RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13: Queens ranked after Condragulations

This is how the queens did it this week…. (Photo: VH1)

Season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has more highs and lows than a queen taking a beautiful duck race, and that’s what we live for.

After half of the queens had been eliminated last week, all they had to do was decide who was sitting – and poor Elliot and his two kings were dropped into a lip-synch.

However, she was brought back to fight for her place one last time, with Queens remaining divided into two teams with the Condragulations focusing on last week’s Lip Sync winners.

They were challenged to take the course and make a performance on a new song. The winners didn’t fight for their place, but for money.

Can you hold on a second? We’re barely holding up!

So, how are we doing, how’s our new queen? Have they won the day with all the ether at their disposal? Where did they go?

Here’s our last queen-ranking – from top to bottom.

Because of the division only the queen group of this week is included in this ranking.

Olivia Suite

Olivia Lux was our winner this week, baby (Photo: VH1).

Olivia Lux is a true force of nature and the kind of energy that you automatically attract without trying.

There wasn’t a single look this week that wasn’t perfect, with her group challenge making her look like Dreamgirl of Beyonce during her Crazy In Love period. Everything about her is cute, from her smile to her little handbag collection.

Instead of showing her charm, she shows her crazy side on her lips, and her confessions are so much fun.

The battle between Olivia and Simone has been very exciting this week, but in our opinion she has recovered.


Simone faced Olivia for the victory (Photo: VH1).

Symone brought it in this week and won every cent of the winner’s $5,000 purse, Roux said the girl has star quality.

On the track, she brought high-end BAPS references from the 1990s with her day look and looked like a Greek goddess in an evening dress.

She also has that killer look in her confident eye that says I’m surprised and I know we need it in our lives right now.

She was a lot of fun during the band’s performance, and her lamé boxing costume made her look like she had fallen out of a music video.

The only reason she wasn’t on our top list was her athletics in the group, which was below us compared to Olivia.


Gottmick was one of the first players in Drag Race season 13 (Photo: VH1).

Gottmick’s story about gender dysphoria is an important story to follow, not only on the Drag Race, but also in life. So it was nice to see him stress this week and talk about it so bravely and openly.

It felt as if the producers were talking to him, which probably explains why Gottmick was so well rejected for the main fight, but in her royal form she killed her anyway.

His beautiful latex rainbow photo would die before the game, and that night shot… It was so much fun that we needed a night with her.

At the end of the week Gottmick had another strong week as the bronze and golden sea dragon in his chrome outfit.

Elliott (with two t)

Elliott interrupted a strange episode of Drag Race this week (Photo: VH1).

Elliott made Drag Race history this week with two triple eliminations because she is the only queen eliminated three times in one episode.

Poor girl – it was supposed to be a bite, but instead of letting it go to her head, the axe and subsequent return lit a fire under her ass, and she brought it out more than anyone could have imagined.

The biggest showman with the gothic BDSM look at the fashion show? * Chef’s pillow *

However, she took a step back because her questionable remarks to others, especially Candy, made her seem so unreliable that everyone thought she was a spy.

You can’t blame Elliott for being a little out of line after everything that’s happened, but we hope it gets better now.

Candied muse

RuPaul's Drag Race season has the first male transsexual.

Candy was cute and will certainly be a big personality of the competition (Photo: VH1).

Kandy Muse introduces him to the big girls in a whole new way, and after such a raw performance it seems as if she has balanced herself in this episode.

His runway clothes have fallen slightly (just a little), and the hole in the back of his malignant latex seems a bit limp.

But she persisted, as Elliott dealt with his uncertainties during his first elimination, and instead of exploding, she quietly dealt with him, despite his obvious desire to set Elliott’s wigs on fire.

Yet she succeeded, and we assume that her uncertainty during the rest of the episode is the result, which is a pity because her Barbarella frog outfit was damn cute.

Let’s hope she’s not safe, she’ll be more comfortable.

Tina Brenner

Tina has to figure out how to bring her professional stage performance on screen (Photo: VH1).

Tina Burner is a smart little girl who knows herself and her work like the back of her hand. But her job is on stage, and as Michelle warned her, she has to be ready for the camera or she’s in trouble.

One of the best examples is unfortunately their yellow-red-orange style. It’s nice to see her once a week in a club, but when she comes to a fashion show, then to confessional meetings, etc. it’s a bit much.

When she came out, i.e. in her little look, she really shone, so she shouldn’t be underestimated.

Tina was smart enough to realize that something strange was going on with the number of queens – even though her plot is Elliot, maybe a little premature. So it will be interesting to see what happens when the two groups finally meet.

Lala Ri

Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race LALA RI

LaLa Ri will have to behave as well as possible to keep the competition at bay (Photo: VH1).

LaLa Ri is charming as hell, and her confessions make us want to slap her cheeks and talk about life over a bottle of wine.

The fact that it is at the bottom of this list does not mean that it is bad, but unfortunately it means that it cannot follow its competitors in the game.

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She almost tripped over a fashion show, her appearance is neat and professional, but she lacks a little life.

She’s missing a moose, and we pray she finds it soon.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is still broadcasted on Friday on VH1 in the United States and on Saturday on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

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