International Space Station ISS could double up as a movie set for Roscosmos and NASA

Channel One is the largest television station in Russia and wants to make a film about the international space station ISS in cooperation with Rscosmos. He wants to follow in the footsteps of Tom Cruise, who is negotiating this project with NASA and Alon Mask. He hasn’t revealed his plans, but the Russians seem to have an advantage. According to Sky News, they chose the working title for the challenge and are trying to find a woman who will star in their first feature film shot in space. Roscosmos also gave an estimated start date. It plans to fire on the ISS in October 2021. Apparently, they’re working on a plan.

They know it’s very important to have an element of glamour in the film, and Channel One has launched a competition to find a woman who fits the film.

Sky News mentioned the search for a lead actress for a film to be shot at the International Space Station. In these films, film crews usually make special sets to film scenes on celluloid. However, they will use a completed space station. This makes it more authentic and could surpass Tom Cruise, who also wants to use the background of the space station for one of his films,

First channel is blocked on ISS

The Russian TV station has made demands on a woman who will be a main attraction. The role of a real superhero who can become a big international star.

She wasn’t supposed to be a professional actress, but rather a Russian woman with a clean criminal record. Other requirements are specified for age, height, weight, etc. Sky News adds that an actor must be in good physical health. Channel One has defined the acceptance criteria. For the candidates a pre-selection test will be organized, in which they will read the famous letter of the Russian poet Alexander Stepanovich Pushkin.

The CEO of Channel One has confirmed that work on the script is still ongoing and will take as long as possible.

Procedure for selecting an actress for a film using the ISS

The authorities are waiting for a good answer, because this is the chance of a lifetime. Whoever accepts this honor will become famous. Sky News announces that an initial shortlist of 30 candidates will be drawn up.

This number is reduced to two after extensive physical, medical and psychological tests. The happy duo is formed as astronaut researchers. One of them will play the leading role, the other – the understudy or the villain. There would also be a male actor, but the selection process would be different. Selected candidates must acquire some basic knowledge of space, spacecraft and ISS at the Astronaut School. There’s three months of practice left. The ISS International Space Station is a space laboratory that has existed for two decades. This is the collaboration of space organisations such as Roscosmos and NASA.

Russian TV channelfor use of ISSplatform

According to CNN, Russia is shooting the film on the ISS.

It is a joint effort of Channel One in Russia, the space agency Roscosmos and the production company Yellow, Black and White. The aim is to promote Russian space activities and also to glorify the profession of cosmonaut. They are looking for a woman who is in the film and who flies with the Russian Soyuz spaceship to the ISS. It would be a new race for the Championship in space, because the Americans have already announced that Tom Cruise plans to do something like this with NASA and SpaceX. The Russians are one step ahead of the Americans, because they were the first to name their film and set a starting date. Tom Cruise hasn’t named his film yet. By the way, in December 2017, we learned about the possibility of building a Russian luxury hotel on the International Space Station ISS.

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