4 Top contributing factors to foundation problems

All buildings and structures will eventually need some form of foundation work to keep the earth from moving and causing structural damage. Foundation problems can be caused by a number of factors, including poor design, soil conditions, and water drainage problems. The following are the top contributing factors to foundation problems:

Soil Problems

Poor soil – Poor soil in your backyard may be a contributing factor to home foundation problems. If your home sits directly on top of clay, sand, or gravel, or if it’s built over bedrock, it’s more likely to sink. The best way to combat poor soil is to use a deep layer of mulch around the foundation, which will keep the roots cool and moist and thus prevent rot.

Saturated soil – Saturated soil can be caused by either poor drainage or waterlogging. Waterlogging occurs when there is too much moisture in the ground. Moisture can come from a variety of sources, such as rain, irrigation, snow melt, and leaking pipes.

High ground water table – High ground water tables can cause water to seep into the soil and then rise to the surface. If water is rising to the surface, it can create a pressure gradient that pulls at the foundations.

Age of home

The biggest factor in home foundation problems is the age of the home. Old homes tend to settle much more than new ones, and when foundations settle, cracks are often the result. This is especially true if the building was constructed with reinforced concrete. The reason has to do with the way a house was built. As the home ages, the foundation moves, settles and sags. This is a natural process.

Also if the foundation does not have sufficient support, it will gradually sink into the earth. Eventually, the settling could cause cracks in the house. The best way to avoid having to deal with home foundation problems is to be proactive, and perform some routine maintenance. The problem is, many homeowners don’t realize that they need to repair their foundations until it’s too late.

Poor drainage

The biggest contributor to foundation problems is drainage. When the soil in your yard has too much clay and sand, it becomes hard and dense, explains expert. The soil acts like a sponge—soaked with water, it holds the water instead of allowing it to run through. So it is always recommended you should call professional for yearly inspection of your water drainage system to avoid any big problems.

Improper maintenance

As said earlier there are a lot of causes of home foundation problems, and improper maintenance biggest one of them. Improper maintenance can lead to the development of cracks and pitting that can affect the structural integrity of the home.

You should take care of your home so that you will not have any problems with foundation. You should inspect your foundation regularly so that you can identify any problems before they become a big deal. You can use a soil testing kit to check the moisture content of your soil. If you find that there is too much moisture in your soil, you can call professional to find out the reasons. 

If you want your home to last for a long time, you need to be careful of the foundation. If you think that there are foundation problems at your house, you should call a professional foundation repairs. They can help you to fix your foundation and help it to last for a long time. A professional foundation repair company will inspect your foundation for you. They will also give you a free estimate on the cost of the repairs. 

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