Importance of Plastic Outrigger Pad

A plastic outrigger pad is a versatile accessory for heavy equipment that improves safety standards and stabilizes heavy loads. This pad fits underneath the outrigger to provide support and shock absorption. While steel outrigger pads are more durable, they are also prone to corrosion. Plastic outrigger pads are also much lighter, which makes them easier to move and install. They also cost less to manufacture than steel outriggers.

Wood outrigger pads are the most traditional type of bigfoot outrigger pad. While they are cheaper and easier to find, wood has many drawbacks. Wood is porous and can absorb liquids or chemicals. These can weaken wood, making it unreliable and less safe. Also, wood tends to be heavier, so the added weight can compromise its safety. Therefore, choosing plastic outrigger pads is a good option to keep costs down.

Bigfoot Construction Equipment Inc. was formed in 1995 and incorporated in 1996. They are a leading manufacturer of outrigger pads. The company continually strives to make its products better and more affordable. They also test new materials and manufacturing methods to create better bigfoot outrigger pads. Additionally, they are a green manufacturer and use sustainable forest products to build Premium Pads. Purchasing an outrigger pad from Bigfoot Construction Equipment Inc. ensures that your outrigger equipment is safe and secure.

A plastic outrigger pad will keep a boom truck or crane from slipping or sinking on unsteady terrain. The outrigger pad will protect the outrigger from abrasions and damage while on the job. The pad is made from a proprietary material that is lightweight compared to the steel plate, wood, and aluminum pads. Another feature of this pad is the TuffGrip Handles that help minimizes pinch points and encourage proper lifting posture.

Outrigger pads are essential for the safety of a crane or any other equipment used to lift loads. These pads will absorb the vibration and provide insulation from the ground. This means minor imperfections on the ground will not be a problem. You can purchase these pads from Interstate Plastics and Henan Yiqi Plastic. Outrigger pads are lightweight, easy to install, and durable. They are also designed to protect the crane and its team during lifting operations. Get in touch with Prime Tech Pads to purchase plastic crane pads now.

When choosing the right outrigger pad, keep in mind that there are specific requirements that must be met. They should not span voids or span underground utilities. You should purchase a plastic outrigger padfrom Prime Tech Pads. Outrigger pads must be used according to the manufacturer’s chart for the correct levels. An incorrect level may result in a reduction of the lifting capacity of the equipment. Therefore, selecting the appropriate outrigger pad for the job site is critical. These guidelines will assist you in choosing the right outrigger pad for your boom.

Another advantage of plastic outrigger pads is their resistance to chemicals and moisture. Wood absorbs water and therefore takes on extra weight. In contrast, synthetic outrigger pads weigh just half of the weight of wooden outrigger pads. And unlike wood, synthetic outrigger pads won’t be weakened or warped by moisture or other elements. Moreover, they have longer life spans than wood, which is more expensive. Plastic is the right choice if you want to protect your investment and ensure safety.


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