.
  10. Leander Dendon (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is punished after committing an offence.
  11. Attempted rescue. In the upper right corner is the picture of Adama Traoré (Wolverhampton Wanderers) on the right side of the box. With the support of Raul Jimenez.
  12. I missed a shot. Patrick van Aanholt (Crystal Palace) shoots a left turn penalty outside the penalty area because the direct free kick is too high.
  13. Luka Milivojevic (Crystal Palace) wins a penalty shootout in half of the attack.
  14. Raoul Jimenez (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is punished after he has committed an offence.
  15. The attempt is blocked. The title Mitchie Batshuaia (Crystal Palace) is blocked at close range. Supported by Patrick van Aanholt with a cross.
  16. Deputy, Wolverhampton Wanderers. Adama Traore is replacing Daniel Podens.
  17. Deputy, Wolverhampton Wanderers. João Mutiño (in) comes from the bank to replace Pedro Netu.
  18. Corner, Wolverhampton Wanderers. Concession of Misha Batshuaia.
  19. Corner, Wolverhampton Wanderers. Scott Dan’s concession.
  20. Relief, Crystal Palace. Jordan Ayew replaces Andros Townsend.

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