Joel McHale’s Wife, Sarah Williams: 5 Fast Facts

Joel Mckale is married


Joel McHale and his wife Sarah Williams McHale in 2016.

Actor and comedian Joel McHale has been married to his wife Sarah Williams for over two decades and they have two sons together.

Despite McHale’s public profile, Williams chose to stay out of the limelight. McHale rarely publishes articles about himself on social media, but if he does, it is to praise his wife and express how much he loves her.

We don’t know if Williams is gonna show up at the New Year’s tonight. McHale is co-hosting a toast to New Year’s Eve and a roast at FOX with fellow actor and salesman Ken Jeong.

Here’s what you need to know about Sarah Williams:

1. Sarah Williams from Seattle & often shares touching messages about her parents on Instagram.

Williams was born in Washington State and grew up in the Seattle area, according to his Facebook page. Like her husband, Williams also graduated from the University of Washington. She studied psychology.

Williams shared memories of his childhood and family on Instagram. She has an older brother, Richard, who’s about two years older than she is. She placed this cute picture of her childhood and wrote lovingly: Thanks for leading the way. I love you and I’m so grateful.

Williams tragically lost her father when she was 10 years old. She didn’t write about Instagram until she was in fifth grade. His father was his basketball coach. Towards the end of the season, he was killed in a car accident. Williams usually writes about him on Father’s Day and his birthday to express his gratitude for the time we spent together, however briefly. In September 2018, Williams wrote: I thank you for the ten extraordinary years you have spent with you on this earth and for teaching me the most important things I know, especially how to love. I miss you every day.

Williams also wrote about her close relationship with her mother, Sally, who still lives in Washington, D.C.. Williams has often commented on her mother’s strength and sense of humor, even when Sally was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. On Mother’s Day, Williams placed a photo next to his mother, which dates from about 1999, and wrote, among other things, the following: Thanks, Mom, for everything. At the age of 42 you were a widow, you’ve lived here since you were 33 with a mental illness and now Alzheimer’s. Through all this you live in joy, laughter, style and faith. You’re making me shake more and more. I love you! I love you!

2. McHale asked permission from a friend of Williams’ before he went out with her, and a year later Williams was wearing his mother’s wedding dress when they decided.

Joel Mckale is married

Getty Joel McHale and his wife Sarah Williams in 2006.

McHale and Williams met in 1995, when they were both in their twenties. In an interview with Redbook in 2011, McHale said he never had a chance in the love business until he met Williams. In fact, he called one of Williams’ friends and asked him out. I called her friend and asked if I could ask her out. She is: I’ll ask, but not a chance, buddy, McHale called back. But my wife took a risk. I’m sure she said: There’s no one around, so we might as well do this.

McHale didn’t expect it, but the meeting went well and the sparks soon started to fly. Maybe they bonded by her choice of haircut; Williams shared a picture of her and McHale together in the nineties and joked that they had the same haircut.

Later that year, Williams and McHale made the decision. They got married on the 20th. July 1996. For the occasion, Williams wore his mother’s dress from 1967.

The 24th. Williams shared a black and white photo of his wedding day on Instagram on his 70th birthday. Williams wrote in the caption: We were young, in love and probably naive, but I am so grateful that we found each other and kept choosing each other. I love you! I love you! In 2017, Williams published a photo of her and McHale cutting a wedding cake, writing: 21 years ago we were only children. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner for life. Thank you, @joelmchale, for marrying me.

3. Williams is a professional artist

Williams studied art history at the University of Washington, but later pursued a potential career as an artist. According to her profile on the Carrington Arts Gallery website, Williams said she was afraid to take art classes in the studio when she was a student.

After college, her first job brought her to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Before returning to Seattle, she worked at a community youth center. According to his biography, Williams worked in a sportswear line and then as creative director for a greeting card and candy company. The family moved to Los Angeles in 2000 for McHale’s acting career, and this may have been the impetus Williams needed to continue his artistic career. Williams said he took collage classes at Barnsdall Art Park and studied with artist Franklin Liegal at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Williams talked about his inspiration on the gallery’s website and talked about his favourite materials:

For my art I am inspired by nature and biology in many forms. The photo I took of a tree stump on the beach of Vashon Island, Washington, serves as a motif for the entire exhibition and can be found in three of the halls in this exhibition. In this series, the idea of the brain and its complexity is central to my approach to each work. In a work entitled Save I play with the idea of memories through different layers of paint and collage: some are darker and cloudier, while others are lighter and more present. The Boundary Issues article goes a little further into what happens when things break down in the brain, as in Alzheimer’s disease. In this part I have used text that is quite difficult to decipher, as is the case with Alzheimer’s disease. The white acrylic subtly refers to the contour of the skull. Bridge in the Night revolves around a photo of a washboard near downtown Los Angeles, and the work looks more like a deconstructed landscape clashing with organic forms. In all my work I use layers of glued paper and photographs, acrylic paint and photocopies. By sanding and repairing the layers, and then repeating them several times, I inform my process.

4. Williams and McHale have 2 sons, 3 dogs and 1 rabbit

Joel McKale's kids, his wives.

Getty Joel McHale, his wife Sarah Williams and their sons Eddie and Isaac in 2012.

The McHale family is complete. Williams and McHale have two sons named Eddie and Isaac. According to Williams’ Instagram account, the family also owns three dogs and a rabbit.

Williams and McHale’s first son, Eddie, was born in 2005. Eddie had health problems as a child. McHale told WebMD that his first son needed open-heart surgery as a baby. He was born with two big holes in his heart. It was terrible, we couldn’t believe it. But we’re only beginning to realize that now. There’s nothing else to do but move on, Mr. McHale said. It was a dark tunnel, but we came out the other side. For the other parents, it’s an endless tunnel.

Their second son Isaac was born in March 2008. McHale made a joke about fatherhood in an interview with People in 2020. He told the magazine: How did my children change my life? I don’t have the Lamborghini Diablo because I spent a lot of money on it. Instead of one, I wipe three buttocks. But it’s happening less and less now.

In a 2011 interview with Redbook, McHale Williams praised as Supermom. She only thinks about things I never do. If I cared about the kids, they’d be running around in sacks of potatoes. People asked: Brush your children’s teeth? I’d say so: Yeah, every year. So she’s smart and she’s beautiful.

5. McHale declared that he had the privilege of being married to Williams.

Sarah Williams.

Actor Getty Joel McHale (left) and his wife Sarah McHale on the 29th. August 2010 in West Hollywood, California.

They’ve been married for over 24 years, but McHale and Williams still talk about each other as if they were newlyweds. For Williams’ 50th birthday. On her birthday, McHale published some pictures of her and wrote the following: I am honoured to be your husband and thank you for continuing to accept to be my wife. I’m so happy (so many people would agree)! You’re just one of the most welcoming, loving, sensitive, attentive, fragrant and beautiful people. Never. Ask anybody. Ask our sons. Ask any dog. I love you, Sarah.

Williams isn’t shy to share his love for McHale either. She shared a picture of her birthday walk with McHale, writing: You’re the best partner there is, even if we’re in a mess. They cook, clean, fetch dog shit and much more. I love you forever.

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