Cities erupt in celebration after Biden named winner

From New York to Miami in the east and from Denver to Austin in the west, Biden fans flooded the streets after CNN and other news organizations declared Biden the winner Saturday morning by honking, supporting, dancing and breaking out the champagne.

In Washington D.C., people gather on the street in front of the White House at Black Lives Matter Plaza, just seconds after the start of the race. The streets of this neighborhood are full of people shouting, stamping pots and pans and singing: Fuck, fuck, hey, hey, see you.

Festive crowds in the neighborhoods around the White House caused traffic jams, with people sitting in cars and drivers keeping their fists out of the windows. A man with an American flag came to Black Lives Matter Plaza with a handwritten poster: The nightmare is over.

The crowd gathered in the White House and then sang YMCA, a song Trump used to close his rallies on the campaign page.

But Trumpf wasn’t at the White House on Saturday morning – he was playing golf at his club in Virginia when CNN and other TV stations announced the race.

Biden and Trump fans gathered at the entrance of the club and lined up along the road to the club. You’re fired. Read a Biden sign. Vehicles with warning flags drove back and forth and one man shouted: The media sucks.

In Philadelphia, which was the key to Biden’s decisive victory in Pennsylvania, cars honked, people waved Biden’s flags, and a large crowd gathered in front of Philadelphia City Hall. It was unusually hot, and people flocked to the street with everything from coffee to cocktail lunches. Most of them were wearing masks.

A woman screamed from a car driving down Broad Street to the center. A constant stream of cars punching and pumping through the window on a signal.

Under the flag Good things happen in Philadelphia, people take turns taking pictures.

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Chris Holt, his wife Deb and their dogs Jelly and Donut drove through the city in an old Volkswagen van with a sign Biden. People said it was a peaceful protest. No, it’s a happy party, Chris Holt said.

Robert Nunez, who drove the car with his family, came through the hatch and shouted in honor of the party. The four-year nightmare is over, said Nunez, who cried when he heard that Trump’s presidency was coming to an end.

Adrienne Register, a school psychologist from New Jersey, and her 16-year-old daughter Arianna attended the ceremony in front of City Hall in downtown Philadelphia. She said she remembered the exact time – 11:26 a.m. – when a friend wrote to her with the news.

We’re excited, sir. Register. It’s been scary for a few days.

The crowd gathered in front of the Town Hall and began a march to the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.

We’re just excited about the new transition in the country, said Beth Lapien, a law student at Temple University, who was one of the vacationers outside Philadelphia City Hall. We’re very curious about Kamale Harris.

She said that the last days of waiting for results were disturbing and that she hadn’t had much work at school.

Her classmate, Danielle Gordon, 24, called me and I prayed I wouldn’t catch a cold in class.

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The horn choir filled Broad Street just outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center. As the morning passed, the once so quiet street, where only runners and casual people went for coffee or lunch, soon filled with horns and groups of people trembling with joy.

I’m so happy. I don’t know what to do, said a woman outside the conference center with tears in her eyes.

At the red light the man in the hatchback squeaked and shouted: We made America great again! Another man drove past Philadelphia and called Liberty from his car.

Jubilee in New York, counter protest in Texas

A crowd gathered at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York and sang: More assets! In Times Square a man played the trombone of Glory to the Leader.

The crowd gathered around the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, while the Grand Army Plaza was virtually closed to traffic. Hundreds of people, mostly masked by Biden Harris, American flags and homemade signs with slogans like Best Break Up Ever, were standing outside. The drum and wind ensemble played under the famous arch of the Grand Army Plaza.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined the crowd outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with the Biden Harris sign. The residents of Brooklyn cheered and waved as they walked down the street, with some portable speakers playing songs like Holiday.

In Chicago, a growing crowd gathered to celebrate in the Trump Tower. Cheers and bells rang when cars drove by, some people hung up their car windows with Biden Harris signs. People started drinking champagne.

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The crowd also gathered at Liberty Park in Atlanta. Olivia Buckman, a native of Decalbe, Georgia, said she shouted when she heard the morning news and said she didn’t think Georgia would turn blue until Stacy Abrams, who almost became governor in 2018, won. While people drank a Kapman and danced in the street, God blessed the United States – another song of the Trump campaign – was performed.

In Austin, a Democratic stronghold in the middle of red Texas, the beers are waving the Biden Flag 2020 for the state capital. On the other side of the road trump card supporters gathered with trump card flags and signs.

Until Biden conquered Florida, his followers flocked to Cafe Versailles, the heart and pulse of the Cuban-American community in Miami, while Florida remained red for Trump. The restaurant became a place where Bajden supporters could honk their horns and pull their fists out of the windows.

Gano Biden, or Biden Vaughn, shouted at another man who had been to Café Versailles several times. During his second walk Arriba yelled La Democrática in front of him and pulled his fist out of the window. That means translating for democracy.

In the west Denver Skyler and Ainsley Tarr drank a bottle of champagne to party on their porch.

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We’re excited. Democracy is saved, Skyler Tarr said. We’re back. It’s a good day.

In front of Biden’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, the crowd outside the safety zone grew rapidly. People of all ages cheered, sang, and honored, and the crowd joined to sing God bless America.

This story ends and is updated.

Kate Bouldan, Sarah Murray, Marc Morales, Vivian Salama, Catelyn Polanz, Jessica Dean, Omar Jimenez, Scott Glover, Natasha Chen, Paul P. Murphy and Jason Kravarik, Laura James, Kara Scannell Justin Gamble, Alisha Ebrahimji, Sarah Weisfeldt, Rosa Flores, Sarah Jorgensen and Lauren Moore contributed to this report.

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