Arsenal 4-1 Rapid Vienna: Gunners win in Europa League in front of 2,000 fans

Alexander Lacazette Alexander Lacazette completed his eight-game goal for the Gunners.

Arsenal boss Michael Arteta said the return of the fans to the Emirates Stadium, which defeated Rapid Vienna in the Europa League, made the evening special.

It has been 271 days since the fans of Arsenal were unable to witness the seventh round for their part to win from West Ham United. March for the last time – and how the 2,000 could see the Gunners confirm their dominance in Group B.

I’m glad they came back, Arveta said. You’ve made a big contribution. There were only 2,000, but they felt and sounded a lot more.

They were very supportive and encouraging for the team and the players talked about the benefits they got out of it. They felt that support.

Alexander Lacazette handed out a first prize to the social distance crowd at the Cave Stadium – an impressive round of 25 metres after 10 minutes, flying over the reach of fast goalkeeper Richard Strebinger.

Pablo Marie then looked into the corner of Nelson’s line, after which Eddie Ncetia ended the first half with one minute to go and after his first attempt, saved by the besieged strebinger, started again.

Quickly and desperately he scored a Kohyia Kitigava goal at the beginning of the second half, but Arsenal was never in danger and replaced Emil Smith Rowe with a pass from Ainsley Meitland Niles in an easy fourth place.

Timely increase of Artema

Fans in the Emirates Arsenal could only be played by a limited number of fans.

Arsenal had little in common with the team expected to play in Sunday’s spur-of-the-moment derby north of London, while the Austrians resisted passively.

Still, it was a convincing victory and one that an Arsenal Arteta manager desperately needed after a poor start to the Premier League season, including three home defeats that left Hanners in 14th place.

And what an incentive it was for Arteta and his players to hear the fans in the Emirates stadium speak with a good voice and be in a good mood while enjoying some intelligent offensive soccer.

Quickly and loudly they dusted off their repertoire of unsportsmanlike songs to serve as background music for the action, while Arsenal’s famous 1-0 victory in song resounded in the Emirates Stadium minutes after their passage.

There were only 2,000 fans in the 60,000-seat stadium, but Arsenal fans created an exceptional atmosphere and noise despite the small number of spectators – even the return of the club’s mascot, Gunnersaurus, was greeted with enthusiasm.

The Arsenal players cheered their fans for the game, and for the loving fans Lacazette celebrated a stampede of skid resistance after scoring with this exciting knife.

Arteta needed some kind of victory to avoid some criticism, especially after the very poor performance of Aston Villa and the home defeats of the Wolves. It’s impressive to see how his ghost team took this opportunity to make a good impression.

The acid test will take place on Sunday, when key Arsenal players, including Pierre Emeric Aubameyang, will take over the current Premier League leaders Arsenal from the start.

But the Arteta game required trust and victory where possible, and that will be done very well after their recent fight.

He said we were very consistent in this competition. The boys did great. There was a lot of energy, character and aggression. They suffered their last defeat and played a very good game.

Let’s do it again in Sunday’s race in Tottenham and start again.

The stats of the game are Arsenal’s best run since the seasons they reached thefinals.

  • Arsenal only won each of the first five matches of the European competition (without qualification) for the second time. The last one was in the Champions League 2005-06, where they reached the final.
  • For the first time since March 2000, they scored three or more goals in four consecutive European matches. This year they reached the UEFA Cup finals.
  • Rapid Vienna lost four of their five away games to the British in Europe (W1) and scored 13 goals in that period.
  • Alexander Lacazette is only the eighth player to score 20 goals in the Europa League. It was his first goal after 488 minutes.
  • Pablo Mari scored his first goal at Arsenal, his first goal against the Gunners and only his second attempt at the general classification (fourth goal).
  • Eddie Nketia’s 16 goals during his career at the club were all scored from the inside (11 for Arsenal, 5 for Leeds).
  • Three of Emil Smith Row’s four goals for Arsenal were scored in the Europa League. He scored his last goal against West Brom in the Huddersfield Championship in July.



