Difference between halo and hidden halo engagement rings

Want a unique ring for you and your partner? Confused between halo and hidden halo ones? Well, you’re not the only one. Having some prominent differences between them, these two rings still tend to confuse people wanting to make a decision. Read on to get your questions cleared about either of them.

What are halo rings?

Halo rings are similar to solitaires except that there is a large stone in the centre and an array of smaller stoned surrounding it, creating an effect of a halo, thus the name. The design draws your attention to the centre stone as it appears to be lifted up by the circumference of the smaller stones.

What are hidden halo rings?

Hidden halo rings have a large centre stone sitting atop of the smaller stoned surrounding and slightly beneath it. In a single glance you only see the bigger stone, but upon closer inspection you can see the beautiful design beneath as well.

There is a lot of confusion between these two and there are some people who still have no idea that rings like these exist at all. Although similar, there are some striking differences that help us differentiate between these two types of rings. First let us focus on the main similarity. Both these rings are designed to enhance the look of the centre stone by giving it a flattering effect. This is especially done for unique coloured centre diamonds such as violet or sea blue, etc. Now for the differences.

  • Evident vs Subtle

A halo ring is all out there, it is evident, and clearly visible; much like the feeling you’d want to express. It symbolises a grand gesture by showcasing itself very proudly.

On the other hand, hidden halo engagement rings are subtle by appearance and hide their beauty in layers. You can’t see it completely until you pay full attention to it. If rings had to represent personalities, then the halo ring represents people who wear their heart on their sleeve and are open with their emotions, while hidden halo rings are much like the introverts who can be understood only with a closer look. You could consider this while buying either of the two for your partner.

  • Classic vs Contemporary

Halo rings have a traditional and classic appearance. If your girl is an old-school dame, then a halo ring would be the perfect choice for you. It was among the first design of rings in the early Victorian era as well for engagement and wedding ceremonies.

A hidden halo ring, on the other hand, has a sleek, modern and contemporary look. It appeals to the modern taste with its hidden array of stones meant to highlight and uplift the centre diamond.

  • Flamboyant vs Elegant

With the metal, centre and surrounding stones in plain sight, halo rings have a chance of looking gaudy and flamboyant if not designed the right way. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but we’re simply pointing out a difference.

Hidden halo rings tend to have a more elegant and fragile look to it, given their tasteful arrangement of stones and intricate details. 

In conclusion, we’d like to say that jewellery and a person’s taste for it defines and complements their personalities in more ways than one. As a choice for lab grown diamond engagement rings, both halo and hidden halo are equally stunning. Also since the prices are quite similar, that’s one less thing to worry about.

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