Are You Planning to Buy Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture and Seats? A Few Things You Must Know Before Placing Your Order

Are You Planning to Buy Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture and Seats? A Few Things You Must Know Before Placing Your Order

Patio spaces are many of our most loved places in the whole house. We go an extra length to decorate it in the way we feel will make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up spending a good amount on buying outdoor furniture. You will not like to cause any damage to them. That’s why covering them becomes necessary to protect them from getting damaged! A proper cover can give a long life to them and allow you to enjoy more time in your favorite place.

But before you go ahead and buy covers, you must be aware of a few things that we usually tend to overlook easily. You will be overwhelmed by the material and design options you will get out there in the market. But remember, everything has its pros and cons. Read on to know how to guide yourself in your outdoor furniture and cushion cover buying venture.

The dimension 

At the time of purchase of your furniture, make sure to check with your manufacturer whether they can provide you with their covers. If yes, you will not need to worry further. But if not, then the first and foremost thing for you to do would be to get a measuring tape and measure the dimension of your furniture. Once done, carry those measurements with you to look for the perfect covers. Else, you can also order from a reputed cover manufacturer. The same goes for the cushion and pillow covers. If they have a standard size, you will get their covers easily. But if they do not fall under usual size specifications, customizing the seat cushion covers and pillow covers would be the best option.

Waterproofing feature

Most companies claim that their outdoor cushion covers, as well as furniture covers, are waterproof. But most of them can only be effective against the light drizzle. So, a waterproof cover is a must-have as moisture build allows the growth of fungi. It can cause significant harm to your seating arrangement. Mostly, it has been seen that vinyl covers are the preferred choice for covering a patio space. It doesn’t allow water to adhere to it, as water beads glide off the vinyl surface, keeping your cushions, pillows, and furniture dry.

Breathable design

You must look for a cover that allows proper ventilation as it will aid in keeping off mold and mildew. Covers with vents built into them help to circulate the air and thus you can keep off fungus formation.

Properly secured or not

A tie-down is a simple feature, but its utility is unquestionable. Tie-downs help you to keep the covers in place and prevent them from being blown away by the wind. In the case of seat covers, check whether they have straps or elastic bands to keep them from moving from their place as you sit on them.

Soft cloth backing

When you have taken so much pain to decorate your outdoor space, you must also see to it that the covers have a soft cloth backing. Else, they might scratch the finish of your furniture.


So, when you see the fall approaching and the cold north winds blowing, you know it’s that time of the year when you have to bid adieu to your favorite outdoor space and retreat indoors. But before that, do not forget to cover them with the right covers.


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