Anthony Edwards Makes Baffling Comments On Coronavirus Pandemic – Credit : USATSI

Anthony Edwards did some interesting things on Thursday night during his professional day, practiced, took a few shots and played dipball for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The young footballer, who is expected to reach a high level in the next NBA design, has made some wild adjustments after showing his talents to a star-studded crowd.

Although he was considered the number one project leader for most of the year, Edwards, like everyone else in his class, must strive to convince his potential teams that they are valuable assets and can make a big difference to the franchise. Well, the Georgia player didn’t impress anyone when he talked about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, got confused and compared two teams to a zero-correlation.

After announcing that he had signed a contract with Klutch Sports (the agency of LeBron James and Anthony Davis), the young player talked about the pandemic situation and explained how he had handled all this during those months.

I feel like a pandemic is not for me. I was already living in a pandemic because I just wanted to get better, Edwards said, and confused everyone who listened to him.

The future of the NBA.

– Hoop Central (@The HoopCentral) 30. October 2020.

Of course, NBA fans have noticed, and they quickly ridiculed Edwards for his comments.

Same power.

– Hoop Central (@The HoopCentral) 30. October 2020.

– 29. Account Parks’ Rose burner (@Rosasburner) October 2020.

Brother said

– Coreystaychilles (@CStaychilles) 30. October 2020

Ima pretends to realize

– ²³☄️ (@BronGotGame) 30. October 2020.

– Richard Staple, BSN, HR (@RichStapless) 30. October 2020.

Excuse me,

– TheBird✪ (@SuperHill_) 30. October 2020.

Whatever that means.

– (@mkesteelersfan) 30. October 2020

– Free KZ (@KZOkpalaSZN) 30. October 2020.

he’s just trying to find a project that doesn’t go to the wolves in the woods.

– Vegeta9123 (@val_captain) 30. October 2020.

– @Donny_Black22) on 30 October 2020.

А ?

– AmericanGooner⚽️ (@GoonerGuy_98) 30. October 2020.

It even means that Imau

– 5-2 (@anthermi) 30. October 2020

What does that mean?

– Anti-Wowboy Fan Temperature (@SadCowboysFan0) 30. October 2020.

– (@hoopsview) 30. October 2020

If you think about it, that was a good line. In fact, he tried to say that isolation, isolation allows him to work more on his game. He probably left out one of those words and talked about a pandemic, but that’s exactly what he meant. This man is considered one of the future stars of the competition, and although his words were misunderstood, he used a good analogy, but not as clear as he would like.

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