Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques

Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques

Editing videos for different social media platforms entails professional editing, and learning the right skills to execute the process can take time and effort. The process is a long one. You must know several things before diving into the video editing game. And yes, there’s room to grow for experienced video editors.

You must know some of the most significant professional video editing tips and techniques if you want to become a good video editor. You must understand the complexities of the process down the road.

Proper knowledge of professional video editing styles, tricks, and tips will help you finish your work faster and that too without making any compromises on quality. So, this is the time for you to make things easier by going through the tips and tricks mentioned below:

1. Use the Right Hardware

First and foremost, you must have good quality and a high-speed computer. But merely having a computer will not make you a great editor. Nevertheless, it will surely get you closer to being there.

With a fast computer, you will get an ample amount of time to entirely focus on the storyline of your video instead of wasting time processing the same. Thus, investing in a high-speed computer with huge storage and fast processing capability is always wise.

Also, increase your system’s RAM while arranging for high-quality processors and graphic cards as well. Once you have all this in place, you can verge on the journey of editing videos without any tension.

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2. Select the Best Online Video Editing Tool

For beginners into video editing, there’s good news available in the form of the online video editor that comes with templates. So, the only thing you need to do is fill in the templates the way you desire and publish your video online.

In the editing section, you get the scope of using color correction, filters, effects, and animations. Everything is done for you, and you need to brush up your hands on the process.

As a beginner, you do not need to put your money into high-tech video editing tools. This will get you into losing track of learning because of information overload. Try experimenting with different tools before settling on the best one.

3. Try Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Ask the experienced editors, and they will tell you the value of time. You need to save a good amount of time doing different tasks while editing. And the effective use of keyboard shortcuts will help you with this.

There are a number of wonderful keyboard shortcut resources. One of the best ways of understanding keyboard shortcuts is creating a complete cheat sheet that you can go through quickly while editing your work.

4. Know the Editing Language

If you are serious about editing your videos, possess good knowledge about them. Having a clear understanding of the video editing lingo is one of the most important steps to mastering professional editing tasks.

Video editing professionals must be very well-versed in editing terminology like montage, jump cut, L and J cut, cutting on the action, and match cut. This will help you interact with the customers in a better way and even with the other video editing enthusiasts.

That’s because you will be able to explain different concepts clearly, and this will further help you create a lasting impression on the clients while discussing assignments.

5. Music- It’s Very Important

As a video editing enthusiast trying to edit the best of videos, you need to have good taste in music. That’s because music is of prime importance for the success of your video.

It can offer good weightage to the dialogue-less scenes. Hence, you must know the type of sound effect or music that will fit in properly in your video. Professional video editors know where the right kind of music fits into a video. Nail the process, and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, selecting the right music for your video is not the only thing that will help you with professional video editing. You must also understand the right music level. This means that you must understand the pitch or volume of music appropriate for your video.

This is important because if there’s too loud music in your video, voices in the video will not be heard, and if the music is low, the entire video will become useless. So, maintain the right music level for proper impact.

6. Also, Consider the Secondary Sounds

It is likely to get good quality audio when recording the audio with an independent recording device. Use the services of a live sound engineer for recording everything independently. This gives you the scope of syncing the audio sometime later.

You can achieve this by using a video editing tool that does this or by going for visual matching of the waveforms. Whatever be the case, do not forget to use a microphone- one that you can plug directly into your camera. This will boost the audio quality in your video to a considerable extent.

7. Structure the Shots

This involves organizing all your clips. You must arrange all your video footage and clips properly so the video editing procedure will get smoother and easier for you. This will also help you in editing the videos efficiently and faster.

Moreover, keeping separate files and folders for videos, audio, photographs, stills, and even exports can help you locate them easily, which will further avoid losing the essential clips.

Also, name your exports correctly with relevant numbers during the extraction procedure. This way, you can easily identify the recent versions of your exports.

8. Work on the Story or Narrative

It does not really matter whether you are creating a video for professional use or personal use; make sure your video always has a narrative. Since you are editing the video, you must act as the storyteller.

Ensure your video has a perfectly streamlined narrative and does not appear like a complete mess of clips. This will help you build credibility as a skilled and professional video editor.

The Bottom Line

So, now that you have a clear idea of the tips and the techniques that can help you with professional video editing, nothing can stop you from creating top-quality videos that catch attention at the very first go.

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