Importance of Decompression Therapy Chiropractic

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical procedure that stretches the spine and the surrounding area to relieve abnormal pressure on the spinal discs. The procedure also encourages fluid circulation in restricted areas, which in turn delivers nutrients to damaged parts of the spine. During spinal decompression, the patient lies on a table with a pillow underneath their knees. This technique may not be appropriate for all patients, but it is effective for many people.

When a bone spur pushes against the sciatic nerve, it creates more room in the facet joints, thus relieving the pain. The process generally takes a week to work, and the patient gets used to it. After a week, the pain will subside and the patient will begin to feel better. Most patients will notice a pain reduction. The treatment works to restore the discs to their original shape, which decreases pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Decompression therapy chiropractic is an effective and non-invasive way to treat pain in the spine. When spinal discs are compressed, blood flow is restricted, oxygen is limited, and other vital nutrients are not delivered to the affected area. Spinal decompression therapy helps relieve pain by removing pressure on the discs and improving overall health. Dr. Michael Reid, a chiropractor at the Northport Wellness Center, recently discussed the benefits of this therapy.

The non-surgical method of spinal decompression is more effective than alternative therapies, and costs less than the former. Moreover, 80% of patients report high satisfaction with their treatment. Get in touch with Nicali Sports Medicine for Car accident in Pasadena ca. The average pain level went from seven to three in a year’s time. The treatment is safe and effective, and the results are impressive. In addition, chiropractic decompression therapy involves nutritional counseling to boost overall health. Supplements may also help.

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy utilizes motorized traction to gently stretch the spine. Learn about the Pasadena accident today. This technique relieves pressure on spinal discs and nerves. It is an excellent choice for those with chronic back pain. By relaxing the muscles and promoting movement, spinal decompression can improve the quality of life and prevent a surgical procedure. In addition, it may help treat certain types of bulging disc disease. With traction, the spine is allowed to move in a more natural way and promote healing.There are a number of reasons why decompression therapy chiropractic is important. One of the most important is that it helps to relieve pressure on the spine. This can help to improve spinal function and reduce pain. In addition, decompression therapy can help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. This can help to promote healing and improve overall health. Finally, decompression therapy can help to prevent further injury to the spine. By relieving pressure on the spine, decompression therapy can help to keep the spine in alignment and reduce the risk of future injuries.

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