  • 13Runarsson
  • 17Cedric Soares
  • 20MustafiReplaced by 61 minReplaced by Chambersat 70’minutes
  • 22 Marie
  • 31 Kolasinak
  • 15MytelandNiles
  • 25ElnenyReserved at 42minReplaced forCeballosat 63’minutes
  • 24NelsonSubstitution of Willianat 63′ minutes
  • 9LacazetteReplacement of Smith Roweat 63’minutes
  • 19Pepe
  • 30NetiaReplaced by Balogunate 81 min.


  • 1Turner
  • 3Tierney
  • 7 Saka’s
  • 8Sebalos
  • 12Baddie
  • 16 Holding company
  • 21 Camera
  • 28Villock
  • 32Smith Rowe
  • 33Macy
  • 38Balogon
  • 66Aciz

Fast Vienna

  • 1Strebinger
  • 6Sound mining in 79 mines
  • 20 HoffmannSwapped for Barakat 45’minutes
  • 30 grams
  • 36Scope
  • 48Demir
  • 42Shredder
  • 8RitzmaierChange with the Prison Waste Council 66′ Minutes
  • 31UllmannReserved for 39 minutesReplaced bySchickat 45’minutes
  • 32KitagawaReplacement of carat 66’minutes
  • 19AlarSubstituted by Sulzbacherat 78’minutes


  • 4Barac
  • 13-Shik
  • 14Grahovakia
  • 22Stoykovich
  • 25Hardener
  • 28Men at work
  • 29Cara
  • 37 Sulzbacher
  • 40Ibrahimoglu
  • 45Hedl

The arbitrator: Radu Marian Petrescu

Real-time text

  1. Match final, Arsenal 4, SK Rapid Vienna 1.
  2. The second half is over, Arsenal 4, SK Rapid Wien 1.
  3. Attempted rescue. A shot from Dani Ceballos (Arsenal)’s right leg from outside the penalty area passes the opposing team’s goal and lands in the centre of the opposing team’s goal. With William’s help.
  4. I missed a shot. Pulled too high from a balogun (arsenal) of folarin in his right leg from the center of the box. With the support of Dani Seballos.
  5. I missed a shot. Willian (Arsenal) shoots with his right leg from outside the penalty area on the left. With the support of Dani Seballos.
  6. Arsenal’s Folarin Balogun hits a free kick in the attacking half.
  7. Mario Sonnleitner (SK Rapid Vienna) was punished after committing an offence.
  8. Corner, Arsenal. Admission by Lucas Sulzbacher.
  9. Attempted rescue. Arsenal’s Pablo Marí’s header from the centre of the pitch was led to the centre of the net. Supported by Nicolas Pepe with a cross.
  10. Corner, Arsenal. Assigned by Ercan Kara.
  11. The attempt is blocked. The Folarin Balogun (Arsenal) head in the middle of the box is locked. Supported by Nicolas Pepe with a cross.
  12. Corner, Arsenal. I admit Torsten Shik.
  13. I missed a shot. The title Pablo Marie (Arsenal) in the middle of the box is high and wide on the left. With Cedric Suarez with a cross around the corner.
  14. Corner, Arsenal. Confession of Mateo Barak.
  15. Handball by Ercan Kara (SK Rapid Vienna).
  16. I missed a shot. Calum Chambers’ (Arsenal) header in the middle of the box goes to the left. William’s helper with the cross around the corner.
  17. Replacement, Arsenal. Folarin Balogun replaces Eddie Nketia.
  18. Corner, Arsenal. Admission of Richard Strebinger.
  19. Attempted rescue. Dani Ceballos (Arsenal) misses with his right leg from outside the penalty area into the opponents’ goal area.
  20. Mario Sonnleitner (SK Rapid Wien) was booked by the referee.

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