CW Fans Furious that Green Arrow and the Canaries Didn’t Get Picked Up to Series

It was announced today that CW will no longer continue with the Arrow, Green Arrow and Canary spin-off projects. The backlot has already been filmed and was part of the final episodes of Steven Amell’s series on the channel. It stars Shadowhunters veteran Katherine McNamara as Mia Queen/Green Arrow, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/Black Siren and Julianne Harkavy as Dinah Drake/Black Canary. News that the channel had not received the series quickly spread across the internet, with many fans of The CW DC and potential Canarians voicing their displeasure. Many have indicated that they will no longer watch the show in protest.

Co-creator and former showrunner of Legends of Tomorrow, Marc Guggenheim of Arrow, went on Twitter to clarify some details about the non-sharing of roles – a decision made early last year and simply never announced. The decision was made early (which I think was the deciding factor), Guggenheim said of the CW’s decision not to continue the series. This announcement was made today.

Actress Catherine McNamara also noted on Twitter that the series has not progressed beyond the stage of writing the pilot: Needless to say, I’m inconsolable…. I would love to travel with #MiaSmoak. Thank you all for your love and support.

With Ben Lewis as William Clayton, Joseph David-Jones as Connor Hawke, Charlie Barnett as John Diggle Jr. and Reagan Harris as Bianca Bertinelli.

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Malted barley is spoilt.

CW took a fair approach by choosing Mia/Bird instead of the children of Mia/Arrow.

They had a group of young actors who had great chemistry and were well represented on screen and on social media.

– Steph (@andyouloveher88) January 8, 2021


We cannot let the legacy of Oliver Queen die!

HBO @hbomax, take the Green Arrow and the Canary Islands. We can’t let Oliver Queen’s legacy die!

– Barry Allen’s defensive team (@Ciscos_Blast) January 8, 2021


But why before

Yoo, Green Arrow & the Canaries >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Prequel 100.

– Jess #FiveForWynonna (@LitEarper709) January 8, 2021


I would like to see a granular version of whatwould be.

I couldn’t wait to see the Green Arrow and the Canary Islands. And after watching Titans on HBOMax, I want to see a more realistic version of what would air on CW.

– Wear the mask for your Saturnalia (@btrwkart) January 8, 2021


There was a strong fan base.

@TheCW Backdoor Pilot had a large audience, had a solid fan base. You lost him. And no one is going to see a cross between Painkiller and Naomi. None at all.
While you’re at it, develop a spin-off of Enchanted Reload. You know what the worst kind of reboot is?

– Save the Canaries (@CanariesSave) January 8, 2021


It really sucks

Well, Green Arrow and Canary are not officially on a show at the CW. It sucks, but I’m still convinced that Mia Dinah and Laurel can still make guest appearances all over Arrow. Especially since Sarah Lance is a member of the Justice League.

– Scott Edwards (@scotteMV) January 8, 2021


I want to scream.

I feel like screaming. I really thought we would have Green Arrow and Canary TV with 3 women as presenters, knowing how sexist Qv is.

– b | allison argent protection team (@fearlessbarncs) January 8, 2021




– Sheila Thea Queens Wife (real)ミ☆ (@lexiedanverss) January 8, 2021


do not meet

Not that CW saves the Prequel 100, but throws in the Green Arrow and the Canary…. in it. Disrespect.

– Adam ️ (@abnormallyadam) January 8, 2021


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