Homeless people in Glasgow queue up for food in sub-zero temperatures


In developed countries, homelessness is rare. So when more than 200 homeless people lined up for food in Glasgow, it was strange. They were queuing for the city’s soup kitchen in freezing temperatures. One of the volunteers drew comparisons to an Eastern European country torn apart by years of communist rule. He was angry and said we needed to address homelessness. No one in their right mind would want to fall into a category where they depend on handouts to survive. Everyone may have a different reason and the administration needs to find workable solutions.

The Mirror UK reports that the Kindness Homeless Street Team had a busy night on Monday, with more than 200 people in line. Since the start of the pandemic, the team has generally served a much smaller number of people. It is a community group that will begin four nights a week in 2019. Their goal is to help homeless and vulnerable people in Glasgow. This includes basic necessities such as food, clothing, hygiene products, but most importantly emotional support.

The increase in homelessness may be the result of a pandemic.

One man who saw the queue took to social media to speak out. His words were, “This is Glasgow city center in the 21st century with people lining up to be taken care of by Glasgow’s Kindness Homeless Street Team.”

It makes me so angry. It has to stop. He added that some of them might have real problems. Mirror UK cited one of the organizers who explained that new faces were lining up on Monday night. There were a lot of them. Some had just been released from prison and few had escaped domestic violence. They were hungry and the Kindness Homeless Street Team Glasgow was trying to meet their needs.

In June 2019, Los Angeles reported a 16 percent increase in homelessness from the previous year.

Conditions create homelessness

The homeless people lining up behind the soup kitchen to get food seem to come from different parts of the world. They were left out in the cold. Among them were people who enjoyed financial comfort.

They had a business and their own home. Some of them were doing well before the coronavirus pandemic, but now they are in trouble. The pandemic has disrupted the lives of people who are in unfamiliar surroundings with declining incomes. They may be forced to leave their rental property and become homeless until they find another place to live. One family lost their home and was forced to live in a caravan. These are the circumstances that caused them to become homeless. To survive, they had to adapt to their new way of life and swallow their pride. The city of Los Angeles faced encroaching homelessness and residents and business owners had to use innovation to prevent it.

In England, thousands of people are homeless.

According to The Big Issue, there were hundreds of thousands of homeless people in England in December 2019.

No data available for Scotland and Wales. This category of people lives in temporary shelters such as hostels or emergency shelters. Others stay with friends or family. As for sleeping on the streets, some have no choice but to live on the streets. Wales and Scotland also have their share of homeless people sleeping on the streets. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation. It has led to an increase in the number of former sleepers now housed in emergency shelters and is showing an upward trend. These homeless people bring with them health problems. The community is facing these problems through no fault of its own.

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