5 Reasons to Tell a Loved One You Have Issues With Substance Abuse

As a recovering addict, you’ve been taking strides to remain sober. Your sobriety is important to you, and you want to follow the same path. 

And yet, you haven’t confided in loved ones and told them of your struggles. It may be you feel ashamed or feel you can do everything on your own. Regardless of the reasons, telling someone about your addiction may be just what you need. Having a support system is everything when trying to overcome substance abuse. 

Friends and family members have your back, so don’t be afraid of letting them in. There are many reasons why telling them is a good idea, which we discuss. 

1. They Offer Support 

Telling loved ones you struggle with addiction may be difficult. And yet, they can’t help unless they know what’s going on. Some may already know what’s going on if you haven’t been yourself. By divulging that you struggle with alcohol and drugs, they can begin to offer you support. 

Choose who you confide in to get the kind of support you seek. Not every person may respond well, so be selective of who you confide in.

Even when you tell trusted individuals, don’t expect the perfect answer. It may take them a bit to come to grasp your struggles. However, if you’re open and honest by saying you need support in specific ways, that can help them. 

So, for example, you can ask them to check in with you once a week to see how things are going.

2. They Remind You That You’re Not Alone 

When struggling with substance abuse, you may feel alone a lot of the time. That may be one of the reasons you used drugs and drank too much, to begin with. 

It may take effort to reach out to a loved one. You may feel weak admitting your struggle, but doing so will help you recover. No one is perfect, and they have struggles of their own. So don’t be fearful of being judged. If they judge you, that’s their fault, not yours. 

Leaning on a loved one can remind you that you’re not alone and that there’s someone who cares.

3. They Can Keep You Accountable 

It could be you’re looking for accountability. By communicating with a loved one, they can offer accountability if you want. 

Be sure to specify to them that you want accountability. It could be that you only need a listening ear for now, and that’s okay too. 

It may be easier to have a sponsor who’s used to being there for addicts. Sometimes a friend or family member is better for offering comfort as opposed to accountability. 

You know your loved ones the best. If you feel there’s someone who can keep you accountable, rely on them for that! 

4. They Can Offer You Suggestions 

Your friends and family know you the best, so they’re excellent for offering suggestions. If you trust them, you can ask them for guidance on overcoming your addiction. 

You may have friends who know of a treatment center you can go to. Or, they may have recommendations on a therapist you can see. 

Relying on friends and family is excellent. But often, getting professionals involved is essential too. So, getting suggestions from loved ones is invaluable. They may be able to connect you with the support you need to get better and remain sober. 

5. They Can Give You a Place to Stay 

Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may have lost your job. If you’re recovering and don’t have a place to live, a family member or friend may take you in. 

It’s best not to take advantage of someone’s hospitality. It would help if you were serious about getting help and remaining sober. Having a friend or family member offer you a place to stay during your recovery is preferable. 

It’s ideal having someone you trust house you. If they know about your struggles, they may be able to provide emotional support. In addition, you can rely on them to be there for you as you make positive strides. 


Depending on a loved one through a dark time in your life may be what you need to make it through. Going it alone isn’t wise. You are just depriving yourself of a support system that could be there for you no matter what. 

Decide to depend on those who care about you. With their love and attention, you can continue to combat your addiction one day at a time.

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