Electoral College set to seal Trump’s fate — yet again

This historic moment offers guarantees arising from the fear of the founders, almost 250 years ago, of a monarchical ruler with the inexplicable power of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly rejected the basic principles of American democracy.

Trump’s previous attempts to force local Republican lawmakers to form delegations in key states that would ignore the will of millions of voters and his election losses have failed. Monday’s votes will confirm that Biden will exceed the 270 votes needed to win. The ballots will be brought to Washington, D.C., on January 6 for a congressional editorial board, where a rearguard action by Republican lawmakers – but almost certainly unnecessarily – could uncover an important backbone of a party that has also turned against the democratic principles of free and fair elections.

It’s not over yet… We’re going to continue to move forward, Trump told Fox News in a taped interview Saturday before Sunday, tweeting that the nation’s front bench has been stuck by Friday’s decision that Texas is not entitled to file a complaint on its behalf.

Veteran Republican lawyer Ben Ginsberg told CNN Ana Cabrera on Sunday that the Supreme Court’s brutal dismissal was the shortest and shortest possible. It’s a signal in legal jargon that we shouldn’t waste our time with these theories you put forward.

Languages spoken

After the voters’ lists, officially elected by the voters in the indirect presidential elections in November, served their purpose on Monday, Biden plans to give a speech on the vitality of American democracy. This will be his last attempt to unite a broken nation, even as the incumbent president tries to destroy his legitimacy with unfounded accusations of electoral fraud.

The trial will also confirm that Biden was the 20th. At noon in January, Mr Trump’s many years of presidency will end – a fact that some, but not all, leading Republicans will now inevitably endorse.

I’m just saying he’s clearly the president-elect. He has 270 electoral votes, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union program, placing himself above Trump in a way that many colleagues still don’t appreciate.

MAP: Full results of the Chairman’s statement

In fact, 126 of Cassidy’s GOP colleagues in the House, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy, signed a desperate lawsuit that the Supreme Court dismissed last week, and this ally, New Jersey’s former governor, Chris Christie, said on ABC News this week that it was absurd.

After the elections Trump wanted to make statements about landslides in states where he clearly lost to Biden. The judges dealt with his accusations of frivolous fraud with contempt. He turned to the Supreme Court, which he set up because he did not want to listen to his beautiful affairs. And now the president is even considering firing his ultra-loyal attorney general, William Barr, who has pointed out that there is no widespread evidence of electoral corruption that Trump said cost him his second term.

Ignoring the pandemic

The curious behavior of the president after the elections coincided with the most extreme and tragic phase of the pandemic, which he ignored and denied, exacerbating the conditions in which many Americans die every day.

It has done little to bridge the gap between rival factions in Congress and the millions of Americans who are unemployed and hungry as a result of the pandemic, and legislators have yet to agree on a rescue plan that includes comprehensive benefits for the unemployed. The approval of the first vaccine, which could already be administered on Monday, is a very encouraging step that promises a return to normal. Dr. Trump and his administration are due to their role in the rapid development of the dosage. Federal health officials say they can vaccinate 100 million Americans by the end of March.

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But it will not be until late spring or early summer 2021 that most people will get the two doses they need, which means that the hardships and restrictions will continue for many months to come.

Some of Trump’s top advisors, who have only a few weeks left to serve, were among the first to receive the vaccine in what officials say is an attempt to maintain continuity of power, CNN reported Sunday night. This would mean that White House officials, who have long ignored the severity of the pandemic, have minimized masks and the social distance that could slow the spread of the virus long before the majority of the population could be vaccinated.

The trumpet tweeted late on Sunday night that he was adjusting the timing of when White House officials should receive the vaccine, and said they should receive it a little later in the program unless it is particularly necessary.

I’m not going to get vaccinated, but I’m waiting for the right moment, he said.

Hidden Fantasy

Monday’s events will test the duration of the second trump card.

The president’s crusade to disenfranchise the millions of voters who legally voted against him is an appropriate code for a presidency in which he continually destroys the Democratic Guard in order to achieve his political goals.

His actions also exacerbated the dilemma of many of his Republican colleagues. Some, like Utah Senator Mitt Romney, have spoken out strongly for democratic principles. But others helped Trump undermine the credibility of democracy in the United States by hesitating and refusing to call Biden the President-elect. Others, like. Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, Republican for a second term, perpetuates Trump’s fiction that he won the election.

If you want to regain the trust of millions of people who are still very upset and angry about what happened, you have to have the whole system, Scalise said Sunday on Fox News. The president will be on the 20th. Janvier was sworn in, but allowed the process to unfold, he said, although the Supreme Court twice blocked republican legal manoeuvres to overturn the election.

Trump’s gas lighting convinced millions of its more than 70 million voters that the election was a farce and that it could irreversibly undermine Biden’s efforts to unite the country. It also led to horrific scenes such as the one in Washington last weekend, where Trumpy supporters, including members of the extreme right, clashed with anti-Trumpy demonstrators.

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who is retiring and no longer faces voters, said Sunday that electoral college votes should be the tipping point in Trump’s attempt to challenge the election.

I hope he puts the country first, Alexander said at NBC Meet the Press.

It is very likely that voters will vote for Joe Biden, he said, arguing that there should be no questions about the election results after Monday.

We shouldn’t lose a day in the transition to immunization, Alexander said.

Fear of the pence

It is not uncommon for individuals to become villains among the 538 voters representing all states and the District of Columbia. For example, in 2016 there was a record number of 10 unfaithful voters. And there is no constitutional provision that obliges voters to vote for the candidate who obtains the majority of the votes in their state. Yet in many states voters are replaced by frivolous voters or fined. And Trump’s efforts to convince the state legislators that he’s lost, and Pennsylvania, and the sympathetic voters didn’t work. Biden’s victory is so important – 306 to 232 voters – that symbolic deviations do not matter.

Voters are elected by the state parties and exclude federal representatives, but generally local officials and former party members are also involved. In New York City, for example, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will ceremoniously vote for Biden.

The Monday Electoral College – the first Monday required by law after the second Wednesday in December – is held on 6 December. In January an even more exciting constitutional ballet will be performed. Then the votes cast at Monday’s joint session of Congress will be counted – another case that is usually superficial, but will take on additional constitutional importance this year. Some Republican members of the House of Representatives have already insisted that Trump does not give in if he loses the electoral college on Monday. They also plan to hold a meeting on 6 January to discuss the performance of the major states in dealing with allegations of fraud. If a member of the House of Representatives and a member of the Senate lodges an objection, this process can take place in both Houses. But it is not yet known whether a Republican senator would be willing to take that step, which would still be academic given that the Democrats control the House.

The ceremony on the sixth. January will be a particularly embarrassing time for Vice President Mike Pence, who has walked a very fine line over the last four years between his own reputation and his supposed loyalty to Trump.

Since it is his job as Senate President to count the votes of the electoral college, Pence will officially declare the winner of the election of Biden and Harris Trump, falsely claimed to have been stolen.

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