Why Is Georgia Taking So Long to Count the Votes? When Will it Be Done?

Presidential elections in Georgia


Why did Georgia count the remaining votes in the presidential election for so long? According to CNN, there were only 47,000 votes in the state on Thursday afternoon. When are the national elections scheduled?

Gabrielle Sterling, an election officer in Georgia, gave a review of the issue on Thursday, told reporters Sterling: We want everyone… …the legal votes have been counted correctly. These closed door elections force us to work hard and believe that we are doing everything right. According to CBS, Real officials said they are working to ensure that all votes are counted on Thursday.  He repeated it, too: An accurate and honest count is more important than a quick one.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump was only 13,000 votes for Biden in Georgia, and the remaining votes had to be counted from the democratic strongholds of the state. According to CNN, the remaining ballots were distributed as follows: 17,000 or more ballots from Chatham County, 7,300 or more ballots from Fulton County and fewer from other counties.

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Live update of the election results and maps of the presidential race in Georgia


Georgia’s status as a shuttle state by 2020 represents a change for a state that was considered a strong red state in previous presidential elections. The last time 16 votes were cast for a Democratic Party candidate in Georgia was in 1992, when Bill Clinton defeated then President George Bush. You can follow the whole history of the Georgian elections at 270towin.

NEW YORK: Head of District in Georgia Up to 0.2% (less than 10,000 votes)

– Seth Abramson (@Seth Abramson) 5. November 2020.

According to the US, about 3.9 million Georgians voted in advance today, which is almost the same number as the total number of votes cast in the state in 2016, about 4.1 million.  According to the newspapers, another 2 million people are expected to vote in the state on election day.

Black voters, especially Latin Americans, began to vote massively in Georgia. By election day, 124 percent of the total participation of black pensioners in 2016 was already higher than the number of voters, with more than 239,000 black voters aged over 65 participating in the early voting process. Moreover, Latin American voters also exceeded their 2016 figure by voting early.

Georgia has no additional voting cards.

Help me get my friend @ossoff across the finish line in Georgia! https://t.co/ijkD4BC0dj #gapol pic.twitter.com/0zjX8akKz2

– Stacy Abrams (@staceyabrams) 2. November 2020.

At the beginning of October, the Federal Court of Appeal reintroduced a Georgian law requiring ballot papers to be submitted by post before the end of election day. This means that all ballots sent after this date will not be counted.

Those who decided to vote personally on election day in Georgia probably didn’t take long. Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that most Georgians had to wait in line for an average of three minutes, according to the Journal of the Atlanta Constitution.

Successful elections are taking place today in Georgia, said Raffensperger in the publication. That’s what everyone wants from the government – they want it to respond to the people and make it work. So that’s what we did.

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