Pinterest Reaches $22.5 Million Settlement in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Pinterest Inc. has agreed to pay $22.5 million to the company. Silicon Valley is under increasing pressure to address discrimination and diversity issues within its ranks, while its former Executive Director, Françoise Bruger, is under increasing pressure to address discrimination and diversity issues within its ranks.

In August, Breuger sued Pinterest, claiming that the social media company maintained a culture of secrecy among senior male executives, preventing her from attending meetings and making decisions.

In a blog post, she accused the company of being misogynistic in its work environment and of marginalising female managers, even at the highest levels, excluding them from society and silencing them.

Ms. Brueger, former CEO of Square Inc. and

Alphabet Inc.

Google was hired in 2018 and became Pinterest’s first Chief Operating Officer and one of the company’s top executives. She said she was released in April.

Pinterest recognizes the importance of creating a diverse, fair and inclusive work environment and will continue its efforts to improve its culture, the Company and Ms. Breuger in a joint statement. The company has settled the claim without admitting any liability.

Bruger and her lawyers pay $20 million and invest $2.5 million to help women and communities under-represented in the technology industry, according to the statement.

The company has been publicly accused of other cases of gender bias and racial discrimination. In June, two former employees,

Ipheoma Ozoma

and Aerica Shimizu Banks, who’s black, said they were paid less than men, and they were beaten because they talked about it.

Their criticism triggered a wave of support as workers posted messages in the release channels in support of the claims and encouraged improvements in the company. Employees asked their supporters to use the hashtag #changeatpinterest and to sign a petition calling for an end to discrimination and repression in the company.

Shortly after, the company announced that it had hired a law firm to conduct an independent audit of the company’s culture.

In August, the company approached

Ty McCrae

As a world leader in inclusion and diversity, accountable to the co-founder and CEO

Ben Zilberman.

Pinterest has included two black women on the board of directors. A company that shares its image has attracted media veterans.

Andrea Visom

and former

Walt Disney Co.

Executive Director Salam Coleman Smith.

In her speech, Mrs Brueger stated that she was encouraged by Pinterest’s actions to make employees feel involved in and supported by the company’s work.

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