Grigori Rasputin myths busted: Murder, height, and where is his penis?

Did he come to court as a healer or as a lover? (Photo: Getty)

Grigory Rasputin, or the Mad Monk of Tobolsk, is now known as Russia’s greatest love machine thanks to Boney M’s mystical hit.

Before his assassination in 1918, he was brought to the Russian court, apparently under the tutelage of Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna, to treat his son Alexei, who was suffering from a blood disease.

Rasputin was already known as a charming but dangerous man with many followers. This reputation has given rise to rumors that he was indeed the queen’s lover, although scholars disagree on the accuracy of these claims.

Since his death, there have been many rumors about the self-proclaimed holy man. As the latest trend of Czars continues on Netflix, it’s time to separate reality from fiction.

How did Rasputin die?

Rasputin’s death reads like a horror movie script. The outbreak of war in 1914 caused great tension in tsarist circles, and after eleven years at the Russian court the mystic had as many enemies as disciples.

Rasputin has been attributed mystical healing powers (Photo: Getty)

Despite warnings that his assassination was imminent, Rasputin went on the scene on the 30th. In December 1916, a group of nobles took him to the basement and served him cakes sprinkled with cyanide.

Like everything around the scary priest, hence the various reports – but they say the poison didn’t work on him. He ran to leave the building and was shot four times, at least once at close range.

His body was later found in the frozen Neva River, and some believed that even gunshot wounds were not enough to kill him, so the killers had to resort to drowning.

The exact cause of death is disputed, but it seems Rasputin was dead before he entered the water. Either way, it would have been a horrible death.

Rasputin was brought to the royal court of Czar Nicholas II to care for his son. (Photo: Getty)

How tall was Rasputin?

The Mystique was known to be incredibly tall – 1.93m to be exact, or 1.80m.

For comparison: Communist leader Vladimir Lenin is 1.65 m tall, Czar Nicholas II is 1.7 m tall.

It seems that Rasputin was aware of his unique appearance and posed in the photos to emphasize his dramatic black eyes and imposing height.

Where is Rasputin’s penis?

Legend has it that Rasputin’s penis is floating in a jar of pickles in the Museum of Eroticism in St. Petersburg.

Rasputin was popular with the ladies (Photo: Getty).

However, experts disagree on the legitimacy of this approach.

Although not scientifically proven, this part of the body is more than 30 cm long. It was supposedly sold to the museum in 1977 by Rasputin’s daughter, Maria Löwin.

Not surprisingly, Rasputin’s penis, which was known for its charm and seductiveness, became a source of speculation and intrigue after his death.

Many have claimed to own part of his penis after his death, the preserved sea cucumber – yes, it’s true – was used in the early 20th century. It was mistakenly thought to be his will in the 18th century.

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Did Rasputin really have healing powers?

The myth of Rasputin’s mystical powers, seems to have been born of itself.

Grigory Yefimovich was born in a Siberian village in 1872. When he was fifteen, he was nicknamed Rasputin, which means troublemaker.

As a teenager, Rasputin apparently had a vision of a saint that inspired him to become a priest. His magnetic appearance soon made him famous, and many were convinced that he possessed powers of knowledge and healing.

It was this reputation that gave him a foothold in the royal court. Despite rumors of religious heresy and sexual misconduct, Tsar Nicholas II allowed him to work with his wife to find a cure for Alexei, the heir to the throne.

Doctors reported that when Rasputin entered the sick prince’s room, his wounds – to which his condition made him susceptible – improved considerably.

Historians, however, suspect that Rasputin, far from possessing magical powers, was in the aspirin he administered to a child.

Did Rasputin really have an affair with Alexandra?

Rasputin’s relationship with Tsarina Alexandra was assumed to be sexual from the time he was at the Russian court.

But according to the experts, these claims are unfounded. In a speech last year to the city and state, historian Douglas Smith categorically denied this fact.

Alexandra was a rather puritanical, Victorian-looking woman. There is no chance and no evidence that she would have looked to Rasputin for sex. He said.

It seems likely that this story came from those who sought to destabilize the power of the monarchy.

Rasputin was already a controversial figure, but when revolutionary forces began to rise in Russia, the mystic’s influence on the nobility was considered highly problematic.

While his charisma is undeniable, Rasputin may not be Russia’s greatest love machine after all.

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