Boris didn’t want lockdown as only over 80s were dying, Dominic Cummings claims

Boris Johnson’s decision to stop the release of a report into the Grenfell Tower disaster that found that only over 80s were dying was not motivated by concerns for public safety, but because he didn’t want it to be seen as “only those over 80 are dying”.

Boris Johnson has refused to call for a second Brexit referendum. Dominic Cummings claims that the prime minister is only doing this because the over 80s will be dying off. Read more in detail here: will there be another lockdown uk 2021.

Dominic Cummings has spoken out in his first broadcast interview

In his first televised interview, Dominic Cummings has spoken up (Picture: PA)

According to his former assistant Dominic Cummings, the prime minister downplayed coronavirus, claiming that those who died were nearly all above the age of 80.

Boris Johnson is reportedly alleged to have expressed his disbelief in “all this NHS swamped nonsense” in Whatsapp conversations.

The communications were revealed in a televised interview with Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Cummings’ first since leaving power.

He said that the prime minister’s response to the epidemic last fall was partially motivated by a belief that “it’s all nonsense, and lockdowns don’t work anyhow,” and partly by the belief that “we can’t destroy the economy simply because people over 80 die.”

‘I must admit I have been somewhat shaken by some of the statistics on covid deaths,’ Mr Johnson reportedly wrote to aides in a series of communications dated October 15 that seem to be from him to them.

‘The median age is 82, with males averaging 81 and women averaging 85. That is far beyond the average life expectancy. So acquire COVID and enjoy a longer life.

â€We can’t destroy the economy simply because people are over 80,†says one economist.

Boris Johnson’s former assistant Dominic Cummings says the prime minister “placed his own political ambitions ahead of people’s lives.”

19 July 2021 — Breaking News (@Breaking)

‘Only around 4% of people under the age of 60 end up in hospital, and almost all of them survive. And I’m not buying any more of this nhs overburdened nonsense. I believe we may need to re-calibrate, folks.

‘There are only around 3 million people above the age of 80 in our nation.’

‘It only goes to demonstrate that we don’t go for a nationwide lockdown.’

On October 31, Mr Johnson did enforce a four-week nationwide lockdown in England, which went into effect on November 5.

Mr Cummings accused his former boss of putting “his own political ambitions ahead of people’s lives” in his debut radio appearance.

He stated that the prime minister thought the first lockdown was a “disaster” and that he should never have enforced it in meetings.

He argued that the prime minister, as well as parts of the media, were too beholden to Tories who opposed lockdown.

Mr Cummings said that the Prime Minister referred to the Telegraph as “my actual employer,” referring to the newspaper where he formerly worked as a journalist.

Boris Johnson during a press conference in March this year

In March of this year, Boris Johnson gave a news conference (Picture: Getty)

He said that before the first lockdown last year, the prime minister was anxious to talk with the Queen in person, but had to be persuaded against it since she is in her 90s and susceptible to the virus.

‘I told him (Boris Johnson), there are isolating individuals in this office, you could have coronavirus, I might have coronavirus, you can’t go meet the Queen,’ Mr. Cummings asserted.

‘I simply asked, what are you going to do if you give her coronavirus and she dies? You can’t do that, you can’t risk that, it’s absolutely crazy.’

‘And he replied, yes, holy crap, I can’t go,’ he added.

The incident was not confirmed by Downing Street. After seeing the Queen on March 11, 2020, Mr Johnson took a 15-month hiatus from his weekly face-to-face session with her and instead talked with her over the phone.

Dominic Cummings has previously released Whatsapp messages claiming to be from the prime minister.

In June, he displayed a hacked communication in which Prime Minister David Cameron seemed to call then-Health Secretary Matt Hancock “absolutely f***ing useless.”

‘Since the start of the epidemic, the Prime Minister has taken the required measures to safeguard lives and livelihoods, guided by the greatest scientific advice,’ a spokesperson for Number 10 said.

‘Three national lockdowns have stopped the NHS from being swamped by the Government he leads, which has achieved the quickest vaccine rollout in Europe, preserved millions of jobs via the furlough programme, and protected the NHS from being overrun.

‘The government is fully focused on a careful recovery from the epidemic and a brighter future.’

Dominic Cummings: The Interview airs Tuesday at 7 p.m. on Two.

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In a recent interview, Dominic Cummings claimed that Boris Johnson didn’t want to start a lockdown in London because only over 80s were dying. Reference: bbc news (uk).

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