Can HHC Work as A Solution for Bipolar Disorder?

HHC is one of the newer entries in the cannabis market, gaining popularity. Many users turn to HHC because of its benefits and longer shelf life. But the question remains: can HHC have medical benefits on our mental health?

Bipolar disorder is a disorder that throws the person’s moods into two extremes. Such people have difficulty in performing their day-to-day activities. So let us see if HHC from can help deal with the symptoms of bipolar disorder in users.

Where Does HHC Come From?

HHC, also referred to as Hexahydrocannabinol, is present in industrial hemp plants. HHC does naturally appear in hemp, but manufacturers prefer producing it chemically. They do so by adding hydrogen molecules to THC, a process called hydrogenation.

Both natural and chemically produced forms have the same effects on people. Since HHC has similar effects to THC, cannabis users enjoy it similarly. Plus- HHC has a longer shelf life than most other cannabis products, making it even better.

HHC has medical benefits, but there is too little research to prove them scientifically. Still, with the help of user experience and similarities to THC, we can say it has medical properties. We can expect further research on the topic with the growing popularity of these products.

What Is Bipolar Disorder and Its Symptoms?

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition where the patient faces extreme moods. People refer to these moods as ‘high’ and ‘lows’ that alternate. The patient can feel polarizing and alarming energy levels during a high bout.

During a low mood, the person can feel extreme sadness and low energy. Depending on how intense and frequent these moods are, the intensity of the disorder changes. Extreme moods can be very disruptive in the daily life of a person.

While high moods might be beneficial and productive, low moods can block activity. In any case, these extreme moods can interfere with daily activities. It is why people with bipolar disorder look for medical help with supplements.

How Does HHC Benefit the User?

Before relating HHC to bipolar disorder, let us look at some benefits. HHC has less research work on it than other cannabis products. Since research is scarce, the proven benefits of HHC are still too little.

However, many users have reported that HHC has similar effects to THC. Of course, they vary slightly, but HHC has the most benefits other cannabis supplements have. Here are some of the best benefits of HHC:

  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction– HHC can reduce anxiety levels upon intake in users. Most users who choose HHC praise its benefits in helping them escape anxiety and stress. HHC can also help deal with stressors and boost the mood to make the user feel better.
  • Sleep Regulation– While HHC, in general, may act as an energizer or relaxer, its Indica variants help calm the user. Indica strains of HHC can relax the body and help achieve better sleep. For people who often have trouble falling and staying asleep, HHC might help.
  • Improvement in Mood– HHC, along with other cannabis products, helps boost the user’s mood. HHC can increase the release of serotonin and dopamine or happy hormones. It can help alleviate sadness and make the user’s state better. The effects would be temporary, but it is still effective.
  • Pain Management– Since HHC comes from cannabis, it has faster pain-relieving properties. By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, the HHC can reduce pain. It can further help a person relax and focus on their tasks better. Studies have shown the benefits of HHC in pain reduction in mice.

Is HHC Efficient in Reducing Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that needs proper medical attention. But sometimes, people struggle with minor symptoms after their treatment gets over. So in such cases, they can use some supplements to help with the symptoms.

One such supplement could be HHC if consumed in the appropriate amount. Remember that it can only act as a supplement and is not a permanent remedy. Here is how HHC may prove to be helpful in both highs and lows of bipolar disorder:

  • High Mood– During the highs, the person might have trouble calming down and feel intense energy. Sometimes it can lead to nausea and sleeplessness too. Indica strains of HHC can help with excessive energy in such a case. Since Indica strains are calming, they can help the user reduce energy levels. It can also help them fall asleep and reduce uneasiness like nausea.
  • Low Mood– Extreme low moods in a person may lead to a lack of energy and no motivation. In such a state, the person cannot attempt daily tasks and feel drowsy. Here is when the user can use a Sativa strain of HHC. The Sativa strains are known to be energizing and boosting. They can help boost the user’s energy levels and increase concentration. Ultimately, it can help them become productive and work like usual.

Is HHC Safe to Consume?

HHC has less research- so factors like its safety upon usage are yet unexplored. While we have such information for other cannabis products, we cannot make statements about HHC’s safety profile just yet.

But as there is no evidence of HHC being safe for users, there is no evidence supporting that it is unsafe either. If you consume regular amounts of HHC, you can get a stable high and no side effects.

But consumption of excessive amounts may lead to the loss of medical benefits and side effects like paranoia, increased anxiety, etc. So it may even aggravate the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Hence, you must be careful while deciding the intake amount to avoid excess dosing.


Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition where people feel extreme moods at a point in time. Though one must seek immediate medical help in the illness, other supplements can also aid in recovery.

People have found many surprising benefits of HHC on the user’s mental health, which may even help with bipolar disorder. They would not eradicate the root but can help lower the symptoms in users.

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