Atlanta Hawks Superteam: If Every NBA Player Returned To Their Original Team

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The Atlanta Hawks have had many ups and downs in their history. However, most of them were losers because they hadn’t won the NBA Championship since the 1957-58 season, their only ring in the history of the franchise system.

And one of the main reasons why the team is trying so hard to close the gap between themselves and their opponents is the questionable decisions made by their replacements in most cases, because they usually don’t make the best of their choices or are unable to keep their stars.

However, if they keep all the players they have lined up, they are more likely to be one of the strongest opponents in the East Conference. Today we are going to prove it by breaking the team that they could have had if the player they recruited had rejoined the team.

PG – Jeff Teague

(19th election – 2009 NBA project) Mandatory loan : Brian Spurlock U.S.A. Today’s sport.

Jeff Teague is not an elitist joker, but the best years of his career were with the Atlanta Hawks. He made the leap to the All-Star Game because of his game, his timely goals and his ability to fire big bows when it comes down to it.

Tig’s house was Atlanta, and the fans had a lot of trouble when he left. He could never have survived as long as he’d left the crew. And although he is not the most athletic player in the league, his basketball IQ can still help him make the shot by sitting on the bench, as he proved in just a few minutes.

SG – Luca Donsik

(3rd choice – NBA 2018 project) Credit: Getty Pictures

Luca Doncic’s deal with the Dallas Mavericks is a solution the Atlanta Hawks will always pursue. Don’t get me wrong, I think Trey Young is going to be a superstar, and they certainly don’t regret having him around, but they could have a one-time player.

No one, not even the most optimistic Mavericks fan, would have thought that Luca Doncic would be so good so fast that it would be difficult for the Hawks to catch up with him. But if he returns to the team that prepared him, he will make him one of the strongest candidates in the East.

SF – Kelly Oubre Junior

(15th election – project NBA 2015) (above the valley of the sun)

When the Atlanta Hawks summoned Kelly Oobre Jr. and traded her for the Washington Wizards, many thought they were making a big mistake. He had a great asset and a rare combination of athletics, marksmanship and defensive skills.

And although he never became a superstar, now that the Phoenix Suns have given him the green light to shoot, he has proven that he has everything he needs to play a big part in the team, and that it can help his opponent. Unfortunately, the Hawks didn’t think so.

PF – John Collins

(19th election – 2017 NBA projects) (via Peachtree Hoops)

The Atlanta Hawks committed a major robbery of John Collins, which was mainly due to his age and lack of recognition in the 19th century. His versatility makes him one of the most promising combo strikers in the competition today.

Collins can play in both offensive and central positions. He has effectively developed archery and is the dominant founder at both ends of the court. He’s gonna be a problem with Trey Young for years to come.

C – Al Horford

(3rd choice – NBA 2005 projects)

Al Horford was one of the most promising actors to graduate from the University of Florida in 2005. And although he never reached the level of a superstar, he played a big role for the Atlanta Hawks when they were a perpetual league play-off team.

Horford is a great universal man. He can score and defend goals and has an elite basketball IQ and playing skills for a man his size. It will not impress you with flash games, but it can certainly do the work on both sides of the floor.



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