Fear Street Trilogy Star Shares Her Excitement Over the New R.L. Stine Films

Horror fans can see community star Gillian Jacobs in the upcoming horror film Come Play, but this isn’t the only horror project the actress has prepared for the audience, as she recently played in a trilogy of Fear Street films based on the basic stories of R.L. Stin. It was an ambitious undertaking to shoot all three films together so that fans can see them all when they are released monthly on Netflix next summer. Recently, the actress shared her enthusiasm for upcoming films and her passion for the project, because she is a fan of growing books. Stay tuned for more information on Street of Fear films and watch Come play in selected theatres this Friday 30th. October, the.

I grew up with R.L. Stin, and I remember getting a letter from cops I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of: Are you kidding me? Jacobs said… I can’t tell you how many R.L. Stin books I read when I was a kid. It was so much fun. Lee [Janiak], who has written and directed three films in reverse order, can really handle it, they are still in post-production. She did an incredibly good job. And the casting is so cool. And it was really, really fun, and I think people will love it. And as an R.L. Stin fan, I was so excited to be one of them when I was a kid.

While Stin Gooseberry’s books on skin were perhaps better known, his Street of Fear series resembled a scary fairy tale, although it was aimed at a slightly older audience.

The films would have been described:

Fear Street 1: In 1994, after a brutal tragedy in Shadeside, Ohio, a group of teenagers discovered that a series of terrible events that had taken place in their city over the years may not have been random and that they could be the next victims.

Fear Street 2: In 1978, Camp Nightwing was separated from the campers and caretakers of the thriving city of Sunnyvale and the campers and caretakers of the devastated city of Shadeside, but when the horrors of their shared history come to life, they must join forces to solve a terrible mystery before it is too late.

Fear Street 3: In 1666, the colonial city was captured in an hysterical witch hunt that would kill for centuries. In 1994, it was the young people who tried to end the curse of their city forever before it was too late.

In the film Come to play a rookie, Agi Robertson played the lead role of Oliver, a lonely young man who feels different. He is desperate for a friend, looking for comfort and protection in his ever-present mobile phone and tablet. When a mysterious creature uses Oliver’s devices against him to infiltrate our world, Oliver’s parents (Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr.) must fight to save their son from the monster behind the screen.

Stay with us in this scary street and come and play in the selected theatres on Friday June 30th. October.

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