The Most Beloved Games Around the World

Since time immemorial, people have used games for entertainment, bonding, learning, etc. And while there are countless games of all shapes and sizes throughout history, here are some of the most popular games in the world:

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Bingo (UK)

Like a game about a story that goes back to the 16th century in Italy. Dating back to the end of the 19th century, bingo has been in the news for years in countries like France, Germany and the United States. But even then, no other country has shown him as much love as Britain. Britain not only gave birth to the world’s most popular version of bingo – 90-ball bingo – but also integrated bingo halls into its society.

In fact, despite the decline, there are still around 400 bingo halls in the UK, and the games have found a new home on the internet at the same time. Foxy Bingo, the UK’s largest games provider, shows how this classic game has evolved in the 21st century. Gambling continues to transform in the 21st century, from Fab Grab Bingo team bingo to a variety of Slingo games – games that combine bingo and slot machines. There are even chat rooms that offer the same social aspect as the physical rooms, so Brits can continue to play their favorite game in the comfort of their own home.

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Pallankuzi, India

Pallankuji is considered in Ayurvedic medicine as an exercise that can treat arthritis in the fingers. Pallankuji is a traditional board game that has entertained Indian families for generations. According to the author of Tamil Nadu Folk Games, Pallankuzhi comes from the words buddy and kuzhi. While mate means many, kuzhi means a pit. Like most traditional games, Pallankuzhi has great cultural, historical and social significance.

Pallankuzhi is believed to be one of the games that were passed on in trade, as different versions of this game with pits and shingles exist all over the world. For a game as simple and straightforward as this, players can learn a lot of skills. These skills include mathematical understanding, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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Loteria, Mexico

Another game from Italy, the Mexican lottery has much in common with bingo. In this game, however, players do not have bingo cards, but boards with pictures of certain cards from the game. The dealer then takes a card from the deck, names it, and the player who has a picture of that card on the board puts a bean on it. To win, players must first complete a row or column and call Lottery or Buenas.

The classic game has come back to prominence in the past year as many people were forced to stay indoors, but performers have also helped bring the lottery to the attention of the masses. Artists like Rafael Gonzalez Jr. and Mike Alfaro have created their own variation of the Loteria card game, which takes on a new twist. There are cards with pictures of hand sanitizers and people working at home. Other card concepts include La Feminist, La Border Wall and El TikTok.

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Yahtzee (Canada)

Yahtzee, made popular by Milton Bradley, is one of the most popular and successful games in the world. Although he was originally sold in Ohio, he has found a home in Canada, and it’s easy to see why. Before it became the famous classic dice game it is today, it was invented by accident and played by a wealthy Canadian couple while on a yacht. Since then, it has been appropriately called the boat game.

Because of the highly addictive nature of Yahtzee, several Yahtzee games have been released for consoles over the years, including an early version for the TI-99 4A computer. It is also considered one of the first games released by Atari in 1996 for PC and Mac users. The standard Yahtzee game was then included in the Ultimate Yahtzee CD-ROM, which also contains other variants. GameHouse then released a special version authorized for Windows users. In 2001, it was relaunched by Hasbro Interactive with 700 free hours from AOL.

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