Redbox Launches Free on Demand Movie Streaming Service

Redbox has taken a new step in the streaming market with the launch of Free On Demand, a new advertising-financed streaming service offered by a reputable video rental company. Thanks to Redbox’s free On Demand service, which includes games designed by Redbox’s audience, people can watch hundreds of movies every week for free.

Among the first credits offered at the launch of Redbox Free Broadcasting were Crime, Lord of War, Illusionist, Haver and Maggie. The company also reports that the weekly mix will include fans’ favorite songs as well as popular classics and credits.

POWERFUL: Each film that arrived in the Redbox in February 2020 contains a number of Oscar nominations.

Today’s audience is driven by an unprecedented demand for free premium on-demand content through advertising. We expect AVOD to continue to grow, making Free On Demand an important addition to our free streaming platform, says Chris Yates, CEO of Redbox On Demand.

Due to its massive presence in grocery stores and other retail chains since 2002, Redbox is best known for its red video rental kiosks. The self-service kiosks allow viewers to rent DVDs, Blu-ray films and UHD 4K films and bring them back to another location on the Redbox. Redbox also offered video games for rent for a while, before focusing exclusively on movies and TV content. The company also offered a Netflix-like subscription called Redbox Instant for about 19 months before it was closed due to the low number of subscribers. In 2017, Redbox also launched Redbox On Demand, which allows you to rent or buy films digitally without having to take out a subscription.

Since then, Redbox has evolved to keep pace with other streaming services, which is detrimental to video rental companies. Earlier this year, the company launched Redbox Free Live TV, a Pluto and Xumo-style video-on-demand promotional service. In addition to their own popular channels, Redbox Rush (Action & Adventure), Redbox Comedy and Redbox Spotlight, they also offer FilmRise (unsolved puzzles, forensics), Fremantle (Family Feud), TMZ, People Are Awesome, USA Today and Maverick Movies.

In addition, Redbox has taken over the exclusive hosting of films called Redbox Originals. The first original Redbox, Bob Sagett Benjamin’s indie comedy, was commissioned in 2019. A few months later Redbox created Entertainment to acquire the rights to other films and series for the service. These titles include Fred Darst’s intimidation thriller Fanatic with John Travolta, the thriller Run with the Devil with Nicholas Cage and Lawrence Fishburn, Capone Josh Trank with Tom Hardy as gangster and Becky’s fighter thriller with Kevin James as cold-blooded killer.

Redbox Free On Demand is currently available on Roku, iOS, Android mobile devices and TVs and Vizio. Support for LG, Xbox, Samsung and Google Chromecast will also be added soon. Since the predominance of streaming services has almost completely destroyed the video rental industry, it is noteworthy that Redbox has been able to survive, and offering more free content will hopefully help the company. This message arrives after the deadline.

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