F1 drivers in awe of ‘incredible’ Imola circuit

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton praised Imola, who organised the first Formula 1 races since 2006 at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix this weekend.

The famous Italian programme intervened to fill the F1 calendar after the Kovid 19 pandemic necessitated a complete revision of the 2020 calendar. Until 2006 this was the main pillar of the program, usually the Grand Prix of San Marino.

Hamilton said for the only practice session on Saturday morning that this job is unbelievable… …the speed at which he moves on this track. I think it would be incredible in one round.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Until this weekend the Imola circuit hasn’t held any races since 2006. Joe Portlock/Getty Images

Hamilton was finally beaten to pole position by teammate Valteri Bottas, but his love for the track did not diminish after the session. The six-time world champion wondered why race tracks like Imola’s are so rare these days.

Tracks like that aren’t built anymore, he said. I don’t know why the new guys can’t build a railroad like that. It’s just classic: He has a story that helps him.

Daniel Ricciardo qualified in fifth place and after getting out of the car, he was still trying to keep his excitement under control.

It was, wow, I’m still laughing, he said. It was such a nice circle. I am very satisfied with the circle and the result.

Even if you leave it aside to push cars, it’s fun to make these circles. That’s a serious plan. It’s the combination, it’s tight, tight, fast. There are chickens, but the chickens can attack the sidewalks.

I’m not sure what it is about racing cars and drivers, something with curbs and something that really lets the car drive around, it shows a bit of personality in a way. It sounds like a fun and aggressive session we can handle. The third quarter was great – this tour was my best quarter of the year.

Bottas, who will start at the front of the grid, said the track becomes more pleasant with every attempt.

This job is great and it’s great to take the pole – I trembled afterwards, Bottas said just after the session.

At the press conference that followed he said that I didn’t have much experience on this circuit and as soon as we started qualifying the laps went faster and faster and you start to appreciate this circuit more and more.

At the end of qualifying, if you’re really flat, it’s really fun, it’s fun to drive, the real old school track, and that’s what we all like.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Lewis Hamilton praised the Imola circuit after qualifying for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. Rudi Kerezevoli/Getty Pictures

During the meeting several free messages were broadcast on the radio.

During the training Kevin Magnussen told Haas that it is absolutely mega!

After 13 years. During qualifying, Williams driver George Russell quickly suggested to Imola to stay on the calendar after 2020.

It’s a good circle, a good circle, he said. We need more of these Formula One circuits, because it’s f… cool.

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