‘Iceberg’ house looks like a bungalow, but has hidden atrium below ground

The secret to building a house that appears to be a bungalow but has a hidden atrium, is that the public does not see the top and bottom. The second floor is the most affordable and affordable housing because you can build it at ground level, and then have one level of basement and then a completely below ground level.

If you’re standing outside the Atlanta bungalow and a plane flies by overhead, it looks like any number of homes around the U.S. A closer look reveals a big white box protruding from the house’s roof: an atrium, with an elevator and staircase running to the top. The home is the work of Australian architect Rodney Graham, a firm known for eco-friendly houses with indoor-outdoor living, as well as creative design on-site.

From the street it looks like a nice bungalow (Photo:Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

Walking past Langtree House on East Heath Road in Hampstead, you might think it’s an elegant one-storey bungalow.

But the house actually has hidden depths.

Iceberg House has a secret atrium below street level that surprises anyone who looks in.

This design was a clever way to get around building codes, which did not allow the house to get any taller than the 10-foot garages that used to be there.

The builders couldn’t go higher, so they went lower and created an incredible 3,451 square foot home.

Langtry House is now for sale for £4,700,000.

But like an iceberg, Langtree House has hidden depths (Photo:Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography)

Below the floor is a large atrium full of light (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography)

The design was a way to get around regulations that only allowed a height of 11 feet above the ground (Photo:Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

Set behind a prestigious Victorian mansion, the house makes the most of its hidden drama, with a large central glass-roofed atrium and sunken courtyard.

But at first glance, you don’t even know what’s inside.

The house sits behind the terrace garden on this floor, with large floor-to-ceiling windows and excellent brickwork. Enter into the reception area and master bathroom (with closet and tub).

As you descend the glass staircase, you enter an open atrium (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

Don’t miss the wine wall on the way down (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

It has a living room, dining room and open kitchen (Photo:Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

But if you walk down the grand staircase to the glass lobby, you’ll get to the best part: the atrium with 3-meter-high ceilings and a wine wall with 800 bottles.

Thanks to the glass roof and open floor plan, this space is flooded with natural light, making it quite spectacular.

The atrium features an open-plan living and dining area, behind which is the family kitchen designed by Poggenpohl.

A stylish kitchen with lots of natural light (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography)

There’s also a soundproof cinema (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

And a home gym (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

The 10-foot sliding doors lead to the family room and two bedrooms, each with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the garden.

There is a room that would be perfect as a home office or gym, as well as a fully soundproofed movie room. Why not?

And of course there is the cellar, ideal for storing large quantities of wine.

Three bedrooms to choose from (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography)

There are quirky elements like underfloor heating throughout the house (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

As you would expect, the house is equipped with advanced amenities such as underfloor heating, hot and cold air conditioning, Control4 audio control system and automated lighting by Flos.

In terms of location, the house is very well situated: Adjacent to Hampstead Heath in London, it offers easy access to Hampstead’s swimming ponds and Parliament Hill lookout.

Unique space for sale for £4.7 million (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography)

A truly unique place (Photo: Aston Chase/Tony Murray Photography).

Mark Pollack, founder director of property sales company Aston Chase, said: Langtry House is an exceptional house and arguably the finest iceberg house in Hampstead. The house stands just three feet off the ground, but it has large expanses of glass, a large atrium and a courtyard that allows for a very bright living space on the ground floor.

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The house is light and airy and is ideal for a family wanting to live in the sought after area of Hampstead, literally across the road from Hampstead Heath.

If you want your own iceberg-style spy lair (or cool family home, whatever you want to call it), you can find out more at the Aston Chase website.

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