Ryan-Mark Parsons shuts down Lottie Lion’s claims about The Apprentice

Ryan-Mark Parsons closed my Lottie Lion’s statements in The Apprentice (Photo: PA/).

Ryan-Mark Parsons, a former contestant on the Apprentice program, denied Lottie Lyon’s claims that parts of the program were scripted.

Earlier this month, the former librarian, who was featured in the 2019 series, shared some behind-the-scenes secrets of his time on the show on TikTok.

She stated that Lord Sugar’s jokes in the courtroom were scripted and that Karren Brady and Claude Littner only follow competitors about 30% of the time.

Lottie, who was involved in a racial controversy on the show, also told fans that an off-camera sale doesn’t count towards the team’s profits.

However, Ryan-Mark, who admitted to having a relationship with Lottie since the beginning of the series, said his claims were false.

Ryan-Mark spoke to Metro.co.uk about their relationship and Lottie’s recent allegations: It is the relationship that has had the most ups and downs.

Ryan-Mark plays in the 2019 series with Lottie the Lion (Photo: / Boundless)

We met not too long ago, it was kind of a stopover, and we were friends.

She does all these things about The Apprentice, and on the other hand, she gets very angry when people talk about the show.

He went on to say: I had a conversation with her about it and, of course, I saw TikTok and thought: Wait a minute, you come to me privately for help when you are attacked, and you say I don’t want to be remembered as the disciple.

She tells all and publishes a very controversial video claiming that Lord Sugar doesn’t write his jokes, which is not true.

Lottie Lev said Lord Sugar’s jokes were scripted (Photo: )

Lottie remembered Ryan-Marks’ comments and told us about them: I don’t know why Ryan-Mark Parsons is so determined to live in the false reality that surrounds the student, even years later.

We have to be open and honest with our supporters about what we’ve been through, but I’m glad he’s keeping his career in the media eye as I decide to step back and promote my business.

We all have different paths in life and I think he should focus on his and not comment on mine.

Lottie replied to Ryan-Marc’s comments (Photo: ).

Ryan-Mark, who worked at Harrods, will be seen alongside his former partner Oscar in the latest episode of Eat With My Ex.

The couple sit down over a three-course meal and answer some tough questions about why their relationship ended.

During the meal, however, the businessman explained that things were heating up a bit ….

I think the show is pretty intense, like my episode in particular, pretty spirited – a lot of controversy, Ryan-Mark explained.

Things escalate between Ryan-Mark and his ex (Photo: /Thames TV/EWME/Arron Bowen)

In my head, I thought it was a serious relationship, but he didn’t think it was that serious.

So there’s a little conflict between the two of us about when it started and when it stopped.

I saw it as a more serious relationship and I didn’t know if he was downplaying it for the cameras, he said. He drew me as some crazy person who imagined a relationship when he said it was nothing more than a friendship.

Ryan-Marc and Oscar appear in the fourth episode of season 2 alongside presenter Mima Shyke, who reunites with her former opposite number from Fate.

TOWIE stars James Lock and Yazmin Ouelu, Drag Race Roo star Paula Vinegar Kick and Ex-Emile also answer embarrassing questions.

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Metro.co.uk has also contacted Lottie Lion for feedback.

All four episodes of Celebrity Dinner with My Ex will be available starting on the 14th. February to consider.

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