‘At what point is Scott Frost held accountable?,’ media reacts as Huskers lose to Gophers


University football fans in Nebraska still experience a shocking defeat for their Minnesota team. The Golden Gophers have wiped out 33 players after an outbreak of the coronavirus in the last two weeks. In Memorial Stadium, however, the team played a game for the 24-17 victory over the Haskers. After the game, several media analysts blew up Nebraska head coach Scott Frost to watch another mixed season.

When will Scott Frost be brought to justice?

– Adam Rossov (@AdamJRossow) 12. December 2020

Nebraska: About the erroneous conclusion of another controversial decision in theloss of Saturday in Minnesota

According to 247 Sports, the Nebraska Huskers resumed the game slowly, 10-0 in the first quarter after losing to the Golden Gophers on Saturday.

The players responded with two touchdowns in the second quarter and took a 14-10 lead.

Three year old Scott Frost is far behind Mike Riley and Bo Pelini and is currently losing at home in double digits to a Kuwait ruined Minnesota team that shouldn’t even be playing football right now.

– Alex Kirchner (@alex_kirshner) 12. December 2020.

However, the controversial finish against Taylor Britt led to his exile and gave Minnesota another series of crashes on Nebraska’s 7-yard line. The Golden Gophers scored a touchdown for a 17-14 victory in the break and would have added seven more points at the end of the game, while the Nebraska Huskers could only score a field goal in the second half.

Nebraska just lost to Minnesota, and Gophers is missing more than 30 players.
How come Scott Frost still has a job?

– David Huxstead (@dhookstead) 12. December 2020.

Media analysts believe that Coach Frost is responsible for the inconsistency of theteam.

Despite a controversial call from the referee against Nebraska, several media analysts have turned to social media to blame Coach Frost for the team’s recent defeat.

Thinkers have argued that the third-year head coach should be responsible for Husker’s inconsistency. A media analyst noted that Coach Frost set a record of 11-20 in his three seasons with the Haskers, while former head coach Mike Riley set a record of 19-19 after three years. Many fans also criticized the defeat of Frost’s coach for Nebraska Minnesota, because the rivals had not played for more than two weeks due to the outbreak of Covida 19.

After the victory, the Golden Gophers ridiculed Nebraska on social networks and thanked Haskers for returning football to the Big Ten. Coach Frost and his players were among the most virulent opponents of the Big Ten, who had previously decided to leave their season in August. Despite the fact that Haskers was eventually able to reverse the decision, this year’s team failed in the eight-minute season and will put more pressure on Coach Frost to move on to the post-season.

The game. Seth. Play. Lost on a team that hasn’t played in two weeks… …worst defense in the league… …and a field of 30 players. It doesn’t even matter what Frost says in the press. It’s awful. Above his head in REAL TIME. # Hacker

– Joe Matthews (@jmatthews1065) 12. December 2020.

Last week, Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos announced that the former UCF coach would return next year.

Moos offered his support to Scott Frost and said he improved the program despite the poor results on the field. However, more and more Huskers fans are rejoicing at the clear lack of improvement in the team’s players. After another disappointing loss, some media experts believe that Coach Frost’s dream job will turn into a nightmare.

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