Templeton Unified School District Discusses Budget Challenges and Potential of Reopening •

TEMPLETON – The Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) held its regular meeting on 11. February, vacation. It began with a hearing behind closed doors, with nothing to report, before the hearing was opened to the public.

At its peak, the Zoom meeting had more than 50 attendees, most of whom appeared to be parents who wanted to get plans from the Board about when their children would be able to return to school full time, given the limitations of VIDOC-19.

Michelle Dowell, a Templeton parent, took the floor to thank the board and teachers for their efforts in getting children back to school – a feat that many districts in the state are unable to accomplish. She then called for an emergency meeting of the Board to consider returning to personal guidelines based on the new level measures that Penny Borenstein, Director of Public Health, had discussed the day before.

The COVID-19 system at the district level works with three measures, with the district being ranked according to the lowest measure. However, if the other two measures are better at two levels, the district may move up a level. In San Luis Obispo County, case scores are currently measured in the purple level, but test positivity and health equity scores are measured in the orange level for one week. If it lasts through the second week, the district can go one step further into the red, and then schools only have to wait five days before they can open.

According to Aaron Asplund, TUSD director, middle and high schools will open on the 1st. The march can be opened as the district on the 17th. The month of February is successfully coming into the red. The school will move into a hybrid state of face-to-face and distance learning, similar to Templeton Elementary School, which is already open in a hybrid form.

Another item on the agenda was to change the certification of the budget from Positive to Qualified.

California’s education law requires schools to submit financial reports demonstrating their ability to meet their obligations not only for the current year, but also for the next two years. The ability to meet the financial obligations for the three years results in a positive certificate, while failure to meet any of the three obligations is considered a qualified certificate and failure to meet the financial obligations for the current year is considered a negative certificate.

I don’t think there’s a problem with our system, or with the auction, or with the administrator, or with the kids; that’s the reality of life in 2021, and what we have to deal with. I know other neighborhoods are facing the same problems, said Nelson Yamagata, a member of the TUSD board of directors.

Director Asplund further explained that school funding, which is partially based on the number of students enrolled, is suffering from the effects of a modest but gradual decline in recent years, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the Commission’s requirements for qualified certification is that the budget approval process must be advanced by one month to meet the deadline for filing with the District.

The Council therefore decided to hold its meeting on 11 March. From March to the 9th. March to allow the Human Resources Department more time to implement any layoffs necessary to reduce budget constraints.

The next TUSD meeting will be on the 25th. of Feb. at 6:15 pm. The link is on the district website at tusd-ca.schoolloop.com.


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