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PASO ROBLES – Last week, social media was all about one thing – the possibility of someone winning free tacos all year long. On Saturday afternoon, Orale Taqueria chose the winner, Nicole Erbstosser, who quickly became the most popular lunch date in all of SLO County.

I feel like I won the lottery, Erbstosser said. Who wins a taco for a year!

Oral Taqueria, a local Mexican restaurant in Paso Robles, came up with the idea of giving 365 tacos to one lucky person for a year to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

When we got into the restaurant business, we already knew that sixty percent of restaurants fail in the first year and eighty percent fail within five years. This is an important milestone for us, said restaurant owner Joel Casillas in a press release announcing the match.

The 15th. In January 2016, the Orale opened its doors for the first time. Five years later, on the same day, they announced their big gift that flooded their social media pages with hungry SLO County residents drooling at the idea. In just one week, they collected over 4,000 entries.

The Erbstosser family. Photo presented

Participants could choose from several options, such as liking a post announcing the gift, checking out the company’s social media pages, commenting and tagging friends, and of course, sharing a post worth ten other entries.

Last year was the most difficult due to the pandemic and power outages, but our customers and community have continued to support us and without them we would not be standing here today, said Christine Casillas, co-owner. This is our way of saying thank you for including us in your life for the past five years.

On Saturday afternoon, Casillas pushed the magic button on social media and Erbstosser was selected.

I’ve eaten at Oral’s – I don’t even know how many times, Erbstosser says. I live in Atascadero, so when we’re in Paso, we usually eat at Oral’s. I knew Joel when he first came to El Compadre in Atascadero. That’s how I met him. He has always been so kind and sympathetic. Then I became obsessed with his California burrito.

When you own and operate a local restaurant, you think food is the owner’s greatest passion. For Joel and Kristin, it has always been about what food does for the community and building relationships for those looking for a hot meal.

We’re walking in our neighborhood or something, and he points to someone and says Here’s John, the burrito asada without cheese, Casillas says of her husband. He only knows people’s orders because he cares. It’s incredible to me.

Christine and Joel Casillas, owners of Oral Taqueria

As soon as Erbstosser’s phone was answered, he quickly began exploding with the friends he had invited to dinner, and surprisingly, it was all due to a craving for Mexican food.

The lucky winner immediately ordered tacos for herself, her husband Ryan and their two children Alice and Reed the first night. Although the gift was advertised as free tacos, Casillas confirmed that the winner could order anything from the menu he wanted with his virtual gift card which had over $1,000 on it.

I’m excited to see when it’s ready, Mr Casillas added. That’s over $100 a month for tacos.


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We’ll get through this together, Atascadero…

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