Johnny Vaughan returns to The Big Breakfast house after 19 years

Johnny Vaughan

Johnny Vaughan returned to the Big Breakfast House for the first time in 19 years (Photo: Radio X).

Johnny Vaughan returned to the Big Breakfast House for the first time in 19 years.

The house where the TV series was filmed during the day is on sale for £5.75 million 20 years after the last broadcast.

Presenter Johnny appeared on Channel 4 from 1997 to 2001 with Denise Van Waten and Kelly Brooke.

In his show on Radio X, Johnny returns to a house in Bow, East London, and remembers the time he hosted the Great Breakfast.

Highlights include the participation of music legend David Bowie as a member of the film crew for the Christmas special and the fact that Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks painted his jacket with spray paint.

During his touching visit, the television star said the house was more beautiful than he remembered.

Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen at the big breakfast.

Johnny was the presenter with Denise Van Outen (Photo: REX).

he said: So many beautiful memories, but it is difficult to connect them to the house that is here today, because it is so beautiful and so closed.

When I was here, it was like I had one necklace and two houses.

The fact that I’m here today reminds me a bit of how, when I walked past the school I went to and the wood and metal workshops were converted into these rather luxurious classrooms, they were rebuilt, and I feel exactly like in this building, and in this building, in places where we might not have had so much fun, but we really had fun. So, in a way, a rather moving visit.

Johnny remembered the incident with Tom Hanks and said he was actually spraying his name on what I thought was a dog at the time. I suddenly thought it looked very, very much like the way dogs behave. By spraying yellow spray on my clothes, you know?

Johnny Vaughan and Kelly Brooke.

The house was located in Bow, East London (Photo: REX)

Down here, I don’t know, I understand that our careers have been different, but at this point, I really feel like I chased him away.

The jacket Tom had pulverized because it had become a bit of rope was no longer his, and he threw it away. It’s a pity he was able to commit murder at the auction…

The 4,600 square foot house, sold by real estate agent Blake Stanley, is historically three separate Lock Keepers cottages and consists of three six-bedroom floors, a roof terrace and a swimming pool.

Segments were removed everywhere, including the bed of the late Paula Yates and the barn in front of me, Johnny’s son.

The Big Breakfast, which ended in 2002, will be aired again on Channel 4 for a unique special with Moe Gilligan.

Many other talented young black stars will join him on the day of the black takeover.

Johnny Vaughan runs Radio X on weekdays from 4:00 to 7:00.

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