Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal: Why win could be defining moment for Mikel Arteta – Martin Keown analysis

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Arsenal’s victory in the first Old Trafford League in 14 years was not only an impressive result for Gunners boss Michael Arteta – it could be a decisive moment for him.

The Spaniard felt a bit pressured this weekend as his team lost three of their last four league games, but the way they beat Manchester United 1-0 on Sunday shows how far they have come in their 40 big games.

The American attack, which was so impressive when they beat RB Leipzig 5-0 in the middle of the week, has not found its way through this period, and for that we have to credit Artete.


I liked the organisation of the Arsenal with two strong players in midfield and the discipline of the whole team. They had real steel in them when they got out of control.

But what will give the team even more confidence is the way their plan worked when they also made the commitment. They were patient, gave the ball well and caused a lot of problems at United.

I was very impressed with the balance of the whole team and in general it’s an achievement that Arteta can be proud of.

Being tough is a good startBeing tough is a good start

Diagrams with the heat card of the first half of Manchester United (left) versus Arsenal (right) Diagrams with the heat card of the first half of Manchester United (left) versus Arsenal (right) United barely reached the last third of the field.

It was in midfield that Arsenal took control of the game, with Thomas Partey and Mohamed Eleni in particular.

In the past the Gunners have had a difficult time in this area, but Partey seems to be a very good signing, and Elneny has made such an improvement that he also seems to be a newcomer.

Partey (left) won Sunday 11 times at Old Trafford, more than any other player on the field.

Eleni was about to leave the club before Artema took over at the end of last year. I love the way Artema gave him another chance – and how the Egyptians used it.

It is still early, but the party and Eleni have worked very well together and this could be the beginning of a truly productive partnership, at least in the short term.

There were rumours that Artema de Lyon midfielder wanted Husem Auar and the party of the last transfer window.

Auar may bring some more creativity in the future, but for now it’s a good start to be steadfast.

I find it interesting that Arsenal played Liverpool this season, that Manchester City and United still have the best defensive record in the top flight – only seven goals have been missed in seven games.

It has to do with Arteta’s influence. Yeah, they lost at Enfield and Etihad Airlines, but now they’re much better protected and the culture has changed.

From every player in the arsenal is born the desire to work, break and let the ball climb all over the field. That’s how you win in these places, and we’ve seen how this approach works on Sundays.

You need sufficient quality to pose a threatYou also need quality

OOO Man never showed up. – Solskjaer.

With two strong midfielders in the middle, you begin to look safer from behind. United gave the ball away all the time, especially in the first half, but that was because they had nowhere to go.

Arsenal clicked on Partey and Elneny, and Alexander Lacazette sat on Fred’s deep midfield to block a pass and let him lose the ball.

It was all part of the Arteta plan, which meant United never had the options they needed when they attacked.

De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, Fred, McTominay, Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford, Greenwood.

In the first half Markus Rashford played with a brilliant ball from right to left in the Arsenal. Mason Greenwood came to an end and turned Bairnd Leno into a good parish from a small angle.

But it was the only time United played for Arsenal and the game was abandoned on a pass.

When I looked at United, it was also hard to understand what they were hoping to achieve, except that they were trying to get rid of the arsenal.

On the contrary, the Hanners had enough ball quality to pose a threat.

They seemed to be targeting United’s left side – Hector Bellerin had some dangerous balls in his pocket and the home side seemed unable to handle the cross.

Arteta has been criticized when his team failed to create enough chances in the past, but this time they found a way to come to United and had to win by a wide margin.

Martin Kion spoke with sportsman Chris Bevan.

Arsenal rose from 13th to 9th place after Sunday’s victory They are four points behind leaders Liverpool feet - blue .

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