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Christmas Home is the first LGBTQ film for Hallmark since last year, when the network made the announcement and promised to offer more diversity in future programming. More recently, Hallmark and Lifetime have expanded the scope of their stories with films such as Christmas Home and Christmas After Christmas. In the film, a couple asks their sons to come home to revive the tradition of a Christmas house. The two sons are at different times in their lives. Mike Mitchell is canceling his Handsome Justice show and Brandon is waiting to hear about the adoption with her husband Jake.

The parents hope to relive their memories as family before selling the house and spending time together. The movie Hallmark stars Robert Buckley, Jonathan Bennett, Cure Williams, Sharon Lawrence, Brad Harder, Ana Ayora and Mattia Castrillo.

Christmas house overview and balance sheet

Christmas at home is not short of the humorous moments in the film, from a short scene with Handsome Justice to a race between the brothers through the airport that leads to a bit of chaos. Christmas Home does not hesitate to be funny and playful, to show the off-beat side of the characters who can only spend time with members of their immediate family, and how the family can bring out this childlike side. The most important love story of the film is that of the Mitchell family, and although A Christmas Home revolves around three couples, it is mainly about the love between these family members.

Love strikes Mike when he meets his old friend Andy, with whom he did old magic tricks. Mike is constantly on the move in his career, and when he gets home he sees what he’s missing. Thanks to family cohesion and the revival of an old family tradition, he manages to fill this void and even to fall in love.

The drama of the film stems from the fact that Mike finds out that his parents are selling the house because they plan to downsize and take some time off.

A couple of Moments at Christmas House shows the love of the Mitchell family through the way they comfort and support each other. The brothers don’t hesitate to talk about their parents’ plans to sell the house. They listen and show their understanding of every step of the film.

Hallmark’s Christmas film shows what a family should be like, with its warmth and love for each other. Throughout the show there are heartbreaking flashbacks from when the brothers were kids, cooking in the kitchen and decorating the Christmas tree. The various rooms in this beautiful Christmas house were actually replicas of the real Buckley Christmas house that Robert Buckley told MediaVillage about.

The actor says that several elements resembled those of his family’s house, even a replica of an English phone booth. Robert Buckley said more on the subject in The Hollywood Reporter, explaining that his family became known as the home of Christmas. It has even become a real milestone, with primary schools making excursions to see it.

The Christmas movie has a deeply emotional tone. The parents reveal their plans to sell and move to different locations, which means that Mike will find Andy, Brandon and her husband while they wait for the adoption call. The film ends at a high level, with several moments when we see the Brandon and Jake family camping with their new son Phyllis and Bill, and Mike and Andy in matching pajamas with their son Noah.

Jonathan Bennett shares information aboutChristmas Home .

Jonathan Bennett (who plays Brandon) says that being part of the Christmas house makes him feel like he is part of progress. He says that this is what a family looks like in 2020 and that Hallmark has created a story with an LGBT couple in a holiday film.

Bennett continues in his interview for the Metro Weekly, in which he describes how the crew approached him and Brad Harder in tears. The actor explained that his crew is one of those who make dozens of Hallmark movies each year, but when he and Harder shot the scene where they kissed, crew members approached them and told them how it made them feel that they were being portrayed for the first time.

At Good Morning America, Jonathan Bennett revealed that Brandon and Jake are currently at an impasse in their Christmas house (due to the tensions of adoption) and that they embrace each other with the comfort and love of two people in a relationship. The actor says that he then realized that they were doing something special, starting with the crew who put their energy into all these films and feel like part of the family.

The actor shows that fans can expect that this is only the beginning of Hallmark, and that there are already projects under development that will offer more diversity. For future lectures on diversity in Hollywood, think of the need for more diverse roles.

Continuing his interview with Metro Weekly, Jonathan Bennett shares that it’s not the critics who count. Yet millions of people will see Christmas at home and feel represented. The film will be meaningful to those whose family members are part of the LGBT community, giving them the impression that their friends and relatives are represented. At Good Morning America, the actor noted that these are two men in love who want to start a family and call this sweet story revolutionary.

On NBC News the actor tells how proud he is to see their Christmas table bigger and hotter this year than ever before. Bennett goes on to say that it’s important to be represented, but even more important to be well represented and to let people see themselves in the media. The actor tells CBS News that his agent called him to suggest he direct Hallmark’s Christmas film. When asked who his wife would be, he said that his jaw had hit the ground when he found out he would play the lead role in the LGBTQ pair.

Robert Buckley in the Christmas house

Robert Buckley is in the movie (Mike Mitchell), a man who comes home for Christmas when his parents call him to help him carry out a Christmas tradition at home. Buckley played along and wrote the film, which he discusses in more detail in an interview with TV Insider, explaining how A Christmas Home is inspired by his own experiences.

Buckley tells MediaVillage that as an actor he is always part of the story and that when creating Christmas Home he wanted it to be entertaining and also to have some value and meaning. Buckley goes on to say that he didn’t realize how easy it was for him to find a straight man in a film or series, and that it wasn’t the same for others. According to him, everyone should have an equal chance to feel represented and to see themselves.

Robert Buckley tells TV Insider that Andi ran away from Mike and that he wants her not to be afraid to make him sad. The recording of Jake and Brandon’s experience as he tried to be accepted was important to the actor, and he told MediaVillage that the recording of the LGBTQ couple looked like something that should have happened twenty years ago.

He said Hallmark kept talking to give them more when he asked about the Brandon and Jake story that led to the couple’s adoption. The actor says it was one of the first things he presented to Hallmark and that he was late. Buckley says Hallmark was ready to change it and was excited about the possibility of doing so. The channel is known for its heartbreaking love stories and fascinating series such as When the Heart Tolls. He literally screams Kate Redinger, a Hallmark executive, who saw in the film a family tradition of completely transforming her home for Christmas. Buckley tells MediaVillage that the actors looked into the text during their fortieth birthday, so when they got back together again, they joked and laughed at each other like a family would.

Fans can enjoy Christmas at home on the 25th. December on the Hallmark Canal at 8/7:00 Central.

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