Seattle Seahawks’ Chris Carson, Jamal Adams highlight injury concerns


Brady Henderson

In Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, the roster of the Seattle Seahawks, which includes Chris Carson and Jamal Adams of the All-Pro, is questionable.

This is just the beginning of the trauma problem in the coming and going of Seattle.

Carson’s main fuse, Carlos Hyde, is on the list of doubtful fuses and the third fuse is on the list of doubtful fuses. Travis Homer’s safety is also in doubt. Last week all three were injured when they lost overtime at the Arizona Cardinals. Homer (bruise on the knee) was limited Friday. Carson (sprained foot) and Hyde (hamstring) have been out of practice all week.

Coach Pete Carroll says they will train on the field before Sunday’s game.


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We’re going to look at the game for all three players and see how it goes, Carroll said. We haven’t rehearsed them this week, and only to give them a chance to come back every day.

Fourth round newcomer chooses DeeJay Dallas, the Seahawks’ only healthy tail. They also have defender Nick Bellor in their 53-man squad, but no other retreat of their coaching staff was able to get to the bottom of the game this day. Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer, the offensive coordinator, said this week that the Seahawks’ backfield situation could force them to be creative until Sunday and use other players’ skills to turn back the clock.

Sihouki (5-1) brought Alex Collins to test KOVID-19 on Friday, but he won’t be able to join their training team until next week.

In Dallas, a total of 41 yards of Six-Touch Scramble is played in four games.

He’s had a great week, Carroll said. He’s really in the middle of a plan. He was very worried about carrying the load when this thing did. He’s had a good week. Later that week, I made sure he was taken care of. I didn’t want to overwhelm him. He wanted to take all the pictures, and we wouldn’t let him, but he’s ready to play.

Damon Harrison’s defensive grip could be his first game with the Seahawks on Sunday – a potential boost to defense that has allowed most yards to play six games in NFL history. Carroll quit without saying the 31-year-old veteran would play, but he said he definitely had the best week. Harrison, the first all-pro team in 2016, has been in the top division since last season when he competed in the 7th World Cup. October, joins the Seattle training team, doesn’t play anymore.

This week, really… you’ll think he’s ready to come back and play, Carroll said. He’s gonna be okay. It wasn’t like that for the first few weeks. He was getting back in shape. He’s lost weight. He looks so much better. It’s on his stuff. He knows what he’s doing. He’s over there. That’s why I’m so excited he’s fighting to be on the field.

The Seachooks could put Harrison on their active list indefinitely – they have two openings – or bring him back for the play day.

This week or next week, he’ll be ready to play, Carroll said. So he can play as the game plan allows, so they can’t rely on him. But he’s a situational player and he’s well-connected. Our boys are doing a good job out there fighting. We don’t have a problem with the rotation at the moment, but he really took a big step forward this week.

The Sea Hawks list left guard Mike Yupati (back) as Benson Mayov’s dubious and defensive end (ankle). Mayova was closed on Friday.

Adams was also restrained on Friday when he first trained after a groin injury in week three. He had to train earlier in the week before he became ill with a non-COVID disease. Adams was sent home according to NFL guidelines and returned to the team base on Thursday afternoon after a negative test result.

Carroll said it was a very good sign that Adams is training on Friday, but after only one session last month he acknowledged the team’s reserves over Adams’ game on Sunday.

It’s a big problem, Carroll says. That’s a lot to ask. He did great with the air conditioning and everything else. The fact that he had to sit here for a few days is really a key to working for a smooth return, so we need to see what happens during the season.

The Seahawks eliminated Shaquill Griffin’s square back (hamstring/competition) and classified Ugo Amadi’s nickel-plated back as doubtful. Adams’ support, Ryan Neal, is also considered questionable, although Carroll said he was handsome enough. Tre Flowers is probably gonna start for Griffin. In Seattle, Linden Stevens and Damarie Randall are available as options for the nickel back and increased safety, respectively. Carroll said D.J. Reid was ready to take off the non-football injury list. The old 49er can reproduce angular safe, nickel free and free of charge.

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