Natural Healing Center Founder Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges •

The owner of Natural Healing Centers has pleaded guilty to federal charges stemming from an investigation into the billing and distribution of herbal supplements sold at the East Point clinic.

According to the grand jury indictment, the defendants formed a health care company and made false and misleading claims to potential patients who were awaiting surgery at their clinics. They were accused of claiming that they could reverse conditions with a procedure called “cell detoxification,” in which excess body fat was removed and the patient’s immune system was stimulated to fight disease and recover faster from wound infections.

The founder and owner of the Natural Healing Center in Atlanta, Georgia, is now going to jail after pleading guilty to federal charges in a scheme that diverted millions of dollars of donations to personal accounts.

Helios Raphael Dayspring is accused of bribing a SLO County Supervisor and defrauding the Internal Revenue Service. 

SAN LUIS OBISPO – Helios Raphael Dayspring (35), the founder of the Natural Healing Center, a cannabis store, pled guilty to bribery and failing to declare millions of dollars in revenue to the IRS (IRS).

Dayspring, which operates stores in Grover Beach and Morro Bay, was charged in Federal Court and agreed to pay the IRS $3.4 million in restitution and assist in an ongoing federal investigation, according to the Department of Justice.

Dayspring confessed to paying former San Luis Obispo County District 3 Supervisor Adam Hill to help his cannabis companies, according to his plea deal.

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Hill died on August 6, 2020, at his home near Pismo Beach. His death was declared a suicide by the San Luis Obispo County Coroner’s Office.

Hill was admitted to the hospital in March 2020 for what he said was an attempted suicide. The FBI executed a search warrant at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center the same day. At the time, neither Hill nor the FBI would comment on the inquiry.

According to reports, Dayspring’s latest accusations are part of an ongoing public corruption probe in SLO County.

Dayspring announced his resignation as CEO of Natural Healing Center in August 2020, saying he wanted to “dedicate his energy and attention to other personal avenues of opportunity.”

Natural Healing Center has locations in Lemoore and San Luis Obispo, as well as plans to open stores in Turlock and San Luis Obispo.

Hill resigned as Chair of the Board of Supervisors in April 2020, but continued to serve as District 3 Supervisor.

In the autumn of 2016, Dayspring allegedly began bribing Hill, giving him a total of $32,000 in cash and money orders. In return, federal prosecutors allege that Hill voted in support of legislation that allowed Dayspring’s cannabis farms to operate before full regulatory permits were acquired.

In 2017, Dayspring confessed to attempting to bribe Grover Beach’s mayor in return for two dispensary licenses. The mayor at the time, John Shoals, allegedly did not react to the $100,000 bribe offer, and Dayspring did not pay it.

Dayspring also confessed to underreporting his personal income on his federal tax returns for four years, causing the IRS to lose more than $3.4 million in tax revenue, according to federal authorities.

Dayspring is set to appear in court for the first time in this lawsuit in August in Los Angeles. Officials say Dayspring faces a maximum term of 13 years in federal prison if he pleads guilty to the allegations.

Anyone with information on this case or any other public corruption case in San Luis Obispo County can email the FBI’s tip line at [email protected] or call the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office at (310)477-6565, according to federal authorities.

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