Can You Sue For A Boating Accident in Georgia

Boating is a famous water activity in Georgia. At Georgia’s beaches, lakes, rivers, and water parks, water and fun go hand in hand.

What are Boating Accidents?

A Boating Accident Attorney is defined as any collision, accident, or casualty involving a vessel while it is in, on, entering, or leaving the water, including hitting an object. Sinking, personal injury, death, and disappearance of any person from the boat are also boating accidents.

The Ratio of Georgia Boat Accidents:

The incidence of boating accidents, along with the associated fatalities and injuries, is rising in Georgia. There were 85 reportable accidents in Georgia in 2015, of which 19 were fatal. There were 109 incidents reported in 2019 that resulted in 23 fatalities. The National Recreational Boating Safety Program may not have mandated the reporting of all incidents, fatalities, or injuries.

Why Boat Accidents Happen:

There are three main reasons for boat accidents;

1. Mistake of Boat Operator:

The boat’s operator is mainly blamed for a large number of deadly accidents. The most notable reason for that is operating a boat while drunk. Then came driver inattentiveness, inexperience, excessive speed, and poor lookout.

2. Environmental Factor:

When the environment is a factor, unsafe waterways can far be the most typical culprit.

3. The Mechanical Issue in The Boat:

Sometimes an accident aboard a ship happens for no one’s fault. Many boating accidents are caused by mechanical problems.

Can You Sue For A Boating Accident in Georgia?

Yes! You can sue for a boating accident in Georgia. For case filing and documentation, you will need some important proof. Here is the list of dos you should do after a boat accident.

  • Take pictures of the scene of the occurrence, the state of the boats at the time, and any other details you can capture.
  • Obtain the names and general contact details of any witnesses, in addition to the other persons involved.
  • Asking others at the site if they have any pictures or videos of the incident as it was happening is a good idea, much as in a vehicle accident.
  • Don’t forget to include your boat’s insurance details and registration numbers.
  • Give the on-site authorities your statement and get their official contact information so you can obtain a copy of these records.
  • If applicable, gather the contact details of the other parties involved in the incident.

How are Law Firms Helping in Filing Cases For Boat Accidents in Georgia?

Many law firms are helping the boat accident victims, claiming their rights, and getting funds for their injuries and losses. After going home safely, find a qualified legal team that will help you in the next procedure.

Time duration to file a case:

Georgia boating accident victims should be aware of the varied deadlines for submitting claims. Personal injury claims have a two-year statute of limitations from the date of the injury.

  • The statute of limitations, however, is four years from the date of the spouse’s damage for a loss of consortium claim.
  • In other cases, the status of limitations may be extended for up to six years if the investigation and prosecution are ongoing. If one of the accused negligent parties (the boat owner or operator) has been charged with a crime.
  • The deadline to submit a boating accident claim could be as little as six months to a year after the incident if the alleged negligent party is a government employee working in the course of their employment.

The Bottom Line:

If you get stuck in any boat accident, try to get medical assistance as soon as possible. Make sure to help out other people with safety measures.

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