Introducing the potential Bottom 10 Hawk Bowl, the state of Michigan and more

Editor’s note : The university football calendar is constantly changing, but the unstoppable Bottom Ten continue to lose, especially against the Big Ten and teams of clubs with big names like Michigan].

Inspiring thought of the week:

What’s going on here?
The stairs are changing!
Let’s go this way… Yeah, until the stairs start moving again…

— Harry Potter and the Wizard’s Stone.

Here at the headquarters of Bottom 10 in the manure barn, which you could hardly see because of the blossoming camellias behind the College GameDay set up in Augusta National, we find it hard enough to entertain you when the world is normal. For example: Where’s my wallet? What did I do with my keys? Why is that guy in a suit on my porch telling me I haven’t sent electricity bills since 2009? So ask yourself a higher level of such questions this year, when we’ll never be completely sure which day it is, because every page of the calendar seems to be written with a dry eraser.

Today’s note about breakfast at the home school. You’re welcome. # Daddy jokes

– Ryan McGee (@ESPNMcGee) 16. November 2020.

Even if we know what that day is, the most important events of those days, including university football matches, can suddenly disappear from the calendar, so that they can no longer be the most important event of that day, but become the headlines of another day of the next week. Maybe. It’s like Whac-A-Mole, but the moles wear soccer helmets, and I try not to hit them with a rubber hammer, but with an empty rum bottle? in my jogging pants… with a beard and a haircut like Josh Sills. Because I also forgot where I put the razor, and my neighbor from Michigan graduated, he picked up all the persimmons in the neighborhood and burned them.

With apologies to Captain Morgan, Pope Gregory XIII, Charlie Steiner in the publicity for the Sports Centre and Steve Harvey, here are the last ten of the week.

1. ULM (expressed in ULM) 0-8

The Warhawks started the season 8-0 and are now stuck in another loss attempt with 2-0 attempts to play in the last two weeks. The game against Arkansas last Saturday was scheduled for December 5, and the game against Louisiana Tech was cancelled this Saturday. The next Warhawks game is scheduled for the Thanksgiving-weekend, with a 7-1 and 24-year visit. Louisiana ragin Cajun. Maybe we shouldn’t come this time. All you have to say is: Oh, our mistake. We confused Louisiana with Louisiana technology and decided to cancel the game. No, we can’t come to the stadium. Let’s eat. Yeah, we know it’s next to the football team’s cafeteria, but we just ate a bunch of turkeys and the tryptophan has already earned it. Tell Billy Napier we wish him good luck in South Carolina.

2. Kansas Nyhouks (0-7)

CG followed the bite on the 7th. November and lost against Oklahoma 62:9, lost 61:10 against the Open Date U fighters. He flew in from Texas this weekend to visit us. The mountains led the 16-3 series, with two victories in Kansas in 1901 and 1938. We don’t want to rush anything, but if the ULM Warhawks and Kansas Jayhawks continue their journey this way, can we offer the Lower 10 Hawk Bowl? Kitty Hawk, North Carolina could play with honorary captains Andre Dawson and Tony Hawk, Grand Marshal Dan Hawkins, who led the parade in the Cherokee Trailhawk, and Hawk Harrelson, who played a game with color analyst A.J. Hawk. The winners will receive the Cy-Hawk trophy, which we will borrow from the Iowa Hawkeyes trophy, as they did not play this year after all.

3. Tis-tah (0-4)

He fired his coach, lost to Fresno and sent his starting quarterback out of the team. It was the darkest eight-day period in Utah since the infamous feud between Dale Murphy and Donny Osmond in 1986.

4. Acron – monolithic (0-3)

In the defense of the Bottom 10 champions, we once again made our enthusiastic editors wait until Tuesday night when we saw their showcase, the Wagon Wheel vs. Zips saw rival match. The Zips lost, which according to my understanding of the rules of the Wagon Wheel meant they had to make a 13-mile journey back to Akron in a wagon that missed one of its wheels.

5. Michigan

You can read that sentence as you like, because the fifth place this week is for the state of Michigan, but it is also for the state of Michigan, which includes both Michigan and Michigan. Wolverine – 1-3 after a bus from Wisconsin turned into a Wolverine. The Spartans fell 3-1 after a 14-0 victory over Indiana and their only victory was over Michigan. They could negotiate a 2-0 victory for all three with East Michigan to play the rest of their EMU games – because the mood is as grey as Rynearson Stadium throughout the state.

6. UMess (0-2)

We have received repeated complaints from Bottom 10 readers that UMass does not deserve such a high ranking because the Minutemans only have three matches scheduled for this autumn. For these readers, we have three things to do:

1. They are wrong on the calendar because Massachusetts has added an FA(not I)U match to be played on Saturday.
2. The sample may be small, but don’t underestimate the importance of the eye test, and after seeing the first two UMass sets, we had to use one of those industrial emergency eye washing stations.
3. We appreciate you reading this and everything else, but do you have nothing better to do than send the hate mail of the lower 10?

7. unLv (0-4)

The Battle of Tark took place on a road in the state of San Jose. In this context I would like to mention that I once came across a road in the state of San Jose after I exaggerated a bit in the Old Wagon Saloon. I think I saw Akron driving by on the way back from Kent State.

8. US (not C) F (1-7)

The bulls went to Houston and lost 56:21, and now they’re getting ready to visit the Navy. We tried to find evidence of their preparations for the triple attack, but USF ordered Raymond James Stadium, Antonio Brown’s roommate, to destroy all security cameras.

9. Vandus (0-6)

Commod Dors lost 38-35 to Kentucky and finished the season with three losses and three short distance losses. Their two biggest losses were suffered on the same result: 4:07 PM – LSU, probably the biggest failure of the reigning champion of all time, and South Carolina, who just fired his head coach. This weekend, a mission from High Trask, uh, visiting from Florida, will win. One cannot help but think that the discussions about the Nashville fires would have been more intense if not all records of this fire had been moved to the east of Knoxville.

10. Pine status (0-4)

A week ago, Littany Nyons lost to the team here in No-Braska, a week after the loss of Maryland, which had defeated Minnesota a week earlier, whose only victory this season was over Illinois, whose only victory this season was over the Rutgers, whose only victory this season was over Michigan, whose only victory this season was over Minnesota, which just finished 35th in the standings, and whose only victory this season was over the United States:whose only victory this season was over Minnesota, which just lost 35-7 to Iowa.

Waiting list: Sir, Responsible is Orange (1-7), Battleships of Texas (1-9), Few Mexico (0-4), Hardened Owls (1-5), EC-Yu (1-6), Bail gold (1-5), Inn Ruth Geras (1-3), IL-Yu-noise (1-3), North Sound (0-2), Minnesota Rue The Boat (1-3), No-braska (1-2), FI(not A)U(0-4), EMU Emus (0-2), Minute Rice (1-1), New Mexico Nobos (0-3), Charlotte 2-and-3-ers, Semi-No (2-6), COVID-19.

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