Crowds at sporting events: Government will not set roadmap for fans returning to grounds

Social Distance Fans Watch a friendly match between Brighton and Chelsea at Amex Stadium Brighton hosted Chelsea in August, which was attended by 2,500 Social Distance Fans.

The government has refused to say when it expects viewers to return to sports facilities in England.

During a parliamentary debate on the subject, sports minister Nigel Huddleston said he wanted this to happen as soon as security allowed it.

But despite the demands of the parliamentarians, he refused to present a clear roadmap for the sport.

Nearly 200,000 people have signed petitions calling on fans to come back.

Since March almost all top sports in England are played behind closed doors.

One of our problems… Everybody’s talking: Can I go back to my stadium? Huddleston said.

Once you’re at different levels, in different leagues and sports, you suddenly have a whole scale that goes way beyond what you currently find acceptable.

But the idea expressed today by several members, that a one-size-fits-all approach would not be appropriate, is the one we have in front of us.

The most important thing is that it is not only about the fans sitting in the stands of the stadium, but that we also have to look at the whole journey of the fans, from their home to the venue, taking into account the way the fans travel to and from the stadium, the risk of matches in those places and the large number of contact points that are threatened by them.

We are following events in other countries closely.

At a bipartisan meeting of the Committee on Petitions in Huddleton, shadow sports secretary Alison McGovern asked when government-backed pilots with limited participation could resume their work.

The plans for the partial and progressive return of the fans of 1. October was suspended after the number of coronavirus cases increased.

At the same time, however, London’s O2 Arena has announced that 4700 people will be able to attend the concert in December.

The Royal Albert Hall will once again welcome an audience of 2,500 for a few Christmas concerts, where a leading football source will tell the story of the sport: The inconsistency of the approach is blatant and illogical.

Mr. McGovern said: I’m afraid there’s a bit of a blockage.

It is difficult to understand the position of football in relation to other major events.

We were on our way, and the process needs to be completed. So he can say when he’s expecting her?

Huddleston answered: We want to get the drivers and fans back to the stadiums as soon as possible.

We had a plan from the beginning of the lockdown. And it’s explained, and it’s there, and unfortunately we had to do it several times to press the pause button. But we want to get back to the plan as soon as possible.

Last month, the English Football League rejected a proposal to provide £50 million in Premier League bail. The heads of both organisations will address the Committee on Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sport on Tuesday together with the President of the Football Association.

There’s a lot of money in football, but it’s not distributed well, Huddleston said.

For the sake of sport, they have to come to an agreement. It is unacceptable for the public to help the elite football out.

I acknowledge that each of them is difficult to deal with, but I encourage them to find a compromise as soon as possible.

The Minister said that the DCMS is in the final phase of negotiations with the Ministry of Finance on a package of measures to save other sports and is facing an unprecedented financial crisis as a result of the pandemic.

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