5 Fun Vacation Outfit Ideas

5 Fun Vacation Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re planning a summer vacation for the 4th of July or headed to the beach as soon as the weather is warm, there are many reasons to make your vacation outfits match your mood. If you’re all about having fun while enjoying the sun, here are some of our favorite vacation choices for you:

Wear those Hawaiian shirts

Okay, we know that jokes are often made about people who wear Hawaiian shirts on vacation, but to be honest, we kind of love them. The color, the pattern, the fun—why not pack some new Hawaiian shirts for women for your next vacation?

They actually look quite stellar on a lot of women when paired with the right bottoms, so who knows, you may end up falling in love with this style? It can actually be quite cute. Pair it with fun shorts and cute shoes, and wow, you’ll be ready for any vacation plans you have in mind!

Go all out with accessories

When it’s summer, we tend to wear less to stay cool. We don’t accessorize with singlets and shorts or skirts and dresses, and we don’t accessorize with layers as we do in the winter. This is when having fun with accessories is the perfect way to liven up our summer apparel.

From bracelets to earrings, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats, pack your vacation bags with all of the favorite accessories that make any outfit look amazing.

Change your hairstyle

It’s summer soon, and we’re feeling the need for change. Winter was grand, but now is the time to spice things up with a new look. While we’re mainly talking about outfits here, your hairstyle could be considered a part of your whole look, so why not take a new haircut on vacation with the trendy clothes you love to wear?

You’ll probably be wearing a lot of hats if you’re going to be in the sunshine over summer, so consider this when you’re planning your summer hairstyle. You may like your hair off your neck during the summer and cut it short, or maybe you’ll do a chic pixie—who knows? But summer is a great time for a new style.

Bring along the best shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit, so have some fun with your shoes. From bright-colored heels to comfortable yet bold tennis shoes for long walks, pack your vacation bags with fun shoes that will be as easy to use as they will be to match with your looks.

We’re all about wearing bold colors in the summer, so consider going bold with your summer outfits—including the shoes you bring on your vacation.

Invest in fun swimsuits

We love a cute bikini or fun, bright swim trunks. Whatever your vacation plans may be, they’re probably not dull, and your outfit shouldn’t be either. Mix and match patterns—we don’t care. As long as you’re feeling bright and beautiful, that’s all that really matters with your summer attire.

High-waisted bikini bottoms can look great and accentuate your curves while full-body bathing suits are definitely back in style. Bold patterns are in this summer season, so don’t be afraid to shine bright with new looks.

In Conclusion

Summer is around the corner and our vacation planning is in full swing. We want to have fun this summer because we are ready for a vacation after a couple of long years. Don’t be afraid of going all out with fun colors and bold patterns this year, from your summer dresses to your shirts. We’re ready to see the cute summer outfits you wear for a vacation like none other—one that is very deserved.

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