CJ McCollum’s girlfriend turned wife


In case you missed it, Portland Trail Blazer security guard C.J. McCallum just cut the knot with the love of her life, Elisa Esposito.

Although we certainly know a ton about a three-piece guard that is 1.80 m high, the public doesn’t really know much about his better half. CJ McCollum certainly accepts his celebrity status as a professional athlete, but he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Therefore, the winner of the 2016 NBA MVP contest prefers to keep relationships to a minimum:

They all know you have a girlfriend. You know what color your dog is and everything, C.J. once said about fans and certain media that violate their privacy.

A man’s greatest TRANSORY is his wife… She’s a gift from God.

~ ? Proverbs 18:22 ? pic.twitter.com/bxjfXy8WB0

– CJ McCollum (@CJMcCollum) 29. October 2020.

Except for the fact that C.J. downloads her pictures here and there, C.J. doesn’t talk much about Elise. The new Ms. McCollum also prefers to keep their titles low and not catch them like the WAGS of other NBA superstars. Elisa even installed her instagram on a private house, but at the time of writing she has a completely different instagram with 30,000 followers.

Eliza Esposito deserved some attention after her beautiful marriage to C.J. McCallum. Meet the 29-year-old woman of starblowers.

Eliza and C.J. McCollum met at Lehigh University.

Prior to hosting one of the deadliest back-to-back tournaments of the league with Damien Lillard, C.J. McCallum paid a fee as an unparalleled colleague of the Mount Lehigh Hawks at Lehigh University. Lehigh not only provided him with a quality education and a platform on which to demonstrate his basketball skills, but also paved the way for CJ to meet her future husband.

C.J. McCollum spent four years at an institute in Pennsylvania, where Esposito also earned a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science. In 2013 she graduated at Magna Cum Laude and returned to Lehigh for a master’s degree in engineering.

The perfect couple has been together since they were students, and their relationship blossomed when C.J. McCollum reached the NBA. Last March, they returned to their favorite alma mater to watch McCollum knitters withdraw from the Lehigh basketball program. Elise was very proud:

All the love he got was really cool, Esposito said about C.J. McCallum’s performance, as reported in the Brown & White school edition. It’s crazy. I think we always knew he’d do a lot. It’s just amazing how much he’s achieved. I’m very proud of him.

It really was a special moment for a couple.

Eliza – General Dentist

With several university and postgraduate degrees in various fields, Esposito found his true vocation in dentistry. She began work as a dental assistant from 2005 to 2016 under the leadership of her father Michael Esposito, another award-winning dentist. After learning from the best, Eliza continued to work full-time and joined the prestigious Columbia University School of Dentistry as a candidate doctor of dentistry:

BG congratulates the brilliant and determined Elisa Esposito with her white jacket in dentistry! @CJMcCollum pic.twitter.com/chAgaw6zPu

– (@Blazer_Gang) 17. August 2016

She graduated this year and now her name is Eliza McCollum, D.D.S. at Instagram.

C.J. McCollum has offered Eliza 2018 to New York

After years of getting to know each other, C.J. McCollum finally broached the subject in September 2018, when the couple took a boat trip through New York City. C.J. shared photos of her beautiful offerings on social networks, where the happy couple exchanged a broad smile with the Statue of Liberty in the background:

Romans 13:8 : He owes no one but the love of the other, for he who loves the other has obeyed the law. #IllbetheMrtoyouDr pic.twitter.com/MczsGIcR17

– CJ McCollum (@CJMcCollum) 23. September 2018

It turned out that two other former horns had engaged around the same time and C.J. McCollum joined former teammates Nick Stauskas and Jake Leyman. It should be noted that McCallum had his best statistical year in the 2018 playoffs during his deployment. McCollum achieved 25.3 career records for 51.9% of field shots and 1.3 flights in the same year.

Eliza is the main product of theblower games.

It’s nothing new that friends and wives of NBA players are regular guests at NBA game booths. But Esposito’s dedication to her husband is really admirable, because she attends as many of the home games of the Blazers as possible. And this despite the fact that she has lived in New York and studied at Columbia University for the past few years. C.J. McCollum also flew in to visit them when her schedule allowed it.

Esposito’s residency has sparked speculation among fans that McCollum might prefer the Knicks or the Nets closer to Elise. But after graduating from Columbia University, she now works in Oregon. C.J. McCallum and Damien Lillard talk about his loyalty to the Blazers franchise.

